The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, #1) The Ruins of Gorlan question

Is this worth reading?

The individual books are fine. A little stereotypical, and at times boring. The writing is good, however.

However, the series as a whole is not so great. The books aren't linked under one plot; rather, it changes every two or three books. Also, it can get repetitive, as it sometimes seem that the characters always apply their same skills to almost the same situations.

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Katie Red This is sadly true there are times when it gets a little boring but i've read very few books where that isn't true. But there are allot of times when ...more
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I love this series, so my thoughts might be biased, but if you are interested in reading the whole series then be my guest. The story builds up at each book, and is pretty adventurous!

It's not really a fantasy kind of book more a historcal/realistic fiction but thats being really broad with genre type. But I've just started rereading the series if that tells you anything lol.

I listened to most of the books on cd which I think added to my enjoyment. The reader was able to draw you into each character. Read the first one though and thoroughly enjoyed just reading it.

It's a very good series but you must keep in mind that it is for children so therefore it wouldn't give you your fix if you're a fan of Fire and Ice.

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