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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 194 comments Mod

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 194 comments Mod
London sat in her desk chair, her perfectly manicured, french tip fingernails clacking along as she typed on her MAC. Today was bound to be a busy day, but what day wasn't? This was part of why she loved her job so much, it never ended. The only thing which interrupted her work was sleep.

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Deric knocked on the door, Gwen was supposssed to come with. But she refused to share a hotel room with him. ANd she was running late.

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"Come in," London called out, not looking up from her computer. Her fake reading glasses sat perched on the end of her nose. SHe liked to use them when she wanted to feel smart.

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Deric opened the door slowly, "Hi, sorry, but Gwen is running late." He said apologetically. Stupid girl.

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(BRB, gotta go do something)

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London sighed. "Can you remind her that I have a very busy schedule? She cant just be late like this. It wont work." she ran a hand through her perfectlysmooth caramel hair

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"I did, the timezone switch messed her up, and she stayed up really late last night."He shrugged, he wasn't with her last night so it din't matter to him.

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London looked up from her MAC and stared him in the eye. "Make sure she knows. This needs to be taken seriously. Now, please sit down so we can get to business."

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"Okay, she'll be here in a few minutes."
He sat down at the seat across from her.
(Almost done with her)

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(I finished Gwen)

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"Well, until she shows up we should probably start. Like I said, I don't have a ton of time. Is your publicist coming?" London asked, taking her glasses off and holding them in her hand

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((I didn't ask for one to be made...))

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((go to the request character thread quick. I know there are a few publicists aready))

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((OK, I will thanks))

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"Yea, he is." He said absently looking at his phone, texting Gwen again.
"Gwen's outside,"

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((So I made a publicist, should she be theirs? So it's easier?))

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((well thats a lot of your characters in one place...i kno2 someone else has a publicist as well))

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((Ok, yea. I was just wondering. I could ask someone else to play Gwen, since I played with Deric all ready))

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Gwen stepped out of the taxi, paid him and rubbed the sleepiness out of her eyes. She looked awful and she knew it, she hadn't had time to take a shower. She just threw her hair into a braid and found her ripped jeans and nirvana t shirt. She opened the door to London's office and sat down without looking at Deric.

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Deric eyes his girlfriend as she walked in, she didn't look at him. And she looked lik she was hungover. What happened last night? She wasn't with him....
So where was she?

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London tsked as Gwen walked in. "Please don't be late next time. I have a busy schedule and many clients. I don't want to drop you, but if I'm forced to, then I will. So,publicist? On their way?"

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((No one has responded, they are all ignoring me :()
"Sorry." Gwen yawned. "But yea he's coming, he was meeting with an actress at some cafe "
She rubbed her eyes, the dark circles under them showed she didn't sleep well.

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London sighed, "Well, we're starting without him. If his lack of understandning of a schedule continues, I'm going to find you a new publicist. I can't deal with this. We've got plenty of lovely ones here." She pulled up a blank word document on her computer and placed her glasses on her desk. "Well, let's begin. What was your last gig?"

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"Can we have a new one, Gwen isn't thinking straight ours stinks. He's probably drunk somewhere." Deric said, glaring at Gwen.
"And Gwen, why do you look like a zombie brought back to life? Where were you last night?" He asked.
"Doesn't matter, couldn't sleep." She healthy lied, she couldn't sleep last night..
But she wasn't telling him anything else.

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Deric wrapped his arm around her on the couch and she pushed him away. "Don't touch me." She snapped.
"Why are you so cranky?" He asked.
She got up and leaned against the wall. She wasn't telling him why.
He should know all ready. "You know why Deric."
She sighed, she was starting to hate coming to Hollywood with him.

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