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Pubslush | 70 comments Mod
A post that is sparking conversation recently on the pubslush blog. What do you think makes you an "author." What threshold defines this term? For the full post click the link;

As someone who works primarily with self-published authors, I’m often asked advice on the publishing process. Which is better, traditional or self? Simple. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. How much should I spend on publishing my novel? Well, you need professional services and that’s going to cost you, but there are ways for you to raise the funds to pay for this.

Then, more often than I’d care to admit, I’m asked the question, or in many instances told boldly, something that always manages to leave me perplexed.

“Why can’t I just upload my book on to CreateSpace?”
“I’m already a published author, I used CreateSpace to publish my book.”

If you’ve said these words before, I’m assuming you’ve had your book professionally edited, hired a professional cover designer, properly branded yourself and have a strategic marketing plan in place. Assuming all of this is in fact done, then absolutely, you’re ready to upload directly to CreateSpace. If, however, you’ve overlooked any of the above requirements, then I am sorry to say that you do not have the right to categorize yourself a published author…yet

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Erma Talamante (eitalamante) | 14 comments There is a difference between being an author, a published author, and a traditionally published author. But those differences do not change the fact that an author is in fact, an author.

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Kimberly Hicks (kiwes) Well, I can take this conversation a step further. What really pisses me off is that anyone today can publish a book and call themselves "an author!" I feel there isn't any credibility in the art of literature! Most of the authors I've met are truly passionate about what they do. They take our craft seriously and they put out quality work. But someone who just plops their manuscript on CreateSpace and say voila, I'm an author, I have to agree, that does NOT constitute a person being an author. Both of my books were done professionally and I paid a small mint for that process, but it was my dream to have my words in print because for so many years family and friends asked me why I hadn't taken the plunge and just do the damn thing. Well, I did and I had moderate success and I still write and I'm still going through the professional route, except I do not plan to do paper books, but eBooks.

You can tell those books that have been polished from those that were just thrown together just for the sake of putting something out there. It just burns me up that so many people put stuff out that is not of any quality, or they feel they're going to make a great deal of money being an author. For most indies, don't quit your day job, but there are some of us who make quite a lucrative life for ourselves. I totally agree with you on this. I've said this countless times on my weekly book blog. And of course, met with resistance, but that's ok, I'm about freedom of speech, whether I agree with those leaving comments or not.

Just throwing work on websites that allow you to do so does not put that person in the same caliber as myself! Sorry, I'm not feeling that! I've always said, there's more to being an author than just putting words out into cyberspace!

I couldn't agree more with this post!

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Michael Obiora (michael_obiora) | 7 comments Kimberly wrote: "Well, I can take this conversation a step further. What really pisses me off is that anyone today can publish a book and call themselves "an author!" I feel there isn't any credibility in the art..."

Lol. I hear this and agree with a lot of it. I must say that people who simply upload onto CreateSpace without professional editing, a marketing strategy, etc, doesn't bother me at all. It's up to the consumer to choose whether a title appears to meet their needs. Even if one has a traditional publishing deal, and great promotion, it's still up to the consumer how well it will sell. There are no guarantees with anything at all, and if somebody thinks rushing some words together is good enough, then that's up to them. I think in general anything unprofessional gets found out in the end. Perhaps those who overlook how important it is to have a good cover, or present their work professionally can give self-publishing a bad name, but oh well... believe in the quality of your own work, and give it your all - I think consumers appreciate that.

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