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message 1: by Ami (new)

Ami (amiwithani) | 6 comments Mod
Welcome to the group! Amanda and Neil will be answering questions on Friday, November 21st in this thread only. In the meantime if you have a question for them, or just want to introduce yourself, feel free to do so in this thread.

message 2: by Jon (new)

Jon (scottreadsit) | 1 comments Hi Neil and Amanda!

@Neil, How do you transition from writing adult to YA and childrens novels? Do you find it difficult to make the switch? Is there something that doesn't change in writing for any age group?

message 3: by Simran (new)

Simran Hi Neil and Amanda!
Neil, where do you usually get ideas for your stories?

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (heyitisjustin) | 1 comments I am creating a list of precepts regarding how to live. These precepts are short phrases that I memorize and use to change my behavior.

These authors are very interesting people who probably have interesting thoughts on how to live. Any precepts they could share would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

message 5: by Donald (new)

Donald Jessop (djessop) | 1 comments As writers are you ever plagued by self doubt? The feeling that what you've just written (song/novel/short story, etc.) just doesn't live up to your expectations? If so, how do you combat that feeling?

message 6: by L.N. (new)

L.N. Holmes (lnholmes) | 2 comments I am a huge fan, Amanda and Neil! :)

@Neil, I was wondering if you do anything special to improve your world building? I have a hard time with world building in my writing and really admire the settings you create. Thank you!

message 7: by Rob Secundus (last edited Nov 17, 2014 11:38AM) (new)

Rob Secundus (quintessential_defenestration) For Ms. Palmer: What do you think of Taylor Swift's actions/statements w/r/t streaming and the "value" of music? (my intuition is that your ideas are not 100% incompatible, but I'm not sure how to reconcile them yet)

also what do you think of Patreon and other similar subscriptiony things? Does the shift from "I'm asking you for money so I can make a cool thing" to "I am asking for regular support for my lifestyle, which includes making these specific cool things" change anything important?

For Mr. Gaiman: Do you have a favorite angel story/folk-tale/ anecdote? Or any favorite angelic nonfiction history/study of folklore books?

For both or either: Do you have a favorite painter or painting?

message 8: by Nikos (new)

Nikos Dunno (dunnogr) | 5 comments Amanda, would you consider writing another book ever again, if you knew there'd be no deadlines and no other similar limitations?

message 9: by Laragh (new)

Laragh | 5 comments Hi Amanda and Neil! What are some tips you guys have for people doing NaNoWriMo this year, or first time writers? You guys are an adorable couple by the way, and completely awesome authors (and performers)!

message 10: by Hani (new)

Hani Saigh | 1 comments I really LOVE that you guys are publishing these books right now- I'm a Gaiman fan since 'Death..' and 'Sandman'- and Amanda, just wow- so yes, SO EXCITED to read these; however... you and GWB on the same page is so... you know what, i don't know, i don't know exactly what, its just so very very very something! can someone make an animated gif of your book kicking him in the face? I guess that's my question.

message 11: by Aldeena (new)

Aldeena  (chrysalis11) | 2 comments Hello Amanda and Neil!

@Neil, this might come as a strange one but just out of plain curiosity: there are these wonderful, sometimes ethereal, worlds you create through your words. If you had to choose to live in one of your created spaces, which one would it be and why?

message 12: by Lupe (new)

Lupe Dominguez (lupedominguez) | 4 comments Hi Amanda and Neil!!!

@Amanda, what made you decide to write your book? What was your catalyst?

And @Neil, in my quest for awesome books, I came across The Ocean at the End of the Lane. This book was a powerful one about loss and losing oneself in a fantasy world. What I would like to know is, once you are done with one of your marvelous books, does it take you a while to come back to reality? What does it feel like when one of your novels are completed?

message 13: by Sharon (last edited Nov 06, 2014 01:13PM) (new)

Sharon (sabrelady) | 4 comments Amanda, has Neil taken you to a science fiction convention yet? (comicon doesn't count) If not, when?

Neil- Sequels- you don't seem interested in writing them much. Why? What could change your mind? ( hinting towards London Below of Neverwhere.)

And yeah, u r a cute doubles act! (Nemanda? Ameil?)

message 14: by D. (new)

D.  (sonofspinoza) o/ Hi Amanda and Neil!!!

@Amanda, I read somewhere wherein you talking about antidepressents killing any creative urge. Since I am currently going through this, what do suggest I do to become creative again? Thanks!

message 15: by Alma (last edited Nov 06, 2014 04:11PM) (new)

Alma (astridfayereads) | 1 comments Hello Neil and Amanda,
My question to both you is after writing your books, why did you decide to do the narration yourselves? Most authors usually don't.I find it rather interesting to see such a personal touch on your projects and work. It's fantastic and inspiring.

message 16: by Susan (new)

Susan | 1 comments Hi Amanda & Neil!

Fans of you both, honest....and this question is for the both of you to answer individually - Who is a favorite writer of yours, that is NOT of the genre in which you work? For Amanda, this could be applied to songwriter/composer if need be. Thanks, and keep doing what you do!

message 17: by Scoozer (last edited Nov 17, 2014 06:53AM) (new)

Scoozer Hello, Neil and Amanda. I follow both of you and am a fan, but must admit that I hoard Neil's books and re-read American Gods when I am feeling particularly lost.

Neil, my question for you is about your source material. You draw on folk tales and mythology so much in your works. How much did you study folklore and mythology in the past? And what sources (collections, authors, pantheons) do you find yourself drawing from the most? If you have time to share some of your favorites here, that would be incredible. Also, I have read that you write your novels long-hand. At what point (if any) do you transfer your writings to the screen? Do you edit long-hand or on-screen?

I also want to say that as a real life koumpounophobe, I thank you for bringing my fears to life in such a charming way. Yes, I've read the book but cannot bring myself to watch the movie. Sorry. That is not going to happen.

Amanda, my question for you comes from an introvert's perspective. How did you get to be so open and honest with yourself and others? You are so accessible and stripped bare (in all kinds of ways) that it astounds and impresses me. How did you get like that or have you always been that way? I can't wait to read your book. I have it on order.


message 18: by Jeremy (last edited Nov 06, 2014 05:24PM) (new)

Jeremy Hey guys, just wanted to know: What do you look for in a reader?

Big fan of both of you :)

message 19: by Woolfie (last edited Nov 06, 2014 06:11PM) (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) An honour and a privilege to b able to engage with you both, thank you for your time!
Neil, what are your thoughts on the prospect of the Sandman being adapted into a movie? Will you be directly involved? Surely yes!

message 20: by Caleb (new)

Caleb Ross (calebjross) | 1 comments @Amanda, is the success of asking dependent on an established audience?

When does asking in-and-of-itself become more of an obligation or even a job than a method of honest exchange?

I'm a huge fan, by the way.

message 21: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (needmoreshelves) Amanda and Neil, sincerest thanks for taking the time to engage with us!

A joint question - would the two of you ever consider writing together? I'm actually thinking of a Mark Danielewski/Poe House of Leaves-esque project?

message 22: by Alexander (last edited Nov 06, 2014 06:29PM) (new)

Alexander Yakovlev Good day to you Amanda.
I have to ask: why the book has the price fixed?

message 23: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Wilkins (bgwilkins) | 1 comments Hi Amanda and Neil - Thank you both for taking your time to answer our questions.

These questions are each for both of you: What books or authors have you read recently that we should be reading? And what music have you heard recently that we should be listening to?

Thanks so much!

message 24: by Pat (new)

Pat (yespat) | 1 comments Loved Ocean at the end of the lane. That was my first Neil Gaiman book. Would love to see the book expanded into several more volumes. Such an interesting world. Like to know more. Any chance?

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Was Coraline the first book you've ever written?

message 26: by Megan (new)

Megan Steltz | 1 comments Hi i love all of your books cried at the end of the wake didnt shead a tear in titanic so thanks for that it was nice actullay ok heres my question where do you get your ideas from do they just come out of nowhere or what and who hired loki and puck anyways to kidnap danial was it morphus or desire or what this bugs me im not sure why

message 27: by Brett (new)

Brett | 4 comments @Amanda, what do you think of the woman who successfully crowdsourced an expensive Uber ride? Link:

More generally, what's the line between personal responsibility and asking for help?

message 28: by Leanne (new)

Leanne Tankel | 1 comments Ami wrote: "Welcome to the group! Amanda and Neil will be answering questions on Friday, November 21st in this thread only. In the meantime if you have a question for them, or just want to introduce yourself, ..."

Ami wrote: "Welcome to the group! Amanda and Neil will be answering questions on Friday, November 21st in this thread only. In the meantime if you have a question for them, or just want to introduce yourself, ..."

Hi Amanda, I am excited to hear you speak on September 12 at Sixth & I in Washington DC! Will Neil be there as well? Thank You:)

message 29: by Etienne (last edited Nov 07, 2014 01:20AM) (new)

Etienne Hanratty | 1 comments @amanda

1. Your husband famously grew up around scientology. The lyrics to 'Lost' ('nothing's ever lost forever' etc.) could be interpreted as a critique of the effectiveness of auditing. Has this led to any interesting conversations around the dinner table?

2. What is 'aim like a MAC truck'?

message 30: by Roxana (new)

Roxana Chirilă Hi!

Neil, a lot of people ask you where you get your ideas from. I have the opposite question: what do you do with ideas you no longer want?

Sometimes you mention that you've found an old story lying about somewhere and decided to bring it back to light - which means you must have abandoned them at some point. Do you still abandon ideas? What do you do with the ones that don't make it all the way through?

message 31: by Dan (new)

Dan Gorman Hello Neil and Amanda,

Have you ever thought about collaborating to produce a musical/rock opera/song cycle/other mixed-medium work? If so, I'm wondering if there's a particular story you'd like to tell.

Snowdrop, Daughter of Apollo (SadieMKane) | 2 comments Hello, Neil and Amanda!
Neil, who or what was the inspiration for the other mother and the children behind the mirror?
Amanda, what is your favorite song sung by a different artist?

Thank you! :) :D

message 33: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Miranda (brumiranda) Hi, both of all awesome writers!

Neil, you've created so many worlds and characters that inspired more and more people everyday. My question is if you are still in love with all of those stories of if you feel the need to let go of some to 'make room' to new ones.

message 34: by Marco (new)

Marco | 1 comments Hello! I have a question for Mr. Gaiman.
I haven't read your whole bibliography, but I recognised a certain theme in a couple of books that I absolutely loved: American Gods and Neverwhere.
Specifically, in those books many of the most powerful characters, with the broadest possible definition of "powerful", tend to be found in what normal people would consider the fringes of society. Toth for example, or a certain Marquis that is first seen in a dirty alley, wearing rags.

Where does this stem from? Is there a deeper meaning to it?

Thank you for your time.

message 35: by Lauren (last edited Nov 07, 2014 08:58AM) (new)

Lauren (laurenalism) | 1 comments Hi Amanda and Neil!

A music question, of course. Huge fan you both, and also of Tori Amos which is how I first discovered your amazing books, Neil (hi, by the way ;)) I've always wanted to know which of her songs or albums you find most inspiring, or listen to while you are creating, and then generally what kind of music (or who) you listen to when you're creating, and where you discover it?

Finally: what do you do when you're in the middle of a story and are tired/uninspired/life happens - how do you 'get back on the horse' or unsheathe the pen again?

Thank you so much!

message 36: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (sierrasanator) | 1 comments Hello, Neil and Amanda!
To Neil - What inspired you to write the stories you did? Is there a certain novel or author that inspired you to start writing?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. You are my inspiration for my own writing, and I am so incredibly grateful to have your wonderful stories in my life.
I wish you all the best.

message 37: by Steph (new)

Steph (bigstimpycat) | 2 comments Hello, Amanda and Neil! Neil, you inspired me to write my play "The Girl Who Lost Her Heart." Question for both of you - what artists inspire you? Also, what do you do to break through writer's block?

message 38: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtofbooks) | 1 comments A big "HELLO!" from Dallas, TX, Amanda and Neil! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

Neil - What's your favorite thing to eat or drink while writing? (P.S. You have awesome hair.)

Amanda - If you could write a song about anyone or anything right now, who (or what) would it be?

message 39: by Thesilverqueen (new)

Thesilverqueen | 1 comments Hi,Neil!I'm a great fan of your work.I wish to ask have you got any plans on adding another book to American Gods series?I really love your narration,very poetic.Secondly;if you were to continue American Gods series,would you write more parts from İbis, also what new gods would you add?

message 40: by Courtney (last edited Nov 08, 2014 11:04AM) (new)

Courtney King (dreddiknight) | 2 comments Hi to you both :-)
Neil, I've been a fan since getting Black Orchid signed by you and Dave way back when, in a comic shop in Reading...!
I'm really curious with how you deal with race and gender in your works and would like to ask if you feel it's important to have a diverse range of characters within your work and if so why?
As someone with sickle cell disease, when reading the last few chapters of American God's, a penny dropped in my mind, and you made me smile with your subtlety...
Anyway, peace, and with you know what...

message 41: by Stella (new)

Stella (stellaar) Hello, Neil! Hello, Amanda!
I'm a huge fan of yours and would like to ask a question to each one, if I may.
To Neil: You are a great author and never cease to surprise me with your stories. But have you ever had an idea stuck in your mind that you just couldn't put on paper the way you've imagined? I don't know if I'm making sense, but I'm quite stuck with an idea that sounds really good in my mind, not quite so good on paper though. Any suggestions?
To Amanda: I believe I've already known most of your new songs by heart. They were the only thing I've listened to for about two weeks straight. You are amazing. And after your "The Art of Asking" speech, I cannot pass by a street artist the same way I used to. I have to look them in the eyes. So, talking about eyes, how do you take criticism and judgemental eyes without losing faith in yourself? Without letting yourself be affected by that? (I guess you don't have low self-esteem issues but you always look so sure of who you are and I wonder how you do it...)
Thank you both for reading this.
I'd be thrilled just to hear from you!

message 42: by Juan (new)

Juan (juanmletona) | 1 comments Hi Neal,

I noticed your lead characters in Neverwhere, American Gods and Anansi Brothers love to drink, so I imagine you are a great drinking buddy so do you prefer wine, beer or spirits?

message 43: by Olivia (new)

Olivia | 1 comments What are your opinions about rape culture? The video with you and Margaret Cho was incredibly disappointing.

message 44: by Ami (new)

Ami (amiwithani) | 6 comments Mod
Hi Amanda--how was writing a book different than creating music or art? Was there anything you especially liked or disliked about it as compared to the creative things you normally do?

message 45: by Sarosh (new)

Sarosh Sohail | 1 comments @Ms Palmer
Huge fan of your TED Talk "Art of Asking". My question is.. was it hard asking for help initially? How has your relationship with your fans changed as a result of this?

I love your work. You remind me of my uncle.
LOL bye

message 46: by Eoghan (new)

Eoghan | 1 comments Hi Amanda and Neil! My question is for (to address her by her proper title) Amanda Fucking Palmer! I've been a huge fan of your's since your early Dresden doll days, I also love all your solo work and have a special fondness for your Evelyn Evelyn album with Jason Webley.
Anyway my question is how to you balance between the darker more emotion driven side of life, that encourages your music and the more everyday hum-drum habits of life? do you find it difficult to switch off your brain and focus on normal stuff or are you constantly aware of the more philosophical side of things. Also did you enjoy writing the book and would you consider writing again?
All of my honest and heartfelt love, Eoghan
P.S. I just think you fucking ROCK, I guess your pretty cool too Neil :) XX

message 47: by Iris (new)

Iris (mountainlillygirl) | 1 comments Dear Neil Gaiman, which of the many books that you've written is your favorite? I have not read all of your works but I am extremely partial to Stardust, myself.

Dear Amanda Palmer, which of the many songs that you've written is your favorite? I like 'Girl Anachronism'.

Neil Gaiman, what is your favorite Amanda Palmer song? (If any) Amanda Palmer what is your favorite Neil Gaiman story? (If any)

Thank you =D

message 48: by Miah (new)

Miah D  | 1 comments Hi Amanda and Neil! I'm a huge fan. Neil, this question is for you:

If you got to live in one of the worlds/lands/spaces you created in your novels, where would you and why?

You are my FAVORITE modern fiction writer. That says a lot. I'm a tough crowd. :)



message 49: by Amber (new)

Amber (emberamber) | 1 comments Hello! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! In college I wrote a memoir manuscript. I am currently turning it into a graphic novel. I also draw. Do you have any advice for someone in the midst of creating and post-creation regarding the graphic novel world? I guess this is more geared toward Neil, but Amanda, it would be an honor if you responded as well. I wish you guys much fun! Thanks!

message 50: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Koller | 1 comments Hi Neil,

Would you like to write a book with me?

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