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In terms of plots, there's this picture (view spoiler) and I don't have anything concrete for it yet but I was thinking about some kind of evil prince who lures princesses/maidens/girls and charms them and once they sleep together, the girl is turned into a mute mermaid and thrown into a faraway lake where all the other princesses he's cursed reside? Or something like that. And maybe there's this other guy or girl - a human, and they find a way to free one of the sea creatures but in order to free all of them, they need the prince's head ( maybe this person is a bastard child of the royal family ) and and ... yeah. If someone's interested I can go on. xD
Just reposting my rambles, haha. But did you have anything to add to it? I might have a thing or two but I want to hear if you have anything to say. :3

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I don't have anything solid to add so you can add whatever~

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