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Archery Range, where the campers practice... archery...

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Isabelle walked in the archery range going to the bows and arrows. She picked up a small bow feeling its texture and putting her hands into place. Isabelle picked up an arrow also. She pulled back the string and shot the arrow directly to the bulls eye. She missed but didn't land to far off. Isabelle sighed and went to get another arrow forgetting the first time to bring more with her.

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Max walked into the Archery range, looking for ideas for him to design things.

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) ((Make a mechanically arrow that when it hits skin it drills through until it hits something else))

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Isabelle tried to focus but she saw another person come to the range. She shot her arrow but missed completely. " who is that?" She asked herself dropping her bow. She was amused to see that a Hephaestus child, from what he looked like, to come to the range. She guessed that he was going to build or improve something. Isabelle smiled her famous smile.

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Max watched as she messed up the shot. He was silent as he looked over the archery range.

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Isabelle still curious picked up her bow and arrow and made one last shot. It made the bullseye and she was glad that she could show off her shot. Can you believe that was her first time doing archery? After all she is a daughter of Demeter. Isabelle went over to talk to the boy examining the range.

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Max saw her approach, but kept looking at the range.

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"Hello I'm Isabelle Greene" she said with a smile holding out her hand to shake.

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Max shook her hand, finally looking at her.

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"And you are?" Said Isabelle noticing he was in a daze. She stopped shaking his hand and started to snap in front of his face " still in there?"

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"I'm Max." He bit his lip while inspecting her.

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"Why are you looking at me like that?" Do I have something on my face?" She said feeling all over her face and being embarrassed when nothing was there.

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"No, I was just curious why you were so intent on talking to me."

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"What else am I supposed to do,garden? You looked like you needed some company." She said looking up at him.
((How old is max?))

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Max shrugged, "Why not"

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"Do you see a garden anywhere max" she sighed, this conversation was getting nowhere

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"No? Why?" Max said confused.

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"I came here to try new things instead of working with plants" she started to walk away but turned around "why are you here?" She said in a sassy tone

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"To watch a beautiful girl practice archery."

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"Thankyou but you realize I'm only 13 right? That's just nasty"

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"Your Like 5 years older than me, I like the compliment but seriously"

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"I didn't mean it... I was just stating that you were pretty." Max said, sighing.

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Isabelle started to laugh at his embarrassment
"It's okay, I think your handsome" she said truly

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"Well apparently no one feels the same way about me." Max said sadly.

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((What does he look like?))

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((What does that mean?))

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((I have the app though))

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((I turned it into a link))

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"You are very handsome and I don't know why people deny it, I mean look at yourself!" She started to realized it after seeing him and thought that he would be a good fighter

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"No one has really talked to me prior to you."

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((This is what she looks like but younger



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"Well I'm glad your my friend, but you never answered my question. Why are you here?"
She asked waiting for the answer

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"To improve upon archery."

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"But your a mechanic, well I guess you can but aren't you good at wires and clock pieces. I mean I need to work on my skills but I'm best at plants because my mom was Demeter."
She talked trying to by time. She was getting impatient and needed excitement "don't answer my question, we need to get to work"

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Isabelle picked up a bow and gave it to him. "Here" she said to him also grabbing for her bow and arrows. She put the arrow into place and shot a bullseye "it's easy you try"

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Lanie (laniedragon) Adria walked slowly into the training area, dragging her feet. She hated training alone, but she had no choice. She pulled out her regular arrows, the ones she'd made herself. She preferred training with these because there was no reason to use her Celestial Bronze one. Even so, she stuffed the wooden arrows back into her quiver and pulled out the other arrow. She notched, aimed, fired. When her arrow hit the bulls-eye, it vaporized and returned to her quiver. Notch, aim, fire.

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Maple came to the archery range with her bow and arrow. Why else would she be hear? She aimed but missed the bullseye by a few inches. "Darn!" She yelled "I always miss" maple tried again missing for the second time, and the third, and the forth "I give up!" She put her bow and arrow away and pulled out her dagger ready to throw it

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~ Devine ~ Stephan walked into the archery range bored. He couldnt exactly shoot a bow and arrow because of his missing left arm but he liked to watch. He sat down on the fence that was near the edge of range. He watched as the girl missed the center then eventually gave up. He hopped off the fence and over to her. "Well thats no fun." He said out loud.

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Maple turned around annoyed. "Let's see you...." She didn't finish. All she could do was stare at his arm, correction missing arm. "Sorry" she looked into his eyes with apology.

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~ Devine ~ Stephan glanced down at his missing arm then back at her. He shrugged his shoulders. "Its fine. Im use it" he said with a small smile.

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Maple smiled back at him "the names maple" she held out her hand to shake making sure he could use his right hand. "And yes, as in the syrup" maple didn't know how she felt about this guy but at least he didn't look dangerous

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((Still there?))

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~ Devine ~ ((I am so sorry I had to make dinner for my siblings))

Stephan shook her hand and laughed a little. "Im Stephan." He said with a small nod. "As in..." he thought for a second then shrugged. "Ive got nothing." He ran a hand through his hair.

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She tried to copy him but ended up hitting her ponytail. "Guess it doesn't work for everyone" she giggled. "What do you use to protect yourself if you are missing an arm?" Maple said running her hand down his bicep. "I mean, look at yourself. Sorry of I'm mean, I can't help it" maple looked down and took a step back. She picked up her dagger and threw it at the target getting a bulls eye "Yes!!!! Now back to my question, how do you protect yourself?"

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~ Devine ~ Stephan just smiled a little, slightly awkward. He waited for her to throw the dagger before he answered her question. "I actually have a shield that attaches around my arm and shoulder. And then I use my hand for my sword." He shrugged. "I was actually left handed before... you know. I had to train a lot to be as good with right."

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Maple still smiled, she looked at his arm again mesmerized. "That is really cool you know. Having only one arm and stuff" maple adjusted her red orange hair. "Can I ask, who is your godly parent?" Maple didnt really know what to talk about

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~ Devine ~ Stephan tilted his head slightly. "Really? Most people just think its sad." He shrugged. "Dionysus, yours?" He asked her curiously. He jumped back up and sat on the fence thing.

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"Aphrodite" she looked down remembering her mother. "You sure do like that fence don't you?" Said maple smiling. She walked over and sat on the fence herself

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