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message 1: by E.L. (new)

E.L. (elouisebates) I'm starting this thread for all those who are looking for cozy mysteries set in the "Golden Age" of detective fiction - the '20s and '30s, and creeping into the '40s as well. (I almost named this thread "Between Wars Cozies," but you really can't leave out the ones set in the '40s, I find.)

Whether the books were written back then (Sayers, Allingham, Christie, etc) or written later and merely set then (Carola Dunn, Charles Todd, etc) this is the place to bring your recommendations and questions!

message 2: by Gene (new)

Gene | 109 comments For US cozies of that time nothing beats Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout.

message 3: by Ilene (new)

Ilene Harris (gahish) | 20 comments Sounds good, I would like reading some of these.

message 4: by DeAnna (new)

DeAnna (twigmo) | 14 comments You might want to check out the Drew Farthering Mysteries, set in the early '30s in England. :)

message 5: by Betty (new)

Betty (bettylouise54) | 579 comments Nagio Marsh set in EnglandNagio Marsh
DELL Shannon in Los Angeles Dell Shannon
These come to me at once. There are others

message 6: by Veronica (last edited Nov 04, 2014 09:45AM) (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) I recently read Murder at the Brightwell by Ashley Weaver , which I first saw at the bookstore. The cover caught my eye but since it was hardcover - not to mention a debut novel - I didn't want to buy it without doing some research on it first. It seemed to be getting good reviews around the internet so I took the chance and bought it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun and charming and I'm looking forward to the next book. The author is planning for three books so far.

message 7: by Gene (new)

Gene | 109 comments Betty wrote: "Nagio Marsh set in EnglandNagio Marsh
DELL Shannon in Los Angeles Dell Shannon
These come to me at once. There are others"

I can't believe I forgot Ngaio Marsh!

message 8: by Betty (new)

Betty (bettylouise54) | 579 comments How about Helen MacInnes?
Helen MacInnes
Mary Stewart Mary Stewart

message 9: by Betty (new)

Betty (bettylouise54) | 579 comments Thought of another one
Charlotte MacLeodCharlotte MacLeod

message 10: by Marisa, Cozy Mysteries Assistant Moderator (new)

Marisa (moretta) | 3831 comments Mod
I think that Dorothy L. Sayers, S.S. Van Dine or Edgar Wallace could fit here too.

message 11: by E.L. (new)

E.L. (elouisebates) Has anyone ever read any of the Roger Sheringham books, by Anthony Berkeley? My mom had The Poisoned Chocolates Case which I read when I was a teen and thought was pretty good, but it wasn't until I read Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime, and Tommy and Tuppence imitated Roger Sheringham in one of those cases that I realized he was a detective with a series of his own. I've never been able to find any of the books, though, not in libraries or used bookstores, so I've never read any others. I'd like to, someday! I always check whenever I'm in a new library or bookstore, just to see if they have any. Someday I'll find them.

message 12: by Nell (new)

Nell | 1158 comments Georgette Heyer wrote several very good mysteries, although she is best known for Regency romance novels.

message 13: by Nell (new)

Nell | 1158 comments Rhys Bowen's Royal Spyness is another good mystery series set between the Wars.

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