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Wawa Haha, that was fast.

Let's see. Mystery, drama, sci-fi[superheroes] and anything new that I think I can do. I like to try new genres.

Oh, I might take some time to reply because I'm studying so bare with me please.

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Wawa I've mostly done drama. I did some werewolf and vampire[FxF] and magic[FxF] but as I said mostly drama. I enjoyed them somewhat until the people stopped even trying to develop plots and I just gave up on them.

I don't do much fun fiction. I like the mutant theme one and the ones who were raised in a lab. Maybe we can come up with a superhero like one or even just a normal one like the rival one.

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Wawa Oh sorry, I didn't mean fun fiction I meant, FAN fiction. Sorry about that.

It can be a magical drama. Drama would be like you know, how real life problems that happen in the world around us in our different relationships [parents, friends, significant others]. I'd like the magical theme to see how that would go, they can have like powers or something. If I'm making any sense.

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Wawa I don't mind either of those. Which one do you prefer to do now. Elemental or Wizadry?

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Wawa Yeah. That's cool with me. I haven't done much wizadry either so I guess it will be fun to see what we come up with.

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Wawa Nope, I usually like older so 17, 18 is good with me. :)

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Wawa I'm lazy today and I have to study, so name and pic is fine with me. Plus age and skill set I think.

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Wawa You can use whichever. I'm fine with either.

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Wawa Yeah that. I thought that would be something to add.

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Wawa Name: Zoe Gale

Age: 18 years

Skill: invention of spells, dark arts(dark magic)

Weakness: Non-verbal/wandless magic,


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Wawa ||We can have a school but not Hogwarts, don't really know details about it. It doesn't have to be in America. We can make up our own school, place-location in general. I know, it's kind of exciting and kind of scary going into this blind. Haha.||

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Wawa ||Remote Island, yes. Beugrant is a cool name.||

Zoe threw her bags onto the ground right at the front of her new school, dust kicking up A bloody new school on a bloody remote island. Beugrant. That was the first thing her mother had said to her when she got home two days ago. She had been out all night, out having a little fun and she made the mistake of doing one spell in front of her friends, her otherwise human friends. Obviously, it was a dark spell and she hadn't even known she was doing it until she had finished the last rhyme and boom...blew up a tree. Now she was being sent away because of her delinquincy. That's what you got for being good at both spell making and dark magic; disaster.

She sighed and looked up at the sign on the school's main building. She had expected a warm welcome but this place seemed pretty empty. She thought that today was the check in day. She picked up her big bag and her suitcase and dragged them to the door. She walked in and went to what she thought was the main office. There was no one there. She frowned and turned around. She wondered whether this was an actual school or if she had gotten the address wrong. She sighed. "Hello!" she called out, not expecting anyone to answer.

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Wawa ||Hey...not sure if you gotten the notification...||

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Wawa Zoe turned a little startled when she heard the woman's voice. She trained her eyes on her and then took a step forward. "Maybe." she said with a sweet smile on her face. "I'm supposed to report to the main office or something, get assigned my room or whatever. My mother and I just got the ferry and she abandoned me here promptly, probably to go and have a party now that I'm gone. I'm new. Am I early?" she asked frowning at the woman and looking around.

She had expected a multitude of other people to follow but it was only her standing there looking at her curiously, like she was an enigma of sorts. Zoe adjusted the collar of the her jacket and just looked back at the woman waiting for her to answer.

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Wawa Zoe sneered at the teacher. She thought her cute and wondered if all the teachers were this pretty but she also didn't like what the woman was saying. The house names were ridiculous to her. In her old school they had not been segregated like that granted not many of them were witches or warlocks, so that was to be expected. No one was supposed to expose themselves to the normals but obviously, Zoe had been shipped off for a reason.

She frowned. How could her mother abandon her here two days early. She wanted to call up the woman and give her a piece of her mind but she held her anger back and nodded at the teacher. "I'm not rude." she said simply. She didn't mind the competitive thing because there was one thing Zoe knew about herself, she didn't like to participate, so it didn't matter to her what colours were put where. She was just determined to graduate.

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Wawa ||Hey...||

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Wawa ||Haha. Okay cool. These expressions of yours though...||

Zoe picked up her big bag and dragged her suitcase, following the woman. She wasn't happy to be there, especially before school officially began. What she was supposed to be doing for the next two days, alone and unsupervised was a mystery to her although she didn't much mind the unsupervised thing. She could try out a couple of spell and at least with no one there, there was no one to disapprove or rather, no one to harm or expose herself to.

She wondered what people she would meet and consequently ignore. Being forced to share a room after growing up as the only child made her slightly uncomfortable. She didn't like people much, hence group activities, hence participation. That's why it had been easy to perfect her writing spells skills and her dark arts. It had been easy for her to isolate herself and practice, sometimes going without food. Now, she couldn't get her own space and that annoyed her. Another thing that annoyed her, she thought as they approached the office where the meeting was being held, was the smell of charms and damn, could she smell a lot of charms. Someone was there but she couldn't see anyone. She frowned.

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Wawa ||haha, they do!||

Zoe followed behind the teacher, getting that charm smell again. It wasn't that charms smelled bad, she had just developed a dislike for them over the years of not being good at them. She sighed and remained silent, not mentioning her suspicions.

She entered the room, and looked at all the people sitting at the table. She was busy sizing each of them up when she realised the teacher who had led her there had broken off in the middle of talking and she sighed. "It's Zoe," she volunteered. "Zoe Gale." she looked at the people in the room. "I'm new." she said smiling, but it didn't reach her eyes. She was being polite because they knew little to nothing about her and she wanted to pretend to give a good first impression because well, maybe they wouldn't pick on her in class. So she could just make a habit of being invisible.

She waited for something to happen. Something awesome, but there wasn't really anything that could work. She wondered if they knew her mother, who had a reputation as one of the influential magicians of her generation. She didn't want them too. She hated that association and wished it was more of a myth than her reality. It was a pain to hear how great her mother was consistently. If her mother was so nice, why had she just abandoned her like that?

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Wawa Zoe shook her head at the headmaster. "No thank you." she said softly, refusing the lemon drop. She didn't know whether it was a trick, but the headmaster's friendliness was weird. Her last headmaster had been nothing like that and so she wasn't taking any chances, even though he looked like a really nice person.

The minute the girl walked into the room, Zoe was hit with the charm smell. She stared at the girl with furrowed eyebrows and frowned. She had known that someone was close by, but she hadn't seen her. She wondered where she had been hiding. She looked at the head master as he explained things. He watched the girl nervously glance at someone who Zoe assumed was her mother and before she knew it, she was being dragged outside.

"Hey!" she complained pulling herself free from the girl's grasp. "Could we not do so much of the touching?" she asked irritated that she had done that. She rolled her eyes and realised she had been forced to leave her suitcase in the meeting room. She sighed and decided not to complain. "You don't have to take me around if you don't want to. I'll figure everything out once I'm settled. By myself." she emphasized, looking at the girl ad folding her arms around her chest.

||By the way, I don't know if I asked. Do you do mature scenes?||

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Wawa ||Haha. Yeah. If we do, I'll remind you.||

Zoe shrugged and started walking, passing the girl in the process. "Jeez, don't sound so offended. I just don't tend to generally like...people." she said with a wave of her hand. She flipped her shoulder length hair out of her face and stuffed her hands into her jacket pockets going to the main hall where she had first entered. Zoe knew herself well, and company wasn't something she desired most of the time.

She frowned when she got there and realised she had two days of nothing planned in a place she didn't know. Maybe a little help wouldn't be so bad. She turned back to see the brown-haired girl. She was cute, especially with her face flushed and when she struggled to find her words. It wouldn't hurt to have her around. Even just for a little bit. She wasn't interested in her romantically but she could look. That never hurt anyone. "If I let you do this, don't do anything cutesy. I'm not into pink and fluff. I like black and... rough texture with that."

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Wawa Zoe watched the girl talking. She was amazed that she had gotten through everything without so much as taking a breath. It was ridiculous to see and it made her chuckle and shake her head. She wasn't even sure she had caught everything that the girl had said. She raised her eyebrow and tried to answer everything correctly. "I'm just passing time, so you can show me whatever you want." she said, starting to walk in a random direction. "I generally don't like anything, yes, I have flown a broom, but I don't like it. It's for witches who like..." she stopped talking to think. "Green and basic textures." she teased laughing loudly and glancing at the girl as shook the hair out of her eyes. Her mother said that she should tie her hair but Zoe liked how it made her look dark and dangerous, covering her eyes, the windows to the soul.

Zoe shook her head when she heard the girl almost mention her mother's name or something close to that. "You really like to poke your nose into others' business don't you. Not a good habit, is it?" she asked raising her eyebrow wondering why she had sounded like her own mum. It made her roll her eyes. "Where are we off to?" she asked looking around and realising again that she had no idea where they were.

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Wawa Zoe cringed when she heard the words 'defence against the dark arts'. For someone like her who excelled at dark arts this was not some place that she wanted to go. Even though she knew much about the subject, she had practiced so that she anticipated someone's attack on her, she liked to stay away. She decided not to say anything negative. It seemed as if the girl was excited about it. "We can go but I can't stay long." she said to the girl. Generally, most schools didn't teach dark arts, but she had had an eager god father who taught her a lot of...things. She had learned most of what she knows about dark arts from him. She wanted to find out. "Do you have a dark arts room?" she asked.

She followed the girl along and noticed how quiet she had gotten. "Hey what's up? You've gone quiet." she said shaking her eyes and smiling at the girl. She wasn't used to being around a lot of people who weren't family or sort of family. She didn't mind the girl for now because she was the only other person there besides professors. Zoe at least had to let her be herself. "I'm assuming you practically grew up in this school, since your mum's a teacher." she said by way of sparking conversation between them. She could at least try to make a friend this time. what would it hurt?

||P.s I'm changing her weakness to just non-verbal magic. I think it makes more sense||

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Wawa ||Okay. You see, we learn new things every day. Haha.||

Zoe laughed gently. "So you're a troublemaker?" she said, smirking at the girl and sizing her. Brown hair, brown eyes...really, the least threatening look that she knew. Nothing about her screamed 'bad girl'. Maybe her look was supposed to be ironic. "So you've been learning here since you were eleven? Where are the best places one can be alone?" she asked her. Zoe was essentially looking for somewhere to get away from everyone. She wasn't a people person and this year, she wanted to stay away from trouble and just finish school. She couldn't wait to get her wizardry diploma and start to live her life on the outside. She was already 18, only one other step to go.

She thought about defense against arts and what the girl was saying. "Okay, you can show me the defence against dark arts class. Do you like the subject?" she asked peering at the girl. She knew that if this girl liked it then they weren't going to be good friends. Or what was that saying...opposites attract? Perhaps that was the case there. Zoe didn't really want friends but sometimes you just have to let the chips fall. "If you show me that room, you have to promise to show me somewhere where I can be alone," she said... and I can practice my written spells, she added quietly to herself.

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Wawa ||It's all good. No need to apologise. I get it.||

Zoe ignored the thing about her being a troublemaker, realising that it didn't matter what she thought. If this girl, Lisa, she had to keep trying to remember her name, if she believed she was a trouble maker then she probably was, in her opinion.

She followed Lisa through the hallways. She listened to her explain her thoughts on the Defence class and a frown set on her face. It could be a good thing to be good at the defending but having a friend who was a dark arts user would make things complicated. Zoe sighed. Maybe she was over thinking things. She tended to do that. Always alone with yourself as company you start to analyse and reanalyse things until they make sense to you and you found yourself over thinking. She knew, however, that she wasn't over thinking things when she noticed Lisa go silent as she described defence class as a necessesity to her. What was would she need it for? She wondered, worried about her own fate.

Zoe looked inside the classroom. It didn't seem to threatening and the teacher sounded okay. She didn't really care what professors were like. She turned to the girl who was smiling unusually widely. "It looks okay." she wanted to keep her mouth shut about what she was noticed but the girl was making her curious and she couldn't help herself. "Why is it necessary for you to take a class. "Isn't it compulsory anyway? You couldn't be that passionate about it." Zoe raised an eyebrow and looked at the girl head on, waiting to hear what she would say.

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Wawa Zoe watched Lisa curiously as she fidgeted underneath her gaze. h heard what the girl said and gave a short, inaudible laugh. She didn't believe the girl's words for second, not even that smile. She wondered what was haunting her and making her react like that to a seemingly innocent question. Even her eyes darkened slightly. She decided she was not going to pressure her into giving it up. It wasn't any of Zoe's business anyway. They barely knew each other.

Zoe looked at Lisa and smiled. For a girl who liked defense, she probably didn't want to hear that Zoe liked the exact opposite. She had always found dark arts more competitive and more daring and for a spell writer this meant that she could cross some boundaries. So instead of telling her the truth she shrugged. "I don't have any interests." she said. "I didn't decide to come to Beugrant. I was dropped here by an older woman with anger issues and something to prove," she said bitterly referring to her mother. Even though she loved the woman, she was angry with her at that moment and she wasn't going to let her take any easy blows. She knew the woman couldn't hear her but it didn't matter. "I am old enough to be almost done with school, I was almost done with school until I made a little, non life threatening mistake and that woman decided to make me start my semester all over with you guys. Everyone in my old school will be finished before me. They have trimesters so they'll be done in December and I have to finish in April, here. Argh." she sighed heavily and rolled her eyes then she frowned. "Wait, do I look that old to you?" she asked, taking a step towards Lisa and tilting her head at the girl.

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Wawa Zoe laughed gently when she heard Lisa go through a several words just to explain her point. She wondered if she had made the girl nervous or scared or both. She turned back to the direction that they had been going before. "I'm the guest here. You're the tour guide. You should know what's next." she said ignoring Lisa's mumbling about her age and not commenting on it.

Zoe started walking anyway despite pointing out that she didn't know where she was going. "So tell me, you told me you know all the secrets of this place...any fun ones?" she asked. She glanced back at Lisa. "Or would you rather me asking secrets about yourself. What house colour do you belong to? Or what are those categories again, your dorms?" she asked staring curiously at Lisa. She decided that the girl seemed a bit interesting. She wasn't going to just ditch her once school started. Maybe she would keep her around. Maybe they would become friends. Zoe hadn't really ever had a genuine friend. "I hope my roommate is okay." she said turning her eyes to the front wondering about her new life and how she was going to survive a whole year. She didn't want to be here but she was. She missed a lot of things already. Like someone she had left behind and they didn't even know that she had left yet.

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Wawa Zoe listened quietly as they walked along the halls. She was glad that Lisa was taking her to that secret room. Alone time, especially now that she was being forced to have a roommate, would become precious to her. She wasn't interested in being in a group of people, people she was only going to know for a few months. She wanted the people she had left behind. She wanted them there with her. But she couldn't have them and she recognised that.

"So, I'm assuming you're on the Quiddich team?" she asked Lisa looking at her. The ways she had spoken about broom flying she had reached that conclusion. The houses sounded complicated and Zoe didn't want to get involved in the politics. She was quite fine with being any neutral colour. She didn't care about orange or grey or red or purple. Blank...there was a colour with a nice ring to it. Maybe they could build a room just for her to sit and sleep inside and be blank for the rest of the year. She sighed and shook her head. "Which is the house that loses almost every year." she said. "I want to be in that one." she smirked at Lisa waiting to see her reaction to Zoe's antisocial behaviour.

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Wawa Zoe followed her quietly peeking into every class they passed. They seemed the same but then again they weren't stopping long enough to explore were they? Wherever this place was it must have been pretty well hidden and she didn't mind it. She was excited even though she knew the place wouldn't belong to just her. It was Lisa's spot after all and she couldn't claim it as her own. She had to be nice to the girl the whole year round. She could do that. She didn't mind. The girl wasn't so bad.

Zoe frowned. "I know we're assigned," she said shaking her head. "I was just making a joke. I guess I've lost my touch." she said to Lisa. She noticed the deserted hallway, but then again, all the hallways were deserted seeing as school hadn't started yet. She followed Lisa quietly her suspicions about this mystery place growing. She wasn't so sure if Lisa was leading her astray or it the girl was actually taking them in a meaningful direction. She saw the girl smile at a wall as if it was going to open a secret door. Zoe rolled her eyes, of course it was. they were in a magic school. She was bound to expect the unexpected. "Is this is? It's not well hidden. How have people not found this place?" she asked already curious even though nothing had been revealed to her yet. She could feel her bones rattling with excitement.

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Wawa Zoe thought about Lisa's comment about the people at their school. She wondered if Lisa had any friends. If the thing exciting her the most was showing Zoe a secret room, she suspected that that was a negative on the friends thing. Now Zoe felt bad for already concluding things about her. She wanted now to get to know the girl just so that she wouldn't make any other assumptions about her. She sighed and went to lean against the wall that the girl was touching.

"Okay, so you're not going to elaborate on what 'wishing for a place to hide means'?" Zoe asked looking at the girl with a raised eyebrow. She decided not to question the girl further. After all, she knew what she was doing. She was the new one in this situation. She sighed and leaned up, touched her hand to the wall, quite close to Lisa's own hand. She didn't know whether she was supposed to close her eyes but she did. She thought of a place to be alone but in her mind, she pictured Lisa there with her and wondered to herself why that image came so naturally to her mind. She sighed and waited for something to happen. She expected flash and drama and wondered if that was what she was going to get.

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Wawa Zoe's eyes flickered open and the first thing she saw was the door. She smiled at it then turned to look at Lisa with wide eyes. "This is incredible." she said with slight disbelief in her tone. She had expected it to work, didn't doubt Lisa's sanity but she was still surprised by it. It was incredible. She smiled at Lisa. "So, will it be what I imagined for us or what you imagined?" she asked curiously.

Zoe wasn't sure whether she should just open the door. In her time, she had learned to let the teacher go first. She wasn't one to take unnecessary risks. Unnecessary risks is what had got her into trouble in the first place and sent her packing to Beugrant. She was patient now. She had learned to follow with caution always assessing the risks. She flashed Lisa her biggest smile. "How often do you come here? How did you find this? Do you mind...showing this to me? It must have been extremely private." she swallowed and sighed. "I'm sorry if I pushed you. I shouldn't have forced you to bring me here." Now that she had thought back, she may have actually threatened Lisa to bring her there. She hadn't really thought about it. Had she crossed a line? Was she making the girl uncomfortable. "You don't have to take me inside." Zoe realised she was the one rambling now. Maybe the girl had done something to her because Zoe did not ramble.

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Wawa Zoe listened to Lisa's explanation. She didn't quit understand the difference between the requirement and the things that she imagined but she wanted to see it so she nodded and stood straight away from the door. Standing close to Lisa, she could smell the fading charms off the girl. She smiled already used to what her scent was like a dog to its master but that was not how she thought of Lisa. She thought of her as that strange talkative girl who went around eavesdropping her mother's conversations and discovering secrets while riding brooms and doing charms. She surprised herself by already knowing so much about Lisa. This scared her a little because coupled with that was the feeling that Lisa giggling like that made her look quite pretty and Zoe was sure she didn't like girls.

"Okay, I'm ready." she said taking a deep breath and following Lisa inside the room. She was glad the girl had allowed her to see it and was satisfied by the results. There were two couches on either side of the wall with a large table in the centre. A bookshelf, a few pots for spells and the lighting was warm and yellow. Zoe smiled and looked at Lisa expectantly. "Does it always look like this? I like it." she said with a giant smile, now unable to hide her enthusiasm.

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Wawa Zoe closed the door behind her and walked forward and sat on the same couch as Lisa even though there was another in the room. "I think I'll want to see it different every time." she said leaning her head on the back of the chair. She closed her eyes gently and thought about all the possible things that she could do here and actually didn't mind spending all those moments with Lisa. It was her room, technically and she didn't seem as weird or girly as Zoe had expected her to be. She was also pretty, which was a plus when you wanted a friend to ward off the boys.

She listened to Lisa's question about her mother and laughed. "My mother brought me here for precisely that," she said turning her head to the side and looking at Lisa. "And this time, I don't mind. Enjoying things is what made me leave behind so much," she said shaking her head slightly. "I just want to sit behind and do nothing...but I um....if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy your room." she cleared her throat and looked up at the ceiling. That had taken a lot out of her to say. She was usually such a prideful woman and she tended not to desperately ask for things but there was something about Lisa that made things a little different. Maybe it was her seemingly rebellious side. Zoe couldn't pinpoint it. She chuckled softly and looked at the girl again. "So, do people date in this place?" she asked. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked raising two curious eyebrows at her.

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Wawa Zoe threw her head back and sighed. "I was just joking Lisa," she said shaking her head at how offended Lisa had gotten from her question. "Gosh, you are so easy to tease aren't you?" she said looking the girl over and noticing how red she had gone. She wondered whether that 'boyfriend' question had put her off. Maybe she did have one, a secret boyfriend. Zoe wondered about him. Whether he was good looking, whether he liked the way she smiled or the way her hair framed her face. He wondered if he kissed her full lips...

Zoe's eyes widened when she realised the weird path of thought that her mind had taken. Where had all those words come from. She couldn't believe she was describing the girl like that, like she herself wanted to kiss her. She sighed and looked away. She wasn't going to push the girl on her relationship status because she realised that she would have to return the favour and answer. She didn't want that especially when she wasn't sure where she stood herself.

She sighed and looked at the ceiling. "Do you mind showing me your room now?" she asked quietly and glanced at the girl. She wanted to see what hell she had been sent to and knowing how the rooming worked was a good way. Now, at least she wouldn't have a roommate for two days, until school opened unless Lisa turned out to be her roommate and what were the chances of that happening? She looked at Lisa biting her lip. "If you don't mind. I just want to see how the houses look." she said quietly. Things about Lisa were making Zoe uncomfortable and she didn't understand that at all. She was usually a confident person who took what she wanted from whom she wanted. She was not this unsure person. She decided it was because she was in a new place, trying to change most of her past self. She would obviously seem uncomfortable in her skin but she was going to get over it soon enough.

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Wawa Zoe gazed at Lisa and smiled. She was cute when she rambled and from the things she said, Zoe got a pretty good idea as to how Lisa was. For one thing, she liked to keep all the good stuff to herself like secret rooms and secret tunnels. Sharing was not her forte and it made Zoe slightly proud that she had gotten an opportunity to see her secret room.

She stood up from the couch slowly and smiled at the girl. "You get your own room and a secret room?" she said to Lisa with a smirk. "Wow, that is slightly unfair isn't it." she said laughing. "We can take the longer route. You can show me your tunnel another time this way you can show me the rest of the school." she said quietly and smiled at Lisa. She wondered why she was so dark red at that moment. She wondered if Lisa was seeing her the way she was seeing the girl and thought that impossible. They had only known each other for a short time and even though there was something about Lisa she couldn't think that they were tied in any way. She was to come here and learn and leave and be okay with that. She sighed and decided that was that and there was nothing else to it. "what grade are you in?" she asked as she walked to the door ready to start their trip through the school again. The less time they spent standing around looking at each other, the less time those weird thoughts would get to her.

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Wawa Zoe listened to Lisa. The girl was younger than her. That made things easier. Easier for what, she didn't know but it did. She followed Lisa's mouth as she spoke about this and that, not really paying attention. She wouldn't have gotten anything the girl was saying even if she had been paying attention. Her mind had drifted back home to where she wanted to be and all her things that she had left behind. She tried not to think about that because she knew it would make her sad and she didn't want to feel sad even before things had started.

"I went to a human school. We didn't have much of the stuff you have here." she said stuffing her hands in her pocket. She was sort of jealous that Lisa had gotten to grow up in such a school and got all these facilities laid out for her. Even though Zoe's education was at a good level, she felt bad that she had missed out on the best. "My godfather or uncle whatever you want to call him, he tutored me and the other magical students all the stuff we needed to know. It was sort of like an after the school program but we went on for hours. We learned most of the things you guys do here. I'll probably be taking some upper level classes and lower level as well." she said shrugging gently and looking away feeling embarrassed for admitting that aloud. "When you have time on the weekend, do you mind going through some of the work with me?" she asked quietly. "I may need to catch up quick. Maybe we might start tomorrow?"

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Wawa ||Nope. That idea is fine with me. We can do that.||

Zoe nodded. "It's fine. I have a pretty good grasp on transfiguration," she said to her. "Potions too." she said. Being good at creating spells helped her at proportions when it came to potions so she wasn't worried about that. Maybe adding the wrong ingredients here and there might have wound up confusing her. "I think it's charms that give me problems plus I'm okay at DADA but I think I'd need help in that as well."

she grinned at Lisa. She thought it would have been horrible to come to this school, that she wouldn't have friends but she was finding that having the girl around wasn't so bad. She quite liked having someone to help her and she didn't mind much that Lisa was one of the pretty ones. "Thanks for agreeing to that. I know it's a lot to ask from someone you barely know and you would have probably have liked to spend time doing something else but," she sighed and stopped walking turning to Lisa and holding her arm, looking at her right in the eye. "thanks. I would probably have been completely lost here without you." she said quietly chewing her bottom lip and sighing. She smiled once more and let go of Lisa's hand and started walking again.

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Wawa ||It's cool. I can definitely go with the flow.||

Zoe looked at the girl as she spoke. Before she could comment she noticed her red face and frowned wondering what was happening to her. Her voice had changed slightly but Zoe didn't think much about it. She smiled gently and nodded. "What are the owls for?" she asked quietly. "Who's Madame Nichols?" she asked again. Lisa had fed her a lot of information so far but she had only managed to get a third of that information in her head. She had almost refused Lisa's help but she was glad that her mind had changed about that.

She was pretty awed by the largeness of the school. It was so spread out, she wondered how people got to their classes, how they remembered the places they were supposed to be. "How don't people get lost here Lisa?" she asked. "I've been here all of a few hours and I think I'm in some sort of maze." she laughed gently and shook her head. She could tell that whoever had built this school had intended to be cruel to all the people who walked its halls because no one would deliberately make it hard for people to get around. Although Lisa seemed to know exactly where everything went and how, she was a veteran in this place. Zoe was only going to be there for a year, it was going to be mighty hard to learn about such a big place in that short a time.

Maybe what was making her concentration worse was Lisa's brown[are they brown] eyes, her full lips. Maybe the girl was her distraction and she was not making it easier. She was really cute and Zoe couldn't remember thinking that ever about another girl. She was becoming slowly curious in what Lisa's lips tasted like. She tried not to turn to the girl and find out for herself. Instead she focused on thoughts about someone that she had left behind trying to get those of Lisa pushed to the far back of her mind.

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Wawa As Lisa spoke, Zoe looked around them. Owls for mail? That sounded very ridiculous. She could probably write out a spell that could fix that, although she didn't mention to Lisa how good she was at coming up with spells. She couldn't imagine living without her cell phone but the way things had been left at her old school, with her...she couldn't even think of him anymore. all she knew is that, the way things were there, she officially didn't have anyone to text or call so, she guessed that for the time being owls for mail made the most sense.

She thought about injuries that she had suffered in the past. Her godfather seemed equipped in helping but she had always hated taking any potions. "I've never broken a bone and I don't plan to." she said to Lisa quietly smiling a little. "Oh, time schedules might be nice but I sure as hell would not like to be turned into a map." she laughed gently and looked at the girl. "I hope I'm in your house, I'm not that good at making friends, can't imagine I'll be asking anyone for help...oh, what am I saying. I've already asked you for too much. You're not even in my year anyway. Maybe there will be a cute guy I can flirt with who can get me places. You don't have to worry about it. The likely situation will be, I'll be assigned to a totally different house and we'll rarely see each other." she laughed softly and licked her lips. "Damn, you live far." she said shaking her head and looking forward.

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Wawa "I've got to say again," Zoe said shaking her head. "You don't seem overly like the type to break a lot of rules," she shrugged. "Then again, I don't really know that much about you. We should play 21 questions or have you ever, if you've ever heard of either of them." she said with a smile and she listened to the rules. She didn't understand not being able to go to each others rooms. Where did people have their private time together, or private conversations. She sighed. She just wished that her roommate wasn't irritating and that she could stand the girl.

Zoe walked up to the entrance with Lisa. She watched the girl punch a bunch of things on the frame and she frowned. "does every house have it's own secret password?" she asked with open curiosity. When the painting swung open and revealed the commons, she was pleasantly surprised and didn't think to hide her wide eyed shock. "Wow, you guys really take advantage of magic. Let's just go up to your room. If I'm never going to see it again, why not make the most of the time we have now," Zoe said then she realised she was talking as if they were living through some tragic love story. She turned away and bit her lip. She was really acting weird around this Lisa girl and she was beginning to feel uncomfortable. What exactly was so special about her?

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Wawa ||So, before they open the door, do you want them to room together or be in different rooms. It's up to you.||

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Wawa ||Yeah. It could work out. Though I also just remembered how they could be in different houses. Then I was thinking, it might be fun if Zoe tried to find ways to sneak into Lisa's room for whatever reasons...hmm...||

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Wawa ||haha. Okay, I'm just going to start writing and see what the end of the page says...||

Zoe laughed lightly at the 'fat lady' comment. She thought that had to be the most irritating thing she had ever heard of. She hoped that she did not get put into that house. She'd completely hate it. She glanced around the commons before they left. They were more spacious than she had previously thought and it made her feel welcome. She hadn't expected everything to be so warm and cozy because this was supposed to be the hell that her mother had decided to send her to. She was actually very impressed by them and she felt a bit more relaxed about being there. She wondered if people sat down without magic there and just played games and talked. She doubted it but she just shrugged and moved on.

Zoe raised her eyebrow when they got to the spiral staircase. Six floors and she was back to hating the school again. "Don't tell me I'll have to climb seven?" she said figuring that maybe that was how the dorms were arranged. She tried to regain her breath as Lisa spoke about monkeys which made her forget that she was dying inwardly and laugh. "I don't care if you're messy," she said giggling lightly and finally getting her breath. She stood up straighter and went closer to where Lisa was by the door. "What I would care about is if there were monkeys in your room. I don't know about you, but I do not want to fight monkeys right now." she said and winked at Lisa.

As Lisa motioned to the door, Zoe reached forward and put her hand on the handle. She took a deep breath and pulled it down, smiling at the girl. She pushed the door open. She stepped in and smiled widely when she saw the single bed, in the slightly messy room and started to giggle. "Well," she said casually, "at least there's no monkeys." She advanced inside and smiled, not wanting to touch anything right away. It was a big enough room to enjoy as a single person and Zoe became instantaneously jealous. She had always had her own space and she was going to have to be forced to share with someone she probably wouldn't like. She sighed and looked at the other girl. "I like it but I'm insanely jealous. When do I find out which house I'm in?" she asked quietly.

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Wawa Zoe watched in amusement as Lisa moved around her room trying to clear up. She watched the girl quietly then she started to laugh a bit. "There's no need now. I've already seen it." she said shaking her head and going over to the bed. She flopped on it and crossed her legs, removing her hands from her jacket. She started drumming on her thighs and then looked at Lisa. "So, I'll have to see the head master again?" she asked when the girl answered her question. She was hoping to avoid that but she figured it was inevitable. She didn't really have much of a choice on how things were run here.

Zoe stared at Lisa. She had heard the part about the 'secret meeting and her not being let in'. She wondered why the girl was so hell bent on finding out things that she was being deliberately kept out of, just like every other student in the school. She wondered if Lisa was one of those people who liked to purposefully help others and decided if the girl was in a house called 'Honour' then that was probably a no brainer. Zoe was not the same, helping people did not take high rankings on her list.

Except apparently for in Lisa's case. She could tell that something was going on in that girl's head and it had something to do with that meeting. She wanted to help her but her reasons why were still the confusion. She didn't know this girl, she didn't have any obligation, yet there she was opening her mouth. "Do you really want to find out what they are talking about?" she asked looking at the girl, trying not to focus on the cur of her neck and what she could do to it. "I can help." what happened to sitting back and not doing anything Zoe, she thought quietly. "If you think that it's important..." You're hopeless.

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Wawa Zoe noted Lisa's red face when she dropped the clothes. She wondered what thoughts were running through the girl's mind and decided to come up with something that would help her figure out why she thought this girl was so pretty and so special and why every single thing she did seemed to be important. What had it been, an hour, two... and she was already offering up her services to the girl as if she run a hospital. She had heard her mother say many times that sometimes fates can be intertwined but this was not what she had expected so she didn't think that that was what was happening.

She shrugged because of Lisa's question. "Yeah, they're a couple of...spells that I want to try out," she replied not mentioning that these spells didn't yet exist and it was going to take a few days or weeks to come up with the perfect ones. Writing spells for her was like finding a genie in a bottle. If you didn't use the right words to put it together, you could either get filthy rich or just rich with filth. She didn't want to risk Lisa's or hers life and reputation. She watched Lisa chew on her bottom lip and narrowed her eyes at the girl and not so that she could memorize that action and store it for a time when she would need a muse for her fantasies. She stared at the girl. "As long as you tell me what it is you are looking for." she said.

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Wawa ||Kyra? Who's Kyra? Haha||

Zoe watched Lisa quietly before she heard the girl's explanation. She noticed the girl's hesitation but decided it was nothing but idle thought. Lisa had a point. If she had known what the meetings were about she wouldn't need to eavesdrop but Korie felt as if there was something she wasn't saying. She couldn't push the girl if she didn't want to tell her so she just let it go.

She glanced at her again and noticed her shuffling uneasily on her feet. Her discomfort made Zoe uncomfortable and she was about to ask her why she was acting like that but Lisa interrupted her with her questions. Zoe didn't want to disappoint her by saying no. After all, she needed time to work on those spells otherwise she wouldn't be able to help in any way but she also didn't want to go because they had just got there and she found it odd that Lisa was so in a hurry to jet off again. She scooted back on the bed and laughed gently. "Could you sit down. Your fidgeting is getting on my nerves." she leaned against the wall and slapped the bed for Lisa. "come on, I won't bite." she said though in her mind, she was biting, she was and it was good. She cleared her throat. "I promise." she added just to make sure that other voice didn't take over.

Zoe hadn't had many girl friends. Her friends had always been guys and for a while she had close to no friends. She didn't want Lisa's friendship but it felt as if she had no choice. Everything she was doing and saying was so unlike her that she was considering transferring out of her school and helping herself to a ticket straight to an asylum. She took in a deep breath and shook her head. "If they've been having these meetings regularly, they'll probably have another one soon. We'll crash that one." she said shrugging lightly and waiting for the girl to make up her mind.

||So, I figure if those guys who've been let out of the prison or whatever are after Lisa, then I guess the reason Zoe feels linked to her is because she's supposed to be her guardian and that's what Yeager was getting so excited that a good idea or...? Also, I think she should get placed in Bold house.||

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Wawa ||Haha. It's all good. I get it.||

Zoe leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes. She turned it slowly to face Lisa and smiled confused by her question. "No, not really." she said laughing slightly with her eyes still closed. She didn't really have a big reason as to why she wanted to be there. Maybe she was just tired from the trip to the island and also from their walk literally across the whole school. Maybe she just wanted them to be alone in the girl's room and...hold up, why would that even make the list. She tried not to bang the thoughts out of her head by hitting it against the wall.

She opened her eyes and gazed at Lisa. She smiled tiredly. "You know, I've never actually had a friend who is a girl." she admitted softly, laughing lightly. "What do people do when they meet someone they get along with? Wait, before anything else...are we getting along?" Zoe shook her head, there she was again, going through that rambling thing because of Lisa and her close proximity. She tried not to be too obvious by moving away from the girl. She stayed put and let the girl's scent waft over to her. "It doesn't matter. How about you tell me something about yourself. For example, I don't like cheese but I eat pizza," she said shrugging and laughed again trying not to stare too hard at Lisa and then creep her out and then get kicked out of her room. "How about you?" she asked gently.

||Okay, I get the plot now. Cool.||

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Wawa Zoe laughed gently. She looked at Lisa and smiled. "Now that we both don't like cheese all that much, we'll be getting along fine." she said to the girl. She wondered what else was going through that pretty little head of hers. She knew that sometimes she could be very forward even without meaning to but she hoped Lisa wasn't not picking up any crazy vibes and she didn't want to push the girl away for whatever reason. "We can have a pizza party," she said grinning widely at her. Zoe had not felt close to anyone in a while. Ever since the incident back home, she had felt alienated and apart from her friends. She hadn't wanted to see them or talk to them so it felt strange and calming having Lisa's presence there and feeling so comfortable with her.

Zoe let out a small yawn. She was tired but she didn't want to fall asleep yet. The afternoon had barely hit. Having Lisa there was also good because she knew the girl couldn't judge her. She didn't know who Zoe was before. She could get the new version, the one that was trying to put the past behind her and make up for her mistakes. That was the version she would show Lisa and apparently this version, may or may not be attracted to girls, namely Lisa. She had never looked at a girl and been mesmerized by her eyes or felt the need to caress her face. She obviously was sleepy that was the only explanation. She couldn't think why she wanted to be that close to the girl anyway. She was asking herself this and out loud she was talking to Lisa. "Who doesn't like chocolate?" she asked shaking her head in mock disappointment.

Zoe yawned again and felt the tiredness hit her. Before she knew what she was doing, she was bending down and placing her head on Lisa's lap. It was clear that the crazy monster had ignored the other side of the bed where she could have fit herself comfortably and still been able to relax. "I'm sorry, I promise I won't sleep. Tell me something else about yourself." she said calmly, settling herself on the girl as if she were a pillow. She put one of her hands beneath her head and the other she used to play with Lisa's jeans as a means to stay awake even though she could feel herself slipping.

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Wawa Zoe stiffened at first when she felt her the hand on her head. It was something so familiar, a move that had been done to her so many times but she hadn't expected it from Lisa. She closed her eyes and asked herself what she had expected when she put her head on the girl's lap. In her defense, she had not anticipated putting her head on Lisa's lap in the first place. She just...her head got heavy and it seemed like the next move in her arsenal of moves.

Then the stroking began. Zoe didn't hide her surprise because she knew Lisa couldn't see her but she did try to hide the fact that it made her feel relaxed. It made her calm and for the most part, it felt sickeningly good. She didn't want to be there, in a girl's room, her hair being stroked by a near stranger she felt she knew but she didn't hate it, so she didn't move and she let the sensation of Lisa's hands in her hair. She tried not to sigh with pleasure. Lisa would definitely not understand her when she tried to explain that.

Zoe's mind was so focused on the feeling of Lisa's fingers in her hair that she almost didn't hear Lisa's quiet reply. She found it it funny how this girl who fidgeted and talked a lot could actually sit down and concentrate long enough to read something. She couldn't even imagine that kind of peace within her but she wanted to find out a little more about. She yawned softly opening her mouth to speak. She felt her eyes getting heavy and with the combination of Lisa's hands, she could feel herself slipping even further into dreamland. She tried to fight it, tried to stay awake as she had promised but things weren't going well for her. The sigh she had been holding back, escaped without her knowing and the words came out in jumbles. "" Zoe drifted off to sleep.

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Wawa Zoe breathed softly as she slept. All the tiredness from the past few days spent arguing with her mother, then, not speaking to her and going back to arguing, had finally hit her. It had been a long journey to Beugrant, almost too long and it felt good to finally get some sleep. It didn't seem to matter where it was she was sleeping or next to whom she was sleeping. Her chest rose and fell gently, coupled by a small snoring sound that could barely be heard. Her hand had gone limp beneath her and the one on Lisa's jeans forgot its work.

After a few minutes, maybe twenty, maybe less, Zoe felt a soft tingling on her nose and she also heard the low sound of Lisa's breathing. She was waking up slowly and the magnitude of her actions weighed down on her like those anvils you see in the Looney Toons Cartoons. She couldn't believe what she had allowed herself to do and she was buried under a flood of emotions as she rejoined the land of the awake. Panic. Confusion. Anxiety. Fear. The works. Panic took over immediately. She sat up quickly and looked at Lisa. "I'm sorry!" she cried out. She scooted off the bed and stood up looking at the girl. "That was...I didn't mean to sleep on you like that...or at all," she said shaking her head. "I should..." she turned to get her bag, then realised she had left them in Yeager's office so she turned around and looked at Lisa again. "that was too intimate, too close. We barely know..." she shook her head. "I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry," she said and then turned to the door. "I should go."

Before she made the atmosphere in the room any more awkward, Zoe bolted. She ran out of the room so fast, she almost tripped on one of Lisa's abandoned shoes. She took to the steps, taking each one carefully and scolding herself as she went along. What had she been thinking, getting that close to someone she'd only known for a few hours. She had probably made Lisa extremely uncomfortable and there it was again, her forward nature shaking her relationships and ruining things for her. She had to start keeping things in check if she wanted to survive that year without stepping on people's toes like she probably had Lisa.

Zoe was almost to the fourth floor when she realised that she couldn't remember where to go after she reached the commons. She stopped running and thought for a second, trying to remember the lay out of the school but she could only come up with snapshots. She cursed underneath her breath and begrudgingly made her way up the stairs back to Lisa's room. She knocked on the door, even though she was the only one there anyway and announced herself. "It's Zoe," Slap yourself, of course she knows it's you. She pushed the door open. "Could you take me back to the Yeager's office?"

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Wawa Zoe smiled weakly at Lisa. She was completely embarrassed. She didn't want Lisa to think that that was the kind of thing she did with people she had just met. Her heart was threatening to beat right out of her chest but for some reason or the other, she couldn't find the exact words to say to explain herself. She had felt Lisa's hands on her hair and she hadn't thought much about it because she had been slipping into sleep. She had imagined her mother doing that to her when she was younger and they could stand each other and she had also imagined someone else's hands and that had made it okay, but it wasn't okay to push herself onto someone like that, especially someone as sweet and innocent and cute and curvy and...the point is it was wrong.

"I have a boyfriend!" she blurted out as they walked on. Her eyes widened and she felt like tripping herself and just sending herself to her death as she rolled down the stairs. "I mean, I had one. I'm not entirely sure if we are still together or not but you don't care about that because you didn't ask." Zoe sighed and continued walking shaking her head. If her mother sent her here to act like an imbecile then it certainly was working.

She couldn't allow herself to think that she liked a girl because...well, she'd liked boys all her life, why should it be different and on top of that, they had just met. She wouldn't deny her attraction. Lisa's brown eyes screamed innocence and yet she called herself a troublemaker. That was the first thing that had made Zoe curious. On top of that was those full lips, her blushing red face and her long hair that framed her face perfectly making Zoe eager to hold it in her hands. She wanted to wrap her hand around Lisa and hold onto her make her feel... She was thinking all this and she could barely look the girl in the eye. She sighed softly.

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