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Sage I'm sorry, but can we just geek out about Silas for a bit? I mean, I absolutely LOVE everything about 'The Graveyard Book', but Silas is probably the best part. By far the most intriguing character in the story, this mysterious, shadowy, powerful, immortal, loyal, sarcastic, intelligent, and vampiric guardian needs to be discussed!

Who's with me?

Ruby YEAH!

He's pretty cool.

Sorry, but that's all I got. XD

Sage Haha, that's okay! I could geek out forever about The Graveyard Book, but it's so short (sadly), and sometimes it's hard to find things to discuss.

Ruby Yeah...

AgCl if any of those pathetic YA vampire characters where half as good as him, the world would be a better place...sigh*

Ali He is amazing! I mean the thought and development put into creating the character Silas must have taken months. The pain and fascination that I feel for Silas is astonishing. Just perfect. I agree with AgCl. The world could be a much much better place.

Stephanie He was great. But the book was just amazing all around really. I have tried to spread the love on this book but not everyone feels like I do with YA books.

411Junkie I did enjoy his character and I really want a Silas spin-off! Lol.

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