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The Summer I Fell (Six Series #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA possibly. group of guy friends with one girl. Just graduated high school [s]

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Amber Sitte (sitte_girl) | 5 comments Group of guy friends and one girl. Have always protected the girl. One of the guys falls in love with her. They go to another of the guys cabin (his parents are rich so think ginormous place with a man made pond and jet skis and the like) and they go their for like a week or so before they leave for college or the military. The girl might be a year younger than all the guys. I think the beginning of the book starts off at a party. I think the guy who falls in love with the girl is named Ace or something like that, but it's not Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan.
Thank you

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Terri | 322 comments Frigid By Jennifer Armentrout?

Amber Sitte (sitte_girl) | 5 comments No. It wasn't frigid. But I did find out what it was called. The summer I fell by Sonya Loveday. It took me four days of searching but I finally found it. Haha

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Michele | 2359 comments The Summer I Fell for the clickamajig.

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