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The Glades

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message 1: by Jay (new)

Jay Martin (Jayslifestyle) | 2 comments In the beginning of the book it starts off with a boy named Thomas who wakes up in ametal box, and he can't remember anything but his name. Thomas soons starts to panic because he is trapped in the box and has no way out. He then hears a sound, it turns out to be a groups of boys who free Thomas from the box. When Thomas is free he meets all the boys who let him out. They starts showering him with questions, also there memories are also gone. The leader of the group tells the rest of the boys to be quiet and to stop their bickering.The leader identifies Thomas as a shank and the rest of the boys start giggling. The leader introduces himself as Alby. Alby describes the place to Thomas and it is known as the Glade. What I is I can connect to the leader of the group (Alby) because he is in control of everything that the boys do and i would like to see my self as leader rather than a follower. The Author help me prdict that soon Thomas will becpme one of the boys and follow in Alby's foot steps and become the leader if anything were to happen to him. It makes me wonder if Thomas is ever going to make any friends in the glades and maybe get to know more people who are like him. Will Thomas ever be leader?

message 2: by Austin (new)

Austin Brown | 13 comments If Thomas is following in Alby's foot steps I have reason to believe that he could become leader if something happens to Alby. This book seems interesting but confusing. Do you ever find out how they got there in the first place?

message 3: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 13 comments I agree with Austin, Thomas would probably become a leader one day if he follows in Alby's foot steps, but one thing is the whole story on how he got into the box in the first place should be fascinating. That's just mind blowing to me!

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