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E M M A  | 2243 comments Superman

Girl A- Heather
Guy A- Baa

Washburn, Kansas

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E M M A  | 2243 comments I just made up washburn xD so basically name birthday age appearance (id prefer a face claim or at least multiple pictures to go off of!) Personality bullet pointed history bullet pointed or not at all and then likes dislikes?

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E M M A  | 2243 comments [Name] Paige Anne Duncan
[Age] 16
[Date of Birth/Place] August 9; Washburn, Kansas

[Gender] Female
Student, Helps on the farm

[Ethnicity] American
[Languages] English


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FACE CLAIM: Maia Mitchell

{Eyes} brown
{Hair} brown
{Weight} 125 lbs
{Height} 5'7

+ cooking
+ independence
+ nuturing
+ friendships
+ animals

- technology
- confidence
- education
- horror movies

~ bubbly ~ original ~ innocent ~ kind ~ diligent ~ shy ~ hesitant ~


# puppies
# Storm (her horse)
# art
# food
# the city

* her father
* tornadoes
* the farm
* argument


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criticaster | 908 comments
Name :: On Earth, he'll identify as William Tyrant
Age :: Looks to be 18-ish
Appearance :: vladimir ivanov

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Personality ::
- bossy
- adamant
- stubborn
- protective
- determined
- courageous
Likes ::
- space
- flying
- corn on a cob
- acting normal
Dislikes ::
- cats
- violence
- chocolate
- technology

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E M M A  | 2243 comments I WANT HIMMM <3 tres mignon

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E M M A  | 2243 comments When he falls and hes still a little woozy and he just sees paige coming towards him and asking hik if hes okay before he collapses!!

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He kept going down …

and down

and down until his ears popped and his lungs cracked, suddenly capturing the oxygen that he didn’t need to breathe. No matter how hard he tried to gain control of his body, it was all in vain for his brain wasn’t in synch with any part of his body. He could feel around him a surmounting amount of heat engulf the faster he fell, obscuring his vision of the grey skies above. It was raining; he could hear the sizzling of the raindrops evaporate against the ball of flame he was creating. He could hear the wind whizzing and the flames burning and he could smell the smoke.

That was the thing, the man could sense everything but he couldn’t do anything. The only thing he was able to do was think. And as he fell, his mind drifted to how he had began to fall in the first place. Back on his planet, galaxies away from the Milky Way, there had been the centurial tournaments and it had been his very first time participating in them. The games consisted of brutally murdering your opponent before they killed you. However when it came down to the last two standing, the loser was forced to leave the planet and thrown far out of orbit, ultimately freezing and floating in space until any form of planet pulled them down however many years later.

Those were the humanoid’s first memories upon being defrosted at an accelerated rate. It all made sense now; why he could sense but not do anything. If he concentrated enough, he could feel his fingers breaking away from the ice that had been entrapping them and every extremity of his body as well. The more he was freed, the easier it was to understand what was happening to him.

A planet had found him. This planet, whatever it was, would be his home now.

Despite not knowing how long he’d been travelling the galaxy like some asteroid, the man couldn’t help but feel as if he’d gotten lucky that he was falling so quickly. But now he had to ask himself what circumstances the planet was in. Oxygen, rain … other smells that were unfamiliar but he was eager to get acquainted with. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. A life of solitude was better than no life at all.

In an instant every bone in his body seemed to shatter and crumble into themselves but when he went to scream, no sound was heard. His sight was buried beneath an array of browns and greens and in that moment, it was as alive as he’d ever felt in a long time. The man slowly rose to his feet, realizing that it hadn’t been his bones breaking but rather the ice imprisoning them. He stumbled and dropped to his knees before coughing out dirt.

He looked around and realized he was in the middle of a humongous dirt circle which could have only been created by his falling. The rain finally came in contact with his skin, cooling his boiling temperature. What … what planet was this? He tried standing once more and this time he managed to stumble a few steps, but an unexpected wave of dizziness crashed over him and he fell once more. Why couldn’t he walk? His body seemed to feel heavier with every passing moment. What was happening?

In the distance he heard a female voice and his head turned in direction to the sound and he spotted, clear as day, a young woman with brown hair running toward him. This planet was … inhabited? Determined to approach and question her, the boy rose to his feet and began dragging his way over to the female, every ounce of willpower poured into each and every step. He fought the wooziness, pushing away the intense nausea.

He counted ten steps before his vision faded to black.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Paige Duncan sat in the stables, a heavy shovel gripped in her petite gloved hands. Her brown curly locks was messily piled into a bun on top of her head, and her forehead glistened with sweat. She was shoveling the large drops manure out of the cows' stall into a metal bucket, which she'd then add to the fertilizer mix for the next day. The smell was absolutely foul, but after breathing the stench her entire 16 years, it hardly bothered Paige. She stood panting slightly, leaning against the wooden wall of the stall with the shovel resting against her side. Her rubber galoshes had stains and crusted over mud on them, likewise with her baggy overalls. She wore an old long sleeved striped tshirt of her dad's underneath, and a fisherman's hat rested on her back. Without anyone she cared about to come over for the next 3 miles each way, Paige never minded how she looked when she was home. It was more practical anyway for her to be in true farmers clothes, as hideous and unforgivable they were. In the small town of Washburn, few kids hardly had the money or the care to invest in designer, trendy clothes that normal kids nowadays wore anyway.

A light rain shower dampened their Kansas soils, preparing the few winter crops they had for harvest later in the spring. The animals, two horses, eleven chickens, four cows, two sheep, a goat, and five pigs, were nestle calmly in their stalls for the afternoon, and the two farm dogs lay peacefully sleeping while Paige scooped crap off the floors. Her father, no doubt, was having more drinks and guffawing drunkenly over the television again, and with no mother and no siblings to help out, Paige practically ran the farm herself. It didn't matter, anyway, it wasn't like she had plans. Or friends. The animals kept her plenty company, and they actually liked her. Paige picked up the heavy duty shovel again actually held her breath, her back aching from the tireless labor. The cows stall was the last one for the day, and after she fed the animals, she'd brush them all and make sure their hygiene was accounted for. After that , Paige would feed herself, take a quick bath, and nestle up in bed early for the next morning. She had farm chores, then there was the walk to school. She definitely couldn't miss that, oh no. It usually took 45 minutes on a good day to get to the crumbling, sad buildings they called their school. With a population hardly over 600, they didn't exactly need more than one school. Plus, the kids she had been with in preschool had stuck with her all yhe way to high school, and Paige was just about fed up with the bullies and the stupid boys. They were animals, silly and disgusting! Just thinking about the next day made Paige sick to her stomach, and shoveling the manure became alot harder.

The rain beat down harder on the barn roof and her horse whined softly. "It's just a bit of rain, Storm, it'll be over soon," she promised the beautiful black mare. One of the dogs joined her at the stall entrance, looking on lazily before turning back around to find a dry spot in the open hay. A sudden boom shook the walls made Paige scream shrilly, her brown eyes widening with fear. Was that a gun shot-?! She'd never heard such a loud noise before. A sonic boom had occured several hundred feet in the gloomy sky, and a fiery figure shot down from the heavens. Paige dropped her shovel when the fear passed with a clang, and left the animals and their poop in the barn. The animals are brayed and stamped their hooves on the ground, tossing their heads and pacing nervously. The dogs barked roughly as they raced ahead of Paige in the mud, towards where smoke rose in a tall column in the field. Paiges heavy boots sloped in the mud and several times threatened to come off, and the cold numbing rain soaked through her hair and her clothes. Her arm held up to her forehead and her brown eyes squinting through the sheets of sleeting rain, Paige blindly followed the dogs barking. If someone had been shot, they had to get help! Worse, was it her father?

"Papa! Papa!" She screamed over the drowning precipitation, tripping over rocks and snarling vegetation that occupied the waist high grasses of their vacant field. They came to a clearing where a large crater the size of her house still smoked in the center, red hot embers still glowing in the rain. The crater had cracked the field and flattened the grasses even hundreds of feet from it, and the few trees that grew nearby at random had caught on fire. What was going on? Fireworks, now? "Hello? Hello-!" Paige shouted hoarsely, staring wide eyed in the center of the crater as it became visible. She took hesitant steps forward, the dogs barking uncertainly with their hackles raised. They didn't dare go closer and seemed to be warning their Paige not to go any further. Then, Paige saw the man. A man she had never seen before, with bright blue eyes that seemed... to glow. His fair skin was stained with the color of ash, and his hair was all disheveled. His foreign attire was tattered and burnt, falling apart at its hinges. Paige couldn't believe it. Who was this guy? Was he okay? There wasn't a way that he could be. In a crater that size, with fire everywhere, and a boom that loud- what was he thinking? There was no hospital for the next 8 miles, then again it wasn't even even a good one either. "H-hey! Oh my gosh, are you... are you okay-?" Paige shrieked with horror as the man groaned and began to move. He didn't seem to be in serious harm, getting to his knees and dusting himself off just as well. Paiges heart raced in her chest as she took slow uncertain steps into the crater circle surrounding the actual pit itself, her boots sinking into hot mud with soft hisses. The man, hearing her voice, looked over, made eye contact, then woozily stumbled his way over towards her. He seemed to be in a state of shock and disbelief, yet he showed no injury. Was he mad?

"S-s-sir?" Paige called out through the rain, feeling rather small and weak as the man stood up. His strange armor with symbols she didn't recognize stumbled towards her with confusion, before falling in the circle and dropping to his knees. A moment later, and he was passed out cold. Paige didn't understand why, but she began to cry. She was so overwhelmed with confusion, fatigue, the dogs barking, and this strange turn of events, that she had no idea what to do with herself. "A-are you okay-? He-hello?" She managed through sobs. Had she just witnessed a death? Where did the man come from? Did he have family that wondered where he was? Paige approached after five minutes of despair, falling to her knees beside the fallen steanger. She was shivering uncontrollably and her teeth clattered in her head noisily. She didn't get inside soon, she'd have hypothermia-! "Please, sir, please...-!" She whispered hoarsely, reaching out a trembling hand to touch his shoulder. Holding her breath, her palm rested on his shoulder. No reaction. He didn't move. With a quick finger check at the neck, it proved to be that the man was still alive. What would she do with him? She had to get him to the house! On unsteady legs, she draped one musuclar arm over her shoulders, lifting the man with much struggle to his feet. Work on the farm had paid off- she had an unknown strength to help her move and drag this guy unconscious to the barn, out of the rain.

Upon entry into the barn, Paige entered the warmth with sputtering coughs. So much mud streaked her face from when she had dropped him or tripped along the way, and the dogs and their incessant barking never helped. Paige lay the boy down on the loose straws of hay that was spread in a corner for the horse's to eat and for the animals to rest in during the day. She lay his head down gently on a dry flannel she had found in the barn office and balled up behind his head, dropping to her knees in exhaust. Paige shivered to the point where her limbs numbed and she was in this blank frozen state, huddling close to the boy in hopes of gaining warmth. It proved to be that he still radiated mass amounts of heat, and kept the color in her cheeks from fading out. Once Paige regained strength thirty minutes later and the animals had settled down, Paige brought herself to return to the house for some blankets, medical kit, and some food for her and the man. The kitchen door swung open with with a bang, and Paige eyed her father nervously. Was she supposed to tell him a strange man possibly fell from the sky and landed in their field? And damaged their property? No. Besides, the drunk bastard was out on the table, snoring loudly while the tv played in the background. In less than twenty minutes, Paige had a stack of blankets she could hardly carry, a microwave dinner heated up, a loaf of bread and some smoked jerky, and a few bandages that she could find in a small wagon resting on their porch. This she ran with to the barn, swinging open the wooden doors. The blankets were set up in a bed like fashion for the boy, with sheets underneath and comforters piled onto him. Another bed for herself was set up beside his. Paige sat eating her microwave dinner from a distsnce, eyeing the boy curiously. She hugged a blanket to her shoudlers, sitting on a stack of hay in dry clothes. Who was this dude?

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When the man rose from the lands of his subconscious, it would be an understatement to say he was in a state of complete confusion. He was more than that. For a few moments after he’d forced his lids open, he couldn’t figure out what was up and what was down. Again, his body felt incredibly heavy, as if the gravity on this planet simply would not allow him to rise to a sitting position. So he remained absolutely still, his eyes unblinking as they focused on a ceiling. There were so many foreign smells invading his nose it was difficult to concentrate on only one. However there was one which was particularly strong – and simply awful.

He managed to tilt his head to the side and catch sight of the rising sun. The rain was no more but the grass was damp, he could see. This confirmed that he’d been out for a while now. But how long exactly? A day? A year? A hundred years? All were incredibly plausible ideas for a thing like him. He breathed in the oxygen tentatively, the molecules riding through his system with ease; so his body had already adjusted to the condition which was a good sign.

Little by little, the weight keeping him down was lifting which allowed him to finally rise to a sitting position. He was a little startled by the blankets which toppled down from his shoulders, falling helplessly on his lap. Who had laid these over him? Out of curiosity, he rubbed the fabric in between his fingers, the slightest of frowns etched over his features. That’s when he grew aware of all the other sounds. Looking up, he was met with the sight of a dog staring at him at the entrance of the place he assumed was some sort of hut. He stared calmly at the animal, feeling unthreatened. His eyes wandered to the horses before they landed to a girl lying close to him. She seemed to be asleep.

Who was she? What specie? He reached out and touched the side of her sleeping face lightly, feeling her aura. Human. He’d heard of them before; probably the most pathetic specie to ever exist but he’d always found himself oddly charmed by their simple ways. They had a powerful will, he’d give them that. He retracted his hand and stole one last glance at his surroundings before finally looking down at himself. The symbols that once had been lit with burning ashes were now beginning to fade, retracting into his skin. The only mark that remained prominent was the one scarring across his shoulder and down where his upper arm met the joint of his elbow; the final blow which had cursed him to his defeat back on his planet.

Once again noting how much lighter he felt, he finally found the strength to stand on his feet, letting the warm blankets fall around his ankles. His pants hadn’t, thankfully, been completely ripped from his legs, covering most of which wouldn’t be deemed conservative had it not been covered. Glancing once more down at the girl, he crouched down and tugged the fallen back up onto her shoulder before walking out of the hut.

Now … where did he go from here? If the female was a human, he was no doubt on Earth. And if he was on Earth … well he didn’t know. He was aware of their slow advancements with technology – though pathetic in comparison to a lot of the neighbouring galaxies. Breathing in and out again, still growing accustomed to the act, he craned his neck back and gazed up at the sky, something close to homesickness swimming weakly in the pit of his heart. He hadn’t meant to lose the battle … He hadn’t meant to leave his family behind. Hopefully they were doing fine. Had something happened to them … the nameless man would never forgive himself. He could only think of his seven smaller siblings and if any of them had entered the tournament, if any of them had suffered and succumbed to death or been forced to leave their home planet. He hoped that, if one of them did, they’d somehow find their way onto Earth. But there was no point in fretting over issues he had no control over, especially when there were more important questions in need of answers.

The piercing sound of a barking dog ripped him out of his thoughts and in an instant his entire body was bursting into flames for no reason. How had he done that? With a small amount of effort he extinguished himself and stared at both dogs – when had the second one entered the picture? He hadn’t meant to do that … it wasn’t as if he’d felt threatened by their barks or anything.

The man trudged back into the hut and stood over the girl. “Human?” He spoke, his voice much deeper than he remembered it being. Then again, he hadn’t spoken for however many centuries and the English tongue was one he hadn’t practiced much. “Human, I wish to speak with you,” He persisted, bending down to nudge her awake. “It is urgent. You need to awaken.”

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Paige had eaten her dinner alone, as usual, in the company of her animals. Whenever she ate meals, or did her homework, she always felt... that maybe she'd die here. The farm was in the middle of nowhere, she had no family she knew beside her father. She had a terrible education, at an eighth grade level public school when she should be learning the average eleventh grade things. Nobody cared for her, she cared for nobody. She was a nobody. If she were to disappear off the earth, no one would notice her disappearance. No one would mourn of her. She'd just be gone. Poof, like that. It brought Paige despair, and it never helped when mood swings made her feel worse. Depression had been a constant mood lately, and only the animals depending stares kept her here. She knew she couldn't do that to her precious Storm, the chickens, the dogs... they were her family, family that would die if she didn't care for them. It made Paige feel all yhe less lonely, until the depression came back and started over again. Just one vicious cycle it was. Paige finished off the remainder of the fake tasting potatoes and peas, before leaving it to the dogs to lick clean.

The man hadn't woken up yet, and Paige felt sleep heavy on her eyelids. She left the bread loaf and bag of jerky beside his head hoping he would understand and find it, and settled down for sleep. The barn doors were closed with the bottom half of the left door left open for the dogs to leave as they chose, and with her head nestled in the crook of her elbow, Paige fell asleep. She slept quite soundly given the situation, and everything seemed to mix with dreams. She saw the strange man in her dream, and he was having a tea party with her dogs as guests. All strange, no doubt, but it somehow made Paige happy. It provided her with a human for company, even if it was just her dreams. The animals seemed to relax throughout the night in the man's presence, accepting him even in his alien form. The dogs slept at Paiges feet, ready to spring on the strange man if he made any move to hurt their master. Her drunk father never awoke from his slumber during the night, so the strange man was easily kept a secret.

The next morning the storm had passed, a white fluffy clouds floated across the blue sky. The smell of mud filled the barn in a way that pleased Paige, cleared her senses. The crater had filled with water and small critters pooled inside them, bugs and birds alike. Throughout the night Paige had gravitated towards the man for warmth and comfort, although she never touched him. Paige didn't even flinch when the man arose, deep in her peaceful slumber. She usually awoke by this time, but being in a strange environment the night before and being physically exhausted had permitted to sleep longer. She just wouldn't go to school, which started in less than thirty minutes. It wouldn't be the first time, anyway. She wasn't even sure why she went in the first place! The chickens clucked softly and the pigs snuffled around in their pen, the horses pawing the ground restlessly in waiting for their morning run in the corral. When the stranger had stood up towering over her, the dogs launched into protective mode. They yipped and growled fiercely at this new stranger, so unaccustomed to new people. They didn't dare touch him, though, in fear they'd get hurt themselves. They followed and nipped at his heels as the man wandered to the barn doors, trying to warn all who would listen of this alien.

Very faintly in her subconsience, Paige could hear the dogs howling. She rolled over on her side but still didn't awake. A heavy hand was rested on her shoulder, shaking her gently awake. It was accompanied by a beautiful deep voice, one she had never heard before. It took a few shakes before Paige opened her sleep crusted eyes, blinking in the terrible bright sunlight. "Hmm..?" Paige murmured, before seeing who it was. The stranger was awake, touching her! She jumped back with sudden alertness, her brown eyes wider than saucers as she held back a scream. "W-what-? What-! What do you want?" She demanded shakily, her back against the barn wall. The dogs looked on furiously, still barking. "Human? What-? What are you then, who are you? Why are you here? What did you do to our land?" She babbled fearfully, unable to cave under his intense blue gaze. She had no idea what it meant to have a crush, as she had never seen a male who attracted her before. All she knew was of the fluttery feeling in her stomach, the way she couldn't stop staring in awe and wonder. Paige shifted in the hay, cuddling up the blankets closer around her body in a cocoon of protection from the bitter morning cold.

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He hadn’t meant to startle her.

Unbothered by the dogs, he took his hand off of her shoulder and stretched to a standing position. Was there a way to assure a human that she shouldn’t be afraid of him? Logically speaking, he couldn’t blame her; humans knew next to nothing about extraterrestrial life on other planets, never mind within their own galaxy. Trying to put himself in her shoes, he knew she had every right to be afraid of him and every one of her questions were more than valid, however he couldn’t help the faint feeling of frustration in his chest. If she could just … give him the chance to speak, he’d explain everything.

“Fear not, I come in peace,” He began, careful to keep his voice low and neutral. Then there came the question of how he was going to give explanation to everything. There was no way he’d tell her the entirety of the story; otherwise they’d be here for a long time and something told him the days on this planet weren’t as long as they were back on his home planet. “I don’t mean to hurt you.” It seemed necessary to repeat it, what with the look of horror written on her face. He didn’t like that she seemed to regard him as if he were a sort of monster – something he wasn’t. Extraterrestrial being was an acceptable term. Monster was not.

First and foremost, before he answered any of her questions, he needed to find himself a name. For obvious reasons he couldn’t use his real name, and therefore needed an alias she was going to be able to relate to, or at the very least pronounce. He’d read about Earth many, many years ago and yet only one name seemed to stand out against in his memory. “My name is William and I am from a faraway planet.” At the mention of what he’d done to her land, Will could only give her a measly shrug. “My sincere apologies, I was not aware I would be descending on Earth…” He trailed off, a hint of bashfulness in his tone.

William sat down and dropped his hands into his lap, shoulders slumped in comfort; he had nothing to be afraid of here as far as he was concerned. “I do not know why I am here, but I do know my intentions are good and I mean you no harm.” So there may have been a small lie in the sentence, but William knew it was for her benefit and felt no remorse. “Thank you for bringing me here. It was a kind gesture on your part.” Here meaning the place he now found the proper word for; barn. There was no question he was on a farm, which was by far the second best way to fall aside from the ocean. He couldn’t imagine if he’d fallen in the middle of a city, the destruction he would have caused would have been disastrous. These lands alone had taken a merciless beating.

“Who are you?” He asked, projecting the spotlight on her. “What is your name? Are you alone?” He looked around, noting all the animals; the horses, the dogs, the sound of clucks coming from another stall, but he hadn’t seen any other humans other than her as of yet. William found himself gazing into her doe eyes, almost touched by the vulnerability they were expressing. Her kind had always been a fragile one. It’d been centuries since he’d seen such innocence inhabit such delicate specie.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Fear not, come in peace. That was exactly what someone who was out to kill would say! How could Paige trust this man, who crash landed and left a crater on her land, who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere? Skeptical, Paige shook her head and swallowed a lump. He couldn't be trusted. She allowed one look into his piercing blue eyes, immediately realizing her mistake and turning her head away. Paige tugged the blankets tightly around her shoulders and neck, hardly breathing as she glanced around the farm. If the guy was to hurt her, she had to have a good escape. She was strong enough, or so she hoped, that she could get by- at least get to the house and find her daddy's shot gun. "How can I trust you?" Paige snapped at the man's insistence that he was a good guy. Men were awful people. She never had known a single one that had been kind to her, who weren't greedy pigs who only cared for girls, gambling, and money. It was why they were still stuck on this... this farm! She was sitting up now, wide awake, with her back pressed up against the wall. Her hands were balled into fists with yhe edge of her blankets, and her red lips twisted in demand.

Paige didn't flinch hearing that his name was William, unconvinced. What kind of name was William? That name was British, it was old! He definteitly didn't look like a william, and just hearing the hesitation in his voice confirmed her suspicions. "Liar," she challenged under her breath. However, he cut her off and added a little more to his words. Her jaw dropped, her brown eyes bulging in her head in horror. Paige forgot how to breathe for a few moments, gaping at this William in front of her. He was either insane, or he was... an alien. A real live one, the ones she saw on the telly. "W-w-what...?" She was able to squeak at last, feeling herself go mad. Had she heard him right? "From where? What faraway planet? Mars? Pluto? Saturn? What are you?" She shot off questions that poured from her lips, her heart racing. Nobody could find out about this... this creature on her farm! The worst part was, the guy seemed human. Despite the odd armor like clothing he wore, everything else beside the eyes seemed human. Normal. What could he do to her, if he could completely flatten the field into a crater? What powers did this superman have? Flying? Laser vision? How many more were out there? Why was he here? Was he trying to take over the world? "W-well where did you think you'd be landing...? Why are you here? W-wheres your spaceship?" Paige babbled, her voice unsteady with fear. She could hardly comprehend thr confusion and knotting in her stomach, weakening under Williams intense stare.

It didn't occur how many times Paige had asked the same questions over and over, simply because she was flustered. She had a tendency to be a worry wart, constantly fretting over everyone and everything. Especially where a supernatural being was involved, she was sure to ask lots. If he was going to be on her farm for any longer, she had to know what his deal was. "But..." was all she managed to say, somehow unable to accept his passive words. She shifted on the hay as he sat close to her, the smell of burn grass still wafting from him with every movement. It didn't really click for her that an alien wouldn't want to hurt her. All those movies, all they ever wanted to do was hurt people. Dominate the world. Kill. Yet william, he was oh so gentle... it was silent beside the braying of the goat and clucking of the chickens in the barn, until Williams rather deep voice spoke up again. Her cheeks blushed bright pink, and Paige tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Huh? Oh... it's nothing, I couldn't just leave you out..." Paige barely mumbled, refusing to meet Williams eyes.

She didn't have any experience with boys, but suddenly Paige felt largely self consious about her appearance. Her brown curls were piled into a messy top knot from the night before, with loose tendrils framing her face. Faint dirt smudges from struggling with William in the rain still existed by her cheek and on her hands, and her clothes were mismatched, worn out, and baggy. She never bothered with makeup as they couldn't care to afford it, and she never had purpose to impress anyone. But now, she wished she had at least wore something... decent. Paige sported a thick pair of long socks, old light gray sweatpants with paint splotches on them, and a faded pink Disney Princess pullover crew sweatshirt with a hot chocolate blotch down the side. Paige tugged her hair loose from its bun and cringed several times in the process, and smoothed out the kinks and bumps. While she fluffed her hair and pulled it back into a neater bun, Paige realized what time it had to have been if the sun was shining brilliantly outside the barn doors. Well past eight! School wouldn't be an option today.

Williams deep voice startled her out of the silence, and Paiges attention shifted. "M-me?" She stammered. "Paige, Paige Duncan... and I live here with my Papa, he's... in the house," she answered, swallowing nervously. "And the animals..." she added quietly, looking back down again. Her stomach growled, and the animals became restless in their stalls. She was two hours late feeding them, no doubt where they in a bad mood. Paige reached slowly down for the boots at the foot of her bed, tugging the crusted mud coated rubber shoes on. The inside was still wet and smelled funny from digging the manure, but she couldn't go buy new ones until she saved another thirty dollars. That was at least a few months, since her father never paid her any for her work on the farm. She would take bits of their crops produce every harvest season, and sell it herself so she could provide for her own. Her father was never supportive, was verbally abusive, and never cared for his daughter. He just sat with his bottles and cigars every day, on his fat lazy ass. It made Paiges blood boil, but she never yelled at him, never crossed him. She always was the good little daughter, and instead usually distanced her self from the man by staying in the barn. It wouldn't be the first time she slept among the animals. "Are you hungry? We have bread and dried meet, it's not much, but..." Paige murmured in offering, getting to her feet and allowing the blankets to fall into the hay.

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“I can’t-” Already he was adapting to her verbal mannerisms, the conjunctions coming easily. “I can’t give you any proof that I am trustworthy, I’m afraid.” Although he was inclined to point out that he could’ve easily destroyed her while she’d been sleeping or run off and disappear entirely, leaving her questioning if what she’d seen had actually been real. Will was sure he could’ve wiped her memory clean as well. However he did none of those, and he was sitting in the barn, beside her, everything completely undamaged if one didn’t count where he’d fallen. When she accused him of lying, William sighed and pushed a hand through his hair. “It’s the name I’ll be adopting on this planet,” He admitted.

He sighed softly at her further inquiries, trying his best to be patient, knowing that none of what was currently happening was considered normal. “I suppose I am an extraterrestrial being,” he said, a hint of thought in his voice. He was the alien and yet he was the one who found her rather odd. However he didn’t answer her other question, which planet he was from; he didn’t have nor did he wish to tell her everything right this second. For all he knew she could turn around any second and yell for help or leave, only to tell her peers or authorities of him – he couldn’t let that happen. He knew enough about planets which were not his own that most didn’t handle hostile beings very well.

It wasn’t as if he was afraid of humans. Was William not such a serious man, he would’ve laughed at the thought; what could these people do to him that could harm him? No, it wasn’t that he was scared, but it seemed like a tiresome effort to try not to kill those who thought him an enemy. Besides, it would be a rather large waste of fuel and technology for the humans, no? That was why he insisted on letting her in on things that already seemed obvious.

As mentioned previously, Will was a serious guy, so when a small chuckle escaped him at the mention of a spaceship, it came as quite the surprise. “You ask a lot of questions, human,” He noted, a slight glint of amusement dancing in his crystal blue eyes which were peering down at her. “I don’t know where I’d be landing, I’m simply surprised I’ve travelled this far is all.” He shrugged and moved his gaze to one of the horses of a silky black coat; what a beauty. “No spaceship,” He added, looking back at her, the laughter evident in his voice.

“You’re very kind, nonetheless.”He hadn’t needed to be dragged all the way here; he would’ve been just fine waking up in the middle of the disaster he’d created, Will knew that. So a flame of gratitude lit inside of him. He knew she’d done it out of good heartedness, and William promised himself he’d find a way to repay her, a gesture of his thanks. That’s how it was done, right? One kind gesture in exchange for another some time when it was needed.

Paige. That was her name. Paige Duncan. It sounded so … human (view spoiler). “Paige.” William smiled a little at the sound of it, he liked the name. “You have a beautiful name, Paige Duncan.” Or so at least he thought she did. So she didn’t live alone, she lived with her father. William remembered his father. A big man, ten feet in size with hair dark as the galaxy and eyes bright as their moon. Everybody mourned his death with heavy hearts when he’d failed to return from one his inter-galaxy missions. To this day nobody knows how exactly he disappeared, but the most speculated theory was that a black hole had swallowed him. It was either that or he was being held prisoner somewhere. But William never cared; he might’ve been a good man but he’d never won any recognition for being the father everyone thought him to be. “Your … papa … is he kind like you?” His eyes fell on Paige and he smiled softly, finding the situation oddly comforting.

Bread and dried meat? Was she offering him a meal? William shook his head and stood up with her reluctantly; he’d been comfortable seated where he’d been. “Again, it’s a kind offer but I have no appetite as of right now.” He walked out of the barn and looked over to where he’d without a doubt taken his fall. The radius was much larger than he’d first anticipated. And then he shifted sideways, his eyes falling on a house. “Is this your home?” Will looked at Paige and gestured vaguely with his hand in its general direction. “Perhaps you’d like to find yourself some bread and dried meat and a few minutes to bathe?” She looked terribly run down and he couldn’t help but feel a tad guilty, knowing it was his fault. “I’m terribly sorry for having fallen where I did.” Also knows as the middle of her farm; what if one of her animals had been there? “I can be on my way if it would make it easier for you. Or, if you’d allow me, I could remove any memory of this situation.”

He couldn’t help but think it’d make things that much easier. In fact, he was awfully inclined to reach out and go through with it anyway; it’d make things easier for him as well.

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Paige sat defensively in her little pile of hay, with the blankets protecting her from the mornings bitter cold air. She had to get down to her business on the farm, providing for the animals like she usually did, before they began to get snappy and act out. Worse, before her father woke up. However, she couldn't. This William couldn't be left unattended, for who knew what he'd destroy next. The whole farm itself? The house? If her father came stumbling out drunk and lashed out at William, what would happen? As if to confirm her suspicions and doubts, William admitted to not being able to prove that he was to trust. She had no hard time believing that coming from the guy who ruined an entire field simply by impact, and burned all the trees they had left. Paige was already paranoid and over thinking the situation, judging by Williams relaxed posture that deemed him even more dangerous. The tall alien had taken a seat not too far from her, and Paige squirmed uncomfortably. "Well, what's your real name-?" She insisted, her tone rising with suspicion, becoming quite frustrated with Williams ridiculously vague answers. How was she going to deal with him? Calling police was out of the question. The towns sheriff office was nearly half an hour away by car, and the officer was extremely short and overweight with the skills that of a mall cop. He was no match for this musuclar warrior alien guy! Unless somehow she could take him down first, there was no way she could survive making him angry. Then again, she could simply ask him to leave, and when the world was facing havoc and disaster due to an alien invasion, she would simply hide herself on the isolated farm. Perfect.

The man scoffed at her suggestion at a spaceship, a reasonable one at that, and her pink lips twisted into a scowl. She didn't like how he felt like he was superior, although he was, and how he seemed to delight in seeing Paiges unreasonable fears. "Well then how did you get here? Did you fly?" Paige rambled, her cheeks flushing bright pink hearing the man's amusement in her frequent questionings. "Im sorry," she mumbled bashfully, her eyes lowering to the ground. Paige stood from her hay stack slowly, letting the blankets fall from her shoulders as she stretched her arms behind her head with a yawn. She was caught off guard by Williams gratitude, howvere, and stopped in her tracks towards the stables. He was appreciative of her gestures? That was a good sign, then, that he wasn't going to destroy her farm. Hopefully. If he had any decency, the man would leave her alone, be on his way after their little chat. Maybe she'd even hand him a little money to take care of himself, if he made means to stay on earth. "Oh... it's nothing, I couldn't have just... left you there... are you hurt?" She inquired, her arms crossed across her chest with sincerity in her voice. Paige soon realized it was a silly question to ask the guy who was walking around just fine if he was hurt, moreover, it should have been him asking HER if she was okay. She could have been certain she threw out her back and strained her shoulders dragging all 3 million pounds of William!

Hearing him say her name sent chills down her neck, the syllable floating smoothly off his tongue. Paige. Yes, that was her. It was like her cheeks couldn't stop burning bright red, given one compliment or another after the next. Nobody had ever said her name and "beautiful" in the same sentence before. She was growing rather fond of this William, instead secretly wishing he could stay and tell her her name was beautiful more often. Her father had always criticized her name, saying it reminded him of the word pig, and that was what she was. An ugly pig, who'd never get off this farm for as long as she lived, that he'd make her work the animals for as long as he felt was necessary to teach her a lesson. What lwsson, she still had no idea. "Thank you," Paige mumbled, flattered as she nervously gnawed on her bottom lip. She made no further comment om his compliments, sighing softly as she got to her knees and began to fold the blankets, simultaneously holding a piece of jerky in her teeth while she worked. There was a thoughtful space of silemce while she folded the blankets ever so carefully and precise, before stacking them in the wagon she had brought over from the house. She had kicked into her rubber boots, stomping on the floor to rid of the mud crusted up to the mid shins of the worn rubber, before wiliams voice cut through her mind. Papa. Was he kind? There was no justifying it, her father was evil . A horrid, wretched creature, unfit to be a parent! "Y-yes," Paige lied, avoiding Williams eyes. "Well, no, hes... not a very nice man," she blurted, gasping as the words spilled from her lips. Her brown eyes darted frantically behind William where the barn doors were, expecting her father at any moment to appear with his brown leather hide belt.

"You should go, before he comes, William, he might..." Paige trailed off, swallowing a lump in her throat. The alien turned down her offer for food, instead suggesting her own rest. There wasn't time for her to do that, not until she fed the animals, finished her homework, fixed up a leaking pipe in her father's bathroom, took the horse's for a run, and groomed the sheep and horses. Not to mention collecting the eggs and milking the cows... and clipping the dogs nails and bathing the cat! "This is the barn, where animals stay, and... that's the house, yes... I hardly go in there, though... Papa lives there," Paige mumbled. Inside, her father had awoken extremely hungover and bitter, vomiting left and right and howling Paiges name angrily. The house reeked of booze, some funny drugs, and vomit. Paige wouldn't have doubted if William could smell it from here! Paige joined William at the door, her arms across her chest as she huddled in her dirty oversized sweatshirt. She leaned against the door frame beside William, noticing now how tall he really was. He was freaking huge! "It doesn't matter, I'll just say a meteor hit, or an earthquake... Papa won't know," she sighed softly. Truth was, she'd probably get a beating or banished from the house for a day again. William made move to leave, halfway out the barn doors as he offered to go. "Take my memory away...? But..." Paige stammered, wondering if it would be a blessing to be able to forget all that had happened. She was torn, as part of her wanted to remember those clear blue eyes, the way he made her blush and smile, his presence just a comfort to someone who had no hope for a big future. "Y-you can... you can go," she hesitated. Paige wanted him to stay just a little longer, just an hour or so... but how could she get him to stay? The other half wished for him to let her come with, but the animals... her father- she could get William in trouble!

The little meek hesitation that nestled in her mind as things were mulled over became more urgent, hearing the squeaky hinges to the house swing open with a bang. "Paige Ann Duncan-!" A slurring voice barked sharply, her father's heavy southern Texas accent drawled from the porch steps. A sound of vomiting and then wheezing was audible, and Paiges brown eyes widened the size of saucers. She backed away from the barn door, looking on the verge of tears as she looked around frantically for a place to hide William. Her father must have known ehe wasn't at school, because her backpack was still in the front hallway. Therefore, she was subject to more chores than usual. "Oh my lord - good Jeesus, Paige! What the hell happened to the fields-! PA-AIGE-!" the man bellowed, stomping straight forfor the barn. "H-hide, hide now, william-!" She begged the tall man hysterically, pushing him blindly towards the stalls. She was done. Dead. The animals weren't fed, the eggs weren't collected, the cow wasn't milked. Dead . Now she had this man in the barn, wouldn't it be suspcious-?

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