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message 1: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments 'A Price in Blood' is the first book in a series, set in a world reminiscent of Dark Ages Europe. It's about as 'low' as fantasy gets, with no magic, orcs or elves, but with plenty of scheming and bloodshed instead. Think Game of Thrones without the zombies and shadow demons.

There's blood and gore, obviously, but the language is tame, and sex is only implied, rather than shown.

I already submitted the manuscript to a first round of readers a few months ago, which was very helpful, and I'd now like some fresh eyes to see if I've succesfully addressed the main issues.

message 2: by V.R. (new)

V.R. Cardoso (vrcardoso) What sort of feedback are you looking for?
I've never done beta reading. But as an author looking for beta readers myself I'm glad to help others out.
I'm going to suck at proofreading and editor sort of tasks, but if you want some opinions on the plot and character development I'm game.

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments Definitely more the plot and character development side of things. Basically, I'm interested in anything that sticks out, good or bad, be it pacing, foreshadowing or what have you.

message 4: by V.R. (new)

V.R. Cardoso (vrcardoso) Alright, let's do this. I'm in :)

message 5: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments Excellent. Just send me a private message with your email and I'll send it your way. =)

message 6: by Lee-Lee (new)

Lee-Lee Gotta love an author who revises. :)

Wish I had time to beta for you. Sounds interesting. Best of luck!

message 7: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments Getting people to beta read and then not doing anything with their feedback would be a bit silly, I think. ;)

message 8: by V.R. (new)

V.R. Cardoso (vrcardoso) I think Lisa was talking about me :P

message 9: by Lee-Lee (new)

Lee-Lee Well I think so too, Joe, but so many authors don't do revisions. Once they've slapped a few tweaks on the thing, they consider it good to go. I'm always inspired when I see people working that manuscript to the bone. Best of luck with it!

message 10: by V.R. (new)

V.R. Cardoso (vrcardoso) I want to make clear that I was attempting to make a joke and that I consider revision very important. :)

message 11: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments Thanks, Lisa. I think I learnt more about writing (particularly my own) in the first proper revision than in writing all the long-winded exposition and navel-gazing that I ended up cutting.

And Vasco, it's too late. You've established your reputation, now it's going to stick with you forever. ;P

message 12: by Lee-Lee (new)

Lee-Lee Y'all are a silly bunch. ;)

Joe, that's why I love working with newer authors. It's the whole coaching aspect of a good edit that makes helping someone polish their work so rewarding.

Best of luck!

message 13: by V (new)

V Smith (VLSmith) | 12 comments I think I would enjoy your novel. I usually try to beta one book a week. Right now I have all 4 weeks of December open. If you still need a reader, let me know.

message 14: by Joe (new)

Joe Corbin | 12 comments One more set of eyes certainly won't hurt, thank you. I've sent you a mail.

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