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Gerudo Valley > Exterior

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((This is the general exterior of Gerudo Valley, a canyon that opens into Gerudo Fortress. This is a role playing location.))

Gerudo Valley

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Diź (dimal) Mercer entered the area where the sand was just visible, he could see a vast desert in front of him and mountains to the side of it. he figured that's where he could find the fortress first, he continued his walk, wearing a light brown hooded cloak to protect his skin from the sun and sand.

he stopped once he entered and backed away, "damn that's hot" he mumbled. after a few minutes he decided he would wait for the sun to go down then he try going again so set up a little camp.

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
((I think it's roleplay night time now. It is for me, anyway.))

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
'Kovos!!!' Geru's dark counterpart called. He had picked his side in this war, and now he wanted to inform his new master of a new threat: Geru. Dark Geru knew deep down that he had not yet unlocked his full potential, and if he did, his might would equal that of his and Kovos' put together. He waited for his psychically enhanced message to reach the dragon, and kneeled on the floor, waiting for his arrival.

((Don't worry, that full potential is going to be saved for in the final battle, when Dark has nearly killed Geru. It'll be a bit like the final episode from Avatar: The Legend of Aang, if you've seen that TV show.))

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Diź (dimal) Once Mercer noticed it was night and much colder out he picked up his things and headed straight across the desert, looking out for quick sand and holes in the ground and any dangerous monsters as he walked

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
((O, Kovos, where art thou?!))

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Diź (dimal) ((?))

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
((I just noticed Joshua's account has been deleted. :P And I was asking where Kovos was in Shakespearean talk.))

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Diź (dimal) ((oh okay. yeah it was deleted 2 days ago))

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
((Now what do we do?))

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
After an eternity of waiting, Kovos' silhouette could be seen within the thundering clouds. His voice boomed down, intimidating even Dark Geru.
The shadow looked up to the skies, where Kovos hovfortunatelyas if suspended, held up by his own willpower.
'Kovos, my master, I have come to inform you of a slight... Development in the war. I regret to say that the resistance has gained a powerful weapon in the war. He is a mage, a dark mage whose powers rival that of my own. He also, unfortunately, has not unlocked his true power. He may yet find find this power, however, and if he does, I will not be able to keep him from you. He may not be able to reach your power, but he is a threat, nonetheless.' Through all of this, Kovos had been listening intently.
Dark Geru bowed his head in respect. 'It shall be done, my lord.'

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 59 comments Mod
((Kovos is gone, Dark is off to Castle town exterior.))

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