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Tess Tess Nov 04, 2014 02:07PM
Jace says that he was always in love with Cooper. If this was true, would he really have brought home a "boyfriend" that first Christmas he comes home from school? It was incredibly cruel to Cooper. I can see him dating other people when he's away from home as a way of getting over Cooper, but to actually bring one home seemed too much. I really turned off of Jace at that point. Did anyone else have problems with this?

Yes, I realy hated Jace at that point, it was a cruel thing to do, but it was the only option to push Cooper away and make him move on, because at that time they were still thinking of the possibility of them being brothers, but it was hear breaking nomatter what.

Anyta (last edited Nov 07, 2014 01:21AM ) Nov 05, 2014 01:07AM   0 votes
Thanks, Tess, for the question! And thanks for letting me post the (somewhat rambling) answer on this thread.

There are major SPOILERS, so please be aware of that before clicking on the spoiler tag:

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Anyta Sunday Also, check this out for one scene from Jace's POV. ;) ...more
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Veronica WordsAreMyDrinkOfChoice This is great to know, I think I would have viewed Jace very differently if we got his POV. I still Jussie him though for getting intimidate though, e ...more
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I didn't like what Jace did there. I believe it was quite rash of him to do it, really cruel. I'm just a bit relieved to see this, to a glimpse of what was running through Jace's mind the whole time.

I just read this and I am glad to see what Jace was thinking about. Although, it didn't satisfy or pacify the pain I am feeling, it's good to know Jace's POV. Thanks!

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