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Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Yeah no I totally understand, I'm the same way :)

I like anything and everything, mainly romance, but i don't care if it's supernatural or semi real. I don't mind if it's not semi advanced.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Okay lol. It's totally okay, I understand feeling like detail is lacking sometimes.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments The plot 3 sounds a lot like a book I've read lol

I do like plot 1 option 2 though :)

and What are you saying damn to?

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Psh don't worry about it. It doesn't bother me one bit. So then I would be playing the male patient?

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments yeah that's totally fine. I understand. I wouldn't mind a romance one.

No problem about having to go. Take your time

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments I usually just do name she and face claim. I don't know who I going to use as a face claim.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Name: Ryan Mathis
Age: 20
Appearance: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/polls...

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments how detailed are you getting?

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Do I have to? I just kind of make it up as I go

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Okay lol. :) I'm pretty laid back when it comes to rping

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Um i thought they were supposed to get into a relationship?

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments eventually not right off of course.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Well that would be highly illegal in all states.

Adrian looked around his new room with a sigh. This was exactly what he had expected, plain white walls, a single bed, dresser and tv with no blinds in the windows.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((*facepalm* i switched to my boyfriends phone and forgot i changed his name. Holy crap when you said detailed you meant it. And that's statutory))

Ryan heard his door click open and didn't glance up from his unpacking. They had allowed him to bring regular clothes and his own books since he was in a different wing than the high at risk patients were. He lined the books on the top of the dresser and neatly folded the clothes.

The organization was probably the only good thing that he had learned from his dad. Military precision was what he had grown up with his entire life, and it was hard to get rid of no matter how hard he tried.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((its fine lol :) ))

Ryan looked at his belongings and then back at his empty back giving her a skeptical look. He doubted she could do anything to suit him. He shook his head just so he was clearly that he did indeed not want her help.

Then he wondered why she was even there in the first place, since he was under the impression that he would be left alone the entire time he was there. Those hopes were now painfully out of reach it seemed and he proceeded to ignore her.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He rolled his eyes. It was easy to tell the difference with her. She didn't want to be here, though she didn't want to help people. Her tone as what gave away the helping people and her stiff almost robotic actions were what said she didn't want to be in this particular situation. He resolve to talk to his lawyer and get this whole mess straightened out because he definitely did not want to be seeing more of her.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan finished unpacking folding the last pair of jeans. He then examined his bed and set about making it properly, sheets pressed, corners tucked blanket pressed and tucked and pillow fluffed and sitting perfectly center at the head of the bed. He then turned on who he assumed would be his "watcher" as he was going to call her. He was curious as to what his file said about him, and even more curious as to what she expected out of him. At the top of his list of things to ponder was her name. Sure she was pretty, but he figured she had a bland name, like Sarah or Abby, but he definitely was not about to break his silent treatment to ask. She also didn't look a day over 18, which would make him a creeper, which he was not. So with that in mind he stretched and proceeded to pull his shoes off, sliding them neatly under his bed before laying down to stare at the ceiling.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((What time is it for you? Its 15 till 11 pm here.))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan didn't even look at her when she asked about food. He didn't have an appetite, he knew it wasn't good not to eat but he wasn't going to force himself to eat either. Neither outcome was very pleasing to be honest. When she was gone he closed his eyes and relaxed as much as he could. The bed was hard, probably the hardest bed he had ever slept on, but that was okay with him.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He opened his eyes and glanced over at her curiously. He had half expected her not to come back at all, since she had been gone for a bit. She seemed to be developing a habit of dashing his hopes, which he oddly found amusing. He saw the food in her hands and his stomach, being the traitor that it was growled hungrily.

He sat up and swung his legs off the side of the bed and approached her, making sure not to touch her as he took the tray from her. He walked to his desk and sat down, cutting the food up into managable bites, surprised that they even allowed patients to have plastic knives.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan finished eating and finished two glasses of water. He glanced over at her a couple of times wondering what it reason she had for just sitting in his room. He had given her no reason to stick around, had actually been the opposite in fact.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He looked at her hands, wondering why her hands were shaking. Under normal circumstances he would have asked her. Since he was here though, and he didn't know her he stayed silent and walked back to his bed. He grabbed a book on the way and pretended to read it.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He looked up and frowned at her appearance. He was certain she hadn't looked that messed up when she had left before.

((Gotta go.))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((we lost our volleyball game :( ))

He put his book down and regarded her curiously for a moment. He highly doubted the doctor had actually told her what he was in here for. Which explained her commenting on being deaf, but he also doubted that they urged her to read or even interact with him. This gave him the impression that she actually genuinely wanted to do it. He sad up and mimicked writing, since he wasn't going to verbally talk to her he was going to write it down.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments In neat handwriting across the to of the page he wrote Did you ever tell me your name? he handed the paper to her. He noticed the change in her, sure she stop looked lie she was going through the motions but there was something he saw in her eyes that hadn't been there before and it made him wonder what had happened while she was gone

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Sorry. he gave her an apologetic look and then went back to writing. You said you were wondering if you could read with me. How exactly are you proposing that we could pull such a thing off? Perhaps you mean to read aloud? he handed the paper back to her and got up, putting his book away as he waited for her to respond. He hadn't really thought about why she had writen her answer instead of just answering aloud.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan picked up the paper and read it, nodding in agreement as he wrote. I highly doubt that you would like my books. If you bring something in though I will listen to you read. he handed her the paper as he sat back down.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Dear sir? Should I be worried about you coming up with nicknames for me? it was surprisingly easy for him to talk to her in this way. He smiled when she wasn't looking, thinking the action with her hair was kind of cute, which them led him to the realization that he didn't know her age. How old are you? he asked quickly scribbling the question down.

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Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He openly laughed aloud this time as he read her response. Well there goes my chance of quiet time as I know that many people hold chocolates above all other things. he paused and deliberated his next words I didn't think they let anyone under 18 work here, you must be very smart. Are you studying to be a nurse? he was curious about her now but he didn't really know what to do with that curiousity.

He sat back against the wall at the head of his bed and watched her, assesing her expressions now.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He looked down at the paper and read it over carefully. May I just say that for a 37 year old you are looking quite young. he wrote down in regard to her first comment.

I would also be a very mean patient if I allowed you to give me your hard earned chocolates, therefore I must politely deny your request that I sleep for seven days. Perhaps a normal 8 hours of sleep would suffice in metting your wishes, doctor. he tapped the pen against his knee as he thought about saying more, but deciding agaist it he handed the paper back to her.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He noticed her blush and had felt her gaze on him as he had been writing. He knew she was more than likely connecting the dots in her head. Being muscular from his time training in the gym, trying to fulfill his dad's wishes of joining some branch of the governments armed forces as soon as he could. This would lead her to the conclusion that he wasn't a normal mental health patient since most of them that ended up here weren't concerned with their outward appearance, maybe unless they had OCD for that sort of thing.

I don't see a book on you, which would lead me to the conclusion that you would need to go and get it. Judging from your appearance after you left last time I would not feel good if you left again and came back like that on my account. it was the truth too. He handed the paper over

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments I'm 20, what do you think? he wrote shaking his head. Go ahead and read, I'll listen.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((Mkay. Sorry))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((you back yet?))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments hello

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He didn't reply so that she could begin ready. He knew she had read his file, so he wasn't sure if she was joking about his age or not. He doubted he would like the book but he had promised to listen

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan had been more intertwined in watching her as she read the actually paying attention to the words she was reading. The idea that something was wrong passed through his mind as her shaking progressively got worse. He noticed every little twitch and when she dropped the book he had half expected it to happen. He sighed and cleared his throat. "Are you alright?" he asked aloud, his voice calm and gentle, not wanting to scare her.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments "Yes." he nodded wondering why she was so shocked. "Just because I choose not to talk does not mean that I can't." he rolled his eyes.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He watched her expressin now. Realization dawning on her face caused him to sigh. "You think I'm not sick don't you?" he asked her. He glanced over at the clock on the desk and then back at her. "Isn't your shift over now?" he asked her, his tone slightly defeated.

He should have just kept his damn mouth shut, because now she would more than likely write up a report on him, saying she believed him to be mentally well, even though he wasn't, but she didn't know the whole story.

Sure he didn't have a documented mental illness, but he was still suffering from a mental type of disorder. Caused not from a defect during birth but one from repetative physical abuse, which was why he was here.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((? yes it is lol. his thing i came up with when we started lol))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((it could be as simple as he was unresponsive. It does happen, he became catatonic after what he had done not speaking or paying attention to anything. Its been a couple months though and he's forgotten what he did, but not what was done to him. he just thinks he's there because his dad. lied about him having severe ptsd or something. ahh. i don't get car sick))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He watched her more carefully now. "I have PTSD. A severe form that causes me to have mental lapses. Loss of memory, hallucinations, and sometimes I become unresponsive." admitting that was hard, but he had dealt with it. At least he thought he had been dealing with it but he couldn't remember the past few months so he wasn't really sure.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((Poke))

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments He didn't know how she had come to that conclusion but he just gave her a blank look.

After a moment he pressed his lips together. "I don't know what you are talking about. So unless you want to get in trouble for staying over what you are supposed to work I'd suggest you go." he told her evenly

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments poke

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan slid under the covers and buried his face in his pillow. If she couldn't leave until he fell asleep then he was going to fall asleep.

In the army he learned how to sleep pretty much anywhere. It was kind of a priority that if you could get sleep then you should, no matter if you were sitting upright or laying on the ground.

It took him a few moments to fully relax, but when he did he fell asleep, lightly snoring.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments poke

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments ((okay and yeah.))

Ryan had been granted a tennis ball to entertain himself with and now he was carefully bouncing it off the wall so that it bounced back at the perfect distance on the floor and then to his hand.

He was just going through the motions, no paying attention to anyone or anything. He had lapsed again, the doctor's couldn't tell of course but that didn't mean that it hadn't happened.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments Ryan was now sleeping, since he couldn't do much else. He had wondered into the cafeteria at noon, gotten his food and eaten at one of the dingy tables before returning to his room. He didn't even notice that Rhea wasn't there, seeing as it wasn't any of his business and that would have meant he had to pay attention to something.

He wasn't dreaming anything particular, but he was sleeping heavily, turning over onto his stomach to get more comfortable resulted in him pulling the blankets tighter around him.

Queen of The Moon | 8112 comments poke

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