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Should I delete the other one?

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Yeah I think do

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Okey dokey

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I don't have permission to but you do

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Ok I'll delete it

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Thank you

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No worries

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So do you have any ideas?

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Not really :( I'm sorry

It also won't let me delete it

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Oh no it deleted

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It's ok

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Have you got ideas?

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And ok good.

Do you have any prefernces?

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Don't know... Maybe prefer FxM roleplay

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Well I only do that kind so it works lol

I mean do you like doubles or prefer singles?
Do you hate certain topics?

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I recon things are easier when you have doubles? What do you like?

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Well I find doubles to be a pain sometimes because sometimes one couple is favored over the other you know?

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Yeah and that's the problem... I agree... What do we do?
I find singles hard cause sometimes you need the characters to talk to others

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Yeah well with a good plot the characters talking to eachother should be just fine.

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So single?

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Alright sure
What do you prefer?

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For gender?

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Oh I meant like style or whatever it's called

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Well I like romance. I'm trying to write longer post

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I feel every roleplay ends with roman so ...?

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Romance* sorry

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Well would you like to do a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing? Two cities at war, to make peace they give their oldest children to wed? They hate eachother at first and stuff. We can start off with the war and build up the hate

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I guess that would be cool... Could it be a bit more modern though?

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Yeah like gangs? Lol

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Or is that not the modern you meant?

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Not the borders i meant hahaha

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What boarders?

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Sorry auto correct.
Not the modern*

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Sorry hahaha

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It's cool

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What kind of modern?

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Like just regular modern day, maybe it just two families that hate each other but not gangs

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Alright sounds good

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So characters now?

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Yeah you first

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Name: Julia
Age: 18
Gender: femake

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so where are they?

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