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It's pretty self explainitory. Create your own original character, or put a personal twist on one from the books

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Reem (reemalsh) | 2 comments ((Idk why but I feel like doing this like this.))

"I'm Iggy Griffiths, your local gangsta- hold the applause, ladies. Me? Yeah, I'm into things like... Rap, girls on motorcycles, girls on the beach, girls... any girls. Not that I'm a player or anything- *laughing* But I mean, if you're interested, hit me up! Yeah, anyways, I like.. Paint. I can't see what I'm painting. But it's fuckin' fun, man. Shut it, Fang, I can almost see you laughing over there. It isn't funny! We all know you're secretly into Nicki Minaj, don't deny it. /Anyways/. Yeah. That's me. See you around, yeah?"

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