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Sarah Enchanted (fashionvamp) | 41 comments Mod
Kelly's Surf-shop.

Sarah Enchanted (fashionvamp) | 41 comments Mod
Taylor stares at the shop shocked at how it still looked the same. She breaths in a breath of the beach will waiting for Kelly and her friends. She takes out a book.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 40 comments Kelly came to the shop after Taylor. Kelly texted her friends. Alex walked here with Kaya, Carlos, Lily, Rayni, Alec, Amy, and Carlos. Kelly texted Max; Coming to the surf-shop to hang out or not? Nothing's changed about since we first met, same as always. -Kelly Kelly waited to see if Max would reply to the text. Sage had decided to walk here after school when he'd caught up with Carlos and the rest of the group, it would give him time away from Mark and it would give Mark a chance to go pick up their little sister.

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Sarah Enchanted (fashionvamp) | 41 comments Mod
Max picks up his phone when he heard a buzz. Kelly just sent him a text. Sure Max texted back. He Knew things didn't change but somehow it did for him just a little bit. He leaves for the shop.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 40 comments Kelly's phone vibrated and she saw Max's text. Sage texts his brother to go pick up their sister and then puts his phone away. Kelly puts her phone away. Lily, Rayni, Carlos, Amy, Alex, Alec, Kaya, and Eli were looking around at the decorations. "Hey Taylor" Kelly said after a while, breaking the silence after all the texting had happened.

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Sarah Enchanted (fashionvamp) | 41 comments Mod
Taylor looks up from her interasting book. "Oh hi Kelly. The place looks as great as it ever did." Taylor smiles just as Max enters the shop. "Hello everyone." Max said. "The shop looks nice Kelly." He adds.

message 7: by Ken (last edited Nov 09, 2014 03:35PM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 40 comments "Thanks Max and Taylor, my mom handed the whole shop over to me it was actually surprise when she did." Kelly said to Max and Taylor. "Hi Max, Taylor, and everyone else" Sage said to Max, Taylor, and everyone in the shop. "Hi Max" Alec said to Maxwell, finally noticing him. Alec had been busy observing the MW3 Surfboard in the corner.

message 8: by Juniper (new)

Juniper | 11 comments It had taken Adreana a moment to decide whether or not she'd follow everyone else to the surf shop, after some time of debate with herself she decided she would. She'd arrived a few minutes after everyone else. She saw Eli before she saw anyone else. She greeted the young boy.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 40 comments "Hi Adre" Eli and Alec said at the same time.

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Sarah Enchanted (fashionvamp) | 41 comments Mod
"Oh um hey guys I got to go to the Cafe my mom needs me, bye." Taylor waves leaving the shop. "I got to go to bye. See later Kelly and everyone." Max said after a minute.

message 11: by Ken (last edited Nov 15, 2014 07:01AM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 40 comments "See you both later" Alec said while Alex checked his phone and saw that his parents had texted him. "Cya" Alex said to everyone. Akahana arrived, but she said hi and bye to everyone who was there and had to leave. Eli and Kaya were chatting. Kelly and Sage chatted. Rayni and Carlos were talking. Amy and Lila were looking at the decorations. Kelly saw the text on her Iphone 6 then texted back; Sure. Okay if I bring Simmons and the rest of my friends? Alex had to leave though, so he and Max won't be coming. They didn't say why they had to go, but probably something to do with their parents.- Kels Rayni waved bye to everyone as she had to leave. Lila waved as she had to leave as well. Kaya, Carlos, Amy, Akahana, Eli, Alec and Sage were chatting. Carlos took out his phone and took a picture of him, Kaya, Amy, Akahana, Eli, Alec and Sage together. Carlos would have gotten Kelly in the picture too, but she was texting with Taylor.

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