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message 1: by Jo Ann (new)

Jo Ann (packerbackerhere) | 17 comments Yep, signed up and ready to go...after the holidays and work on my winter reading chocolate ready along with my comfy chair, reading light and snuggle blanket! Let the reading begin! ;-)

message 2: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
My...but you're an eager one! I'm going to ask you to add this to your chosen level once I get the Mountain Peaks set up. You're too fast for me! :-)

message 3: by Jo Ann (new)

Jo Ann (packerbackerhere) | 17 comments it only happened when i got your invite when i opened my inbox...sorry...but i did want you to know i am here & still interested...

message 4: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
No problem....I was just surprised by how quick I got a response. Pike's Peak is up. Working on the rest. :-)

message 5: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Jo Ann wrote: "it only happened when i got your invite when i opened my inbox...sorry...but i did want you to know i am here & still interested..."

Jo Ann: The Mountain folders are up and ready to go...

message 6: by Jo Ann (new)

Jo Ann (packerbackerhere) | 17 comments Ok, will check it out... Jo Ann ;-)

message 7: by Jo Ann (new)

Jo Ann (packerbackerhere) | 17 comments this book came out yesterday & i heard an interview this morning...this is what B& says about the book: God's Bankers: A Hx of Money & Power at the Vatican..Has anyone heard of it, or thinking of getting this 752 page book? JAS
A deeply reported, fast-paced exposé of the money and the cardinals-turned-financiers at the heart of the Vatican—the world’s biggest, most powerful religious institution—from an acclaimed journalist with “exhaustive research techniques” (The New York Times).

From a master chronicler of legal and financial misconduct, a magnificent investigation nine years in the making, this book traces the political intrigue and inner workings of the Catholic Church. Decidedly not about faith, belief in God, or religious doctrine, this book is about the church’s accumulation of wealth and its byzantine entanglements with financial markets across the world. Told through 200 years of prelates, bishops, cardinals, and the Popes who oversee it all, Gerald Posner uncovers an eyebrow-raising account of money and power in perhaps the most influential organization in the history of the world.

God’s Bankers has it all: a rare exposé and an astounding saga marked by poisoned business titans, murdered prosecutors, mysterious deaths of private investigators, and questionable suicides; a carnival of characters from Popes and cardinals, financiers and mobsters, kings and prime ministers; and a set of moral and political circumstances that clarify not only the church’s aims and ambitions, but reflect the larger dilemmas of the world’s more recent history. And Posner even looks to the future to surmise if Pope Francis can succeed where all his predecessors failed: to overcome the resistance to change in the Vatican’s Machiavellian inner court and to rein in the excesses of its seemingly uncontrollable financial quagmire. Part thriller, part financial tell-all, this book shows with extraordinary precision how the Vatican has evolved from a foundation of faith to a corporation of extreme wealth and power.

message 8: by Pamela (last edited Feb 04, 2015 12:37PM) (new)

Pamela | 37 comments I heard an interview with the author on NPR Morning Edition the other day, not sure if the same one you heard. Here's a link to the story.

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