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Who is your favorite character?

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C. J. Scurria This doesn't have to be restricted to one person as it could be multiple people. Also I am not talking about just this book but the entire series (just don't say how they might die or major plot events about them)!

Who is your favorite character and we'd love to know the reason(s) why?

C. J. Scurria I think each of the characters that were given major parts within the books each have positive or likable assets.

So come on, let's here them!

Before I have my say I want to hear what others think and if they want we can discuss those interests.

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C. J. Scurria ----

One thing I have never gotten is this. On a Facebook review app (which is now gone) a female reviewer said that she found Chloe annoying. How is she irritating? What I loved about her and her introduction into the first book is how much she spoke her mind. She was kind of an intellectual or wanting to get to deep thoughts and possible truths, though her logic was worldly at the time. I liked her a lot.

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I agree with you about Chloe, CJ. I love all the characters - they each have their own good and not-so-good points. They each face adversity and stand up for God (the good guys, I men). I love Buck's character, but maybe that's just because I'm a writer, too.

PS - sorry I took so long to reply to this thread. I haven't been coming here very often.

Nicky All the characters are great but I always loved Buck the most

ClaraBelle Love Chloe, Amanda and buck the most!

C. J. Scurria ElsieBelle wrote: "Love Chloe, Amanda and buck the most!"

Great choices.

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C. J. Scurria I also liked Leah Rose too. (view spoiler) She was a tough strong female character.

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C. J. Scurria I apologize for sort of giving stuff away a little while back in my last post. I realize that went against what I said in my introductory post, my bad!

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