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Amy Of Tarth Name: Cameron 'Cammie' Delaney
Age: 9
Year at camp: just arrived
Godly parent: Hades
Claimed? Yes.


Written description: Cammie has brown hair which has a sort of tousled effect. Her violet eyes do creep people out a bit. She's very skinny and gothic for a nine year old. She wears black. A lot. Even though shes nine, she has an infinity sign tattoo on her collar bone because death will last forever.

History: her life was pretty normal. Then just randomly, she started having precognition. She felt something really bad was going to happen. She told her mum, who decided it was time to tell them about their dad. The monster came hours later, killing her mum. Cammie and Lisa managed to escape, only for Lisa to be mauled to death metres away from the camp border.
Mother - Lara Delaney - 36 - very worrisome. She worried a lot about her daughters. - deceased
Twin sister - Elisa 'Lisa' Delaney - 9 - 'the leader ' of the twins. - deceased

Personality: she's very silent and doesn't enjoy others company. She can hold her own pretty well though and has a temper. She's also seems to be in a constantly bad mood with everyone. Before her sisters death she was less like this, as Lisa could always make her laugh or smile.

Weapon of choice: sword

Fatal flaw: her twin and knowing that by dying her family would be reunited once again.

- dying
- heights
- forgetting her family

- fighting
- running
- she has good precognition

Other: if you call her Cameron she will punch you. But most people do anyway. And then she'll punch you. She has a strong punch for her age.

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She's much to old to just reach camp since she's a child of the big three

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Amy Of Tarth Ahh. K I shall make her younger. What she do u suggest?

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14 at absolute oldest

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Amy Of Tarth K. Thx.

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Amy Of Tarth Thx.

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