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Great Book!

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Ruby This is just such a great book! I mean, I don't think I, personally, have ever come across a book quite like this one, with it's unique point of view, and setting, etc. I think Neil Gaiman did a really good job on this, anybody else agree?

Anna Would definitely agree. Personally one of my favorite books and Neil Gaiman is such a fabulous author. Everything about it just.... magical

CeeCee James I really loved this book too. Just the right bit of magic that lingers after the book is finished.

Arnie I also listened to this book on CD. Neil Gaiman - great narrator. Excellent.

Sidney   M. I loved all of the stuff in this book!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!

Ruby Yes!

411Junkie This was my first Neil Gaiman book and ... wow. It really has ruined other books for me. It was such a good book that I don't think that's sufficient enough of a description for it. It was just ... AWESOME!

Ruby Ya, this was my first Neil Gaiman book, as well.

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