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Spoilers - Seth
J J Nov 03, 2014 10:23PM
Ok, something that is bothering me. Back when Seth first became a shadow charmer, he was shown as being unnoticeable in low light, even without trying.

For some reason, in book 5 he appears to not have this ability at all. I would have thought he'd be damned near invisible at times and easily escape notice. Instead we see him the first recipient of an arrow, when he's in a dark prison cell Brecken has no trouble seeing him, when he is chased by centaurs, the have no trouble seeing him.

This is really annoying. It was supposed to be a passive ability in low light, yet it seems to have been swept by the wayside and dropped now that the author doesn't want him to have too easy of a time escaping things.

Am I missing something, or is this just bad writing?

It's when he doesn't move much. I'm pretty sure.

J I finished the book and was surprised that it never used Seth's shadow blending ability again. There were so many opportunities in which he should hav ...more
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What? Seth being useful for a purpose other than drawing attention to Kendra? What madness is this??

Sarcasm aside, yeah, he could've at some points.

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