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Home of America Lynn Belew

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Stepping in the door, America was going into a flashback with Braden in it.

"You act like it's not a big deal! You never told me!" he father's shouts echoed down the hall as seven year old America Lynn crouched in her bedroom.
Tears were streaming down her face, and she was shaking. She had seen her dad hit her mom. That had never happened.
"I didn't think it would happen!" Mom shouted back.
"But you knew it was a possibility"-slaps-"BITCH!"
America shook her head. Dad had told her that was bad word. "Tyrell...." she choked, trying to get her brother.
He came in, Braden following. "It will be okay, Mer," he whispered.
Braden had lines creasing his forehead. He was Tyrell's age, but was more mature. He sat down by America Lynn, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "It will be okay. Ignore the shouting. Listen to my voice."
America Lynn took a deep breath, trying to tune out the screams. "Okay."
"You are standing somewhere warm, with all of your friends," Braden whispered.
She listened and soon she fell asleep.

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((Aghhsjslfodod!!! Awwwe!!))

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((Aghsdkjwe! YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!))

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((Ahhh!! I have to write him a flashback now!!))

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(((Yeps!!!!! I have to edit because his age was wrong in the flashback!!!!))

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America Lynn left, unable to stand it.

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