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Seriously... I'm Kidding
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message 1: by Queen (new)

Queen Kay (redlipstick__x) | 12 comments I'm reading Ellen Degeneres's book Seriouly... im kidding. I've only read 9 pages and in every page and every other sentence Ellen has something funny to say. I honestly recommend this book to everyone. From page to page your going to be laughing to yourself looking crazy to everyone else. If you ever seen her show You'll love her book even more. I can't even explain what she even talks about beacuse she's all over the place. Which is why it is funny. I seriously would recomend everyone read this book. Its a good laugh. Im honestly sorry i can't explain the funniness in it

message 2: by Austin (new)

Austin Brown | 13 comments I bet this books super funny, she's not to be taken seriously at all. Maybe if I get the chance I'll read it. Hopefully it's as funny as you say.

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