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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Michael | 26 comments Hello all,

I'm venturing into my first attempt at writing a Romance Novel (think commercial, Sylvia Day kinda stuff). It is going to have some sexual elements, but nothing too hardcore as my goal readership is the 16-25 age range. I'm interested in hearing what you feel makes a good Romance novel, what points/goals to hit or cover.

The biggest thing I've noticed is that the love interest is introduced by the 3rd chapter or so, and the relationship evolves by the 5th chapter. Is this what the consensus feels? Any suggestions or books to compare would be helpful!


Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) | 29 comments Honestly, I think you should go with what you feel is right. If you go by a format, or what other novels go by, your novel won't be realistic to you, or your readers. Just start writing, and let it flow naturally.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Things I love:
Solid plot.
Character development.
Things I don't like:
Unnecesary drama.
Unlikeable or indecisive heroine.
Good luck! And if you need a beta reader I would love to be one!

message 4: by Joanie (new)

Joanie Chevalier (joaniec) I would just recommend writing what you feel. Close your eyes and picture the scene, the feelings, the static in the air around (your characters). Don't be so set in "the rules." If your story flows and the characters are real, readers of romance will love it.

message 5: by Melanie V. (new)

Melanie V. Logan (melanievlogan) | 11 comments What makes for a good romance story to me is when the story is realistic and relatable. When a storyline is too far-fetched or too much backstory in the beginning, it becomes less interesting and I usually put it down.

message 6: by Melanie V. (new)

Melanie V. Logan (melanievlogan) | 11 comments One other thought that may be helpful. Think about a relationship that you experienced. How did you feel about the person? Did you pursue them or did they pursue you? What obstacles did you face in trying to get together (ex. was there an ex in the way, did you live in different towns, etc.)?

message 7: by Ines (new)

Ines Johnson My 2cents: the first time you try something new to you you should listen to the experts. For me that means use a plotting system. Here are two that work well with romance.

The Hero's Journey

The Save the Cat Method

I teach screenwriting. In my 100-level classes, they must use a plotting system so that they understand how a story should be structured. In the 200-level classes, they do what they want, but by then they already can tell where their story is falling flat because they have a foundational structure in their head.

message 8: by Melanie V. (new)

Melanie V. Logan (melanievlogan) | 11 comments Excellent links Ines! Thanks for sharing.

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