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『ᴡɪᴄᴋʟɪɴɢ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ● ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ』 (wickling) | 78 comments

( Name ) Adalric Klaus Schneider
( meaning ) "regal ruler" "victory of the people" "tailor"
( pronunciation ) a-dal-ric k-laus s-chnei-der
( nickname ) Klaus, Nick, Nickie, Nicholas, Nicklaus, Nikolai
( alias ) Sovereign

( Age ) 24
( place of birth ) Seattle, Washington
( date of birth ) 5/1/1990
( time of birth ) 3:33
( zodiac ) Taurus

( Occupation ) Forensic Scientist
( vehicle ) By foot

( Sex ) Male
( gender orientation ) Masculine
( sexual orientation ) Pansexual
( romantic orientation ) Panromantic
( relationship status ) Single
( crush )

( Appearance )

( face claim ) Lucas Till
( blood type ) A Negative
( body type ) Athletic | Swimmer's Body
( height ) 5' 10"
( weight ) 135 lbs
( eye color ) Blue
( hair color ) Blonde
( vocal attributes ) Middle-High, crackles and breaks at time
( scent ) Faint hint of lavender
( dominant hand ) Ambidextrous
( distinguishing marks/details ) None

( Attire )

( Personality )
Charismatic, Scrupulous, Sarcastic, Fawning, Haughty, Flamboyant, Spontaneous

While he is charismatic and charming, he is very immature and prideful. Often showing off or sassing those who dare question his great intellect, he is a spunky force to be reckoned with. He is spontaneous and puppy-like, full of energy, and can act like a child at times, brooding in the corner of the room with his lip pouting and his arms crossed.

( Alignment ) Chaotic Good
↳Adalric does what he believes to be morally right, however, he is mainly concerned with preserving himself and satisfying his own self-interests than helping others. He doesn't mind breaking laws - or skulls - in order to get what he desires. He does not follow directions or obey orders. Some may call him a 'loose cannon'.

( fatal flaw ) Pride & Lust
( pet peeve ) Unoriginal pickup lines
( habits ) #selfies!
( hobbies ) Blogging
( talents & skills ) Science expert
( desires & goals ) Understand what makes an Inhuman an Inhuman
( accomplishments ) Graduating top of his class from Harvard
( failures ) Never had a relationship
( embarrassments ) Video of him drunk at a frat party
( addictions & obsessions ) Stuffed animals
( regrets ) Letting his father leave
( secrets ) While in Japan, he learned martial arts and how to use Japanese weaponry
( fears ) Thunder and lighting

( Preferences & Adulations )
He enjoys the company of young and attractive men and loves being around small animals. He loves the rain and the moon.
( superiorities )
▲ Mathematics and science in the field
▲ Humorous personality
▲ Observant

( Disgusts & Abhorrences )
He doesn't really care for pregnant women or children. He dislike cloudy days or windy nights. He hates thunderstorms and the dark.
( inferiorities )
▼ Sense of direction
▼ Stupidly courageous
▼ Hyperactive

( History )
Born to Randolph and Adelinde Schneider in the spring of 1990, he was always different from the other kids. He learned faster and matured faster. He was impossibly well rounded in school, from making a van Gogh that was nearly identical in sixth grade to understanding complex mathematics in eighth, he was the star student in his high school in Seattle. His father pushed him to enter competitions and show off, but his mother told him to not be so open about his 'gifts.'

Of course, he was at the top of his class in high school and headed off to Harvard for college with a scholarship. He majored in forensic science and went on to work of the police. He is currently seeking out others like him, other mutants. He tries to keeps his abilities a secret. A little known fact is that he spent two years in Japan being trained in multiple martial arts and weaponry.

( family )
Mother | Adelinde Freya Schneider nee Korbinian | 51 | Psychologist/School Counselor
Father | Randolph "Ralph" Cornelius Schneider | 43 | Piano Teacher
( pets )

( Equipment )
( weapons )
Katana, wakizashi sword, tantō dagger, kusarigama, kunai knives, shuriken, yumi long bow, assorted arrows, darts, fukiya blowgun, happō eggs, makibishi, smoke bombs
( fighting style )
Multiple forms of martial arts.

( Powers )
↳ The user can instinctively or with little effort perform complex mental operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. Sub-power of Enhanced Intelligence.

Power Mimicry
↳Users with this power are able to mimic and copy the abilities of others around oneself. This only works for a limited time and the stronger the power is, the harder it is to replicate. He can not use more than four replicated powers at a time without having to replace one.

( Spiritual Beliefs )
Surprisingly enough, he is semi-religious and highly superstitious. He believes magic is real, and can be scientifically explained. He is sometimes a bit skeptical towards the improbable, but believes anything is possible.
( religion )
Believes in a Higher Force.

( Musical Identity )
( theme song )
Alesso - Heroes (we could be) ft. Tove Lo

( Other )
Adalric loves dark fantasy literature and horror movies/games. He is easily distracted and has a rather short attention span. He has a blog, which is as random as he is. Worst of all, he is highly suggestive and flirts continuously with whatever catches his eye - somehow he is unable to tell when he is not wanted.
( rumors told about them )
He went to Asia to become an assassin.
He has a sex tape that was leaked online.
He was a frat boy in college.
His older sister lives in London.
His father left because his mother was having an affair with a younger man.

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Ⓐⓛⓕⓨ | 232 comments Hey! I'd love for our guys to meet. Where would you like to start?

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You choose.

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