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Team Grizz or Team Grunt?
Jennifer Jennifer Nov 04, 2014 09:25AM
Nine Minutes

So......are you Team Grizz or Team Grunt?

Also I feel some sparks between Grunt and Ginny so yeah:)

Certainly Grunt.Its a non brainer.

Team Grizz all the way!! Dunno what that says about me tho... Aw shucks, what's a gal to do when you stumble over a crazy mofo like Grizz...other than to adore him that is;)
Just posted this pic on another thread,but sharing is caring they say so here you go girlies.

Grizz <3

Uh, can i be team both grizz and grunt? I love them

Grizz all the way. That's not saying I don't have a soft spot for Grunt, I do!

Team Grizz. That epilogue is what cinched it for me.

Do you think Grizz is really dead its a question that's being debated in the discussion group

Team Grizz here too! Grizz is not a good person and he couldn't give Ginny the normal life that she wanted...but his moments with her just made me go "awwwww." He is brutally honest, loyal, and doesn't like to sugar coat things. That's what I love about him.

Love doesn't have to be right or just is sometimes!

Do you think Grizz is really dead its a question that's being debated in the discussion group

Team Grizz!!! Caution: SPOILERS IN THIS COMMENT!!!

Honestly, until the very end, I was happy she ended up with Grunt, it seemed appropriate and fitting based on their history. But when we learned of his extreme duplicity and that he is the reason Grizz died, I'm not sure I can like him anymore...strange I know b/c Grizz clearly did a lot of horrible things, but he was 100% loyal to those he loved and in the end he died to protect all of them, including Grunt. Fingers crossed he duped the reaper and is still alive! Can't wait for the 2nd book.

Team Grizz. Especially at the end.

Seemed like I'm a minority here. I'm Team Grunt because I admire his intelligence in getting things his way. He won - unless the next book proved otherwise :)

On the fence, but leaning more towards Team Grunt

Is this a love triangle?

I'm so confused, I mean I was all for Grunt until learning he might be Grizz's son. But no matter how you look at it, that's just sick if thats true. Where Grizz was willing to change and be what Kit needed him to be, mmmmm okay team Grizz. At least she fell in love with him first.

Team Grizz. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I totally, utterly, and completely believe he loves her to the very definition of love - in his own "grizz"ly kind of way.

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Jennifer wrote: "Nine Minutes

So......are you Team Grizz or Team Grunt?"

Im definitely team Grizz I loved Grunt but the end left my head kinda... I can't even Explain it book 2 come to me already

Team Grizz...

Team Grunt.

umm neither. i want matthew LOL... and maybe sam

Team Grizz I cant help it

Grizz definitely, I liked Grunt for the most part and felt he was probably the most "normal" of the gang until the end what a twist, can't wait for book 2

I think both are awesome characters. But I fell for Grizz the moment he first appeared in book 1. I always had a special feeling about him & nothing changed that - I just always felt there was "more" there. Recently finished A Gift of Time, book 3, and absolutely loved the entire crazy ride. Fantastic series.

***Spoiler Alert if you have not read Out of Time***
Team Grunt...I cant wait till the third book comes out to see how it all ends and What with her sister!!!!

Here's the link for the discussion group

Definitely Team Grizz

Team Grizz!! I dont hate Grunt but he was merely a best friend to her.Who knows we may love him once we read the book in his POV.Still I root for Grizz.

Team Grizz..but not until the end of the book was I truly convinced. I agree with Francine - the things that came out in the end really got to me. I really hope the next books come sooner!!


I finished this book this morning and all I can say is team Grizz without a doubt. I don't like what we found out about Grunt in the end.


I love GRIZZ!!!

Team Grunt!!! Hail the villains darlin':D

Team Grunt- hands down.

Team Grizz

Team Grunt no matter what utleast he wasnt a phedophile that pride on girls young to be his daughter and what Grizz did to inocent people was to me unforgivable

I'd like to think Grizz is dead and Grunt did everything he did to free her from a dangerous life. He didn't kill his father, a death law did. The worst he did was set up a renowned criminal who happened to be a father who didn't claim him. He didn't frame him. He exposed him.

However if it turns out Grizz is somehow alive....I wouldn't complain. But Grunt better run.

team grizz and not really a love triangle

I love Grizz!
Team Grizz all the way. Some things that came out about .grunt at the end made me question everything about him.
I guess we'll see in the next book, :)

I literally just finished this book, about 1/2 hour ago. I feel like crying. Big heaving ugly cries.

At the end there were so many twists.

definitely Team Grunt! Though I seem to be in the minority here ;)

Kristin I hear ya. I get why people love Grizz, I do. But the lack of love for Grunt is astounding. As if he's the most treacherous person in Ginny's world. ...more
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Anna Agreed! Grizz has done far, far worse.
I keep hearing how Grunt betrayed Grizz, but it's Grizz who committed all of those horrible acts, (view spoiler)
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