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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
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Chelsey Osgood Hello. So you wanna look at the list in my thread so we can decide on a book. Then I can delete the extra thread. Lol I'm in the middle of a fewbooks. So if you pick one on a series could it be one of 4 or less? That make sense?

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I did go through the list that you have and came up with these that I'm interested in reading:
The Golden Compass
Throne of Glass
Gone with the Wind

Chelsey Osgood ok im thinking throne of glass. ill need the weekend to see if I can find it in print, if not ill get the ebook on mondy and start reading

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Ok, I'll probable start Monday or Tuesday.

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I do like how the start the first chapter (view spoiler)

Chelsey Osgood i started the book tonight. i cant help but think back to a series i read called mistborn. im on ch 5 and i already see many similarities. i love the banter between the captain of the guard and celaena.

Chelsey Osgood also i dont know how to hide the spoilers

Chelsey Osgood so i finished the book. sat down to read after ch 5 and ended up finishing it. i really enjoyed it. i love that sarcastic attitude celaena has. and how it rubs off on her friends. i wish there was some more back story on the main characters. but there are more books, so maybe my wish will be granted.

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I enjoy the book too and Celaena as a character.

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