Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5) Jagged question

Having a hard time liking Ham...you? **SPOILER**
Danielle Danielle Nov 05, 2014 06:30AM
Ok, I have really thought about this book more than most. And I have to tell you, I am having a hard time believing that Ham loved Zara.

**Spoiling NOW***

I still think that if Feb had not ended up pregnant and had not chosen another guy, Ham would have just kept his status quo. We never found out why Ham calls Feb "Beautiful" and Zara "Cookie" and if I was Zara, I would be hurt by that too.

Now I will admit that I have not read The 'Burg series, so if all of my hang-ups are explained away there, I will give that one a shot.

I know he was good to her, I'm not denying that he was loving, but I never felt that "moment" when you KNOW they are solid.

I just, I don't know. Kristen Ashley books suck you in and I loved Zara, and I never felt okay leaving her. Usually, I am good ending the book, but this one left a hole....


Jagged is one of my favorite books in the series. It's been a while since I've read this. I think a reread may be in order!

I know others have expressed the same concerns you have, but I never felt like Ham was settling for Zara or that Feb was the love of his life. I actually thought it was the other way around--that he was settling for what Feb was willing to give him because he couldn't have Zara.

Danielle wrote: "Ok, I have really thought about this book more than most. And I have to tell you, I am having a hard time believing that Ham loved Zara.

**Spoiling NOW***

I still think that if Feb had n..."

You should have read "for you" first...When Zara said to Graham that she couldn't continue to see him anymore. He wasn’t devastated. He kissed her goodbye, he said that she meant the world to him and that was it.

Three years after and before he got butchered, Graham made a phone call to Feb, and her man answered her phone...
He was so devastated he was "about to cry" *Sarcasm*
and when Feb said to him "You find another, don’t watch her walk away." his response was "Aint another like you" if I remember correctly.
So yeah, Zara was the consolation prize and Graham was the biggest douche after (Joe Callahan and Mike Haines- fuckwads from the burg series)

Veronica WordsAreMyDrinkOfChoice I agree about Violet as well hated her! Just started reading this one and htenHam!
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Jackdaw ☄ Bronteroc I forgot to mention that Feb's diamond earrings were present from Ham... Zara got nothing from him while they were "dating". (Yes, I'm still pissed th ...more
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I totally agree w/ u. This is one KA book I did not re-read, matter of fact, was happy to get it over with. I never believed or liked Ham that much, felt he was very unworthy of Zara, and yes, totally settling for Z. Just wanted to get through it and cross off my list. I've read most of KA books and he's one of my least fav KA guys along w/ Deacon.

I'm with you. This is my least favorite of the Colorado Mountain Series. I just couldn't connect with Zara and Ham the way I did with all of the other books' H/h.

But you must, Must, MUST read The 'Burg series. Especially At Peace. Holy freaking cow. You are seriously missing out if you haven't read about Joe Callahan! :)

Jagged was my least favorite our of the Colorado man book. I agree I never really was 100% sucked into these two like, Tate and Ace or, even Faye and Chase.

There are another 2 books to come to this series. I think Wood and Deke get their stories as well. I really liked this series but I loved all of KA books. I also thought that Ham settled for Feb because he couldn't have Zara not the other way round.

In the entire Colorado Mtn. series, Jagged was also my least favorite. There were a few scenes I appreciated that made me like the story, but it didn't give me that book high that KA books usually gives me. I will suggest you read the 'Burg series, and it so happens that the first book is about Feb, so you'll see where her and Ham were when he decided to go back to Zara.

I can say i have read most of Kristen Ashleys books, and this one was one of my least fav but still a 5 star for me. You def need to read the Burg series, omg they were great, and i had put them off for a while and finally needed something new to read and i was sooo freaking happy i decided to do it, i read the whole series in less then a week. sooo good!!!

I enjoyed all of the Colorado Mountain series, probably Ham and Zara the least, but still thought it was so sweet in the end when baby made three. Unfortunately, I have not read about Feb. in the Burg series (but I will). Right now I'm plowing through the Dream Man (Mystery Man, etc.) and Chaos MC ( with Tack/Tyra, Hop/Laine etc.) I like the Chaos MC men & women the best. I did not like Hawk's b**ty calls in the middle of the night for 1 1/2 years, no way Gwen. But I get why he is squeamish. The Dream Man and Gwen have a lot tug of war between them.
Currently, I'm reading Wild Man and I just got Wild--- want to see what all the criticism is about. Just discovered KA so I making up for lost time. Enjoyed reading all comments (old and new).

Try your luck at the quiz for Jagged.


Good Luck!

I read this series not that long ago like 2 or so weeks and I needed to look it up and read the summary again cos I was having trouble remembering what book it was as in what happened in it.

I enjoyed the series but I don't think I could say this was one of my favourites of the series but like I said I did like this series a lot

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