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Caz (littlebookowl) (littlebookowl) | 114 comments Mod
How did you like the ending? Was it what you were expecting?

*SPOILERS for entire book present below*

message 2: by Vivien (new)

Vivien Kurucz (viviwithcurls) | 4 comments It was mindblowing, I loved that book. The ending was unexpected to me, but also satisfying I think. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thought about the book.

Angela Crouch (angierose8811) | 4 comments I really loved the book! And did cry like a man child at the end, no shame, no shame. It was definitely well written and put me in the mood for winter!

Haylie Grace (hayliegrace) | 7 comments I really loved the end of this book, and in general I enjoyed the whole story. While I thought it was a little slow and dragged on in parts, I really enjoyed how it ended and thought it was so, super sweet!

I love the role that the sled had to play in the end. I thought that was really clever! I was surprised that Marvin had tricked them... although I sort of saw it coming, I didn't see it enough to take notice. I felt so worried for Rufus when he almost fell when he and Lin were with Figenskar!! I must say, I did feel a little bit of sadness for Figenskar when he mentioned his Earthly death, how he was drowned in the lake. It was the only time in the entire book where I truly felt pity for him.

Again, such a sweet, sweet ending. Beautiful, magical book!!

Rachael | 4 comments I loved the ending. It was a little bitter sweet because Lin couldn't stay and Isvan couldn't be near his mother after they had been apart for so long but it was still a happy one overall :)) definitely going to pass this one on to my little cousins to read, they'd love it.

Tina | 17 comments I agree, such a bittersweet story. I'm glad I read it all the way through.

Maggieoh | 8 comments I'm really happy I took part in reading this book with you all. It's not something I would have picked up on my own and it turned out to be a very sweet, lovely tale. I enjoyed the ending and was glad they were able to save Isvan. Though it's a little sad that he wouldn't be able to be close to his mother, he was so lonely for so long being separated from her AND the others. At least now he could be around everyone else.

I wish there could have been a teeny bit more closure/happy ending with Rufus and Lin. Yes, they agree to have their Saturday "talks" but Rufus knows Lin is going to grow up and he is going to lose touch with her. I wished there was a way they could have stayed connected :-(

I will hang on to this book to pass along to my children after they inevitably lose a pet. This would have been comforting to read when I lost my first dog. For now, I'm off to give my cat some extra kisses and cuddles!

Adrienne | 60 comments Such a cute story. There are some thingsI would have changed. I felt it moved through certain plots a little too fast. Like I did not feel that much of a connection when Isvan lived again, but could not be near his mom. There should have been a little more detail. The ending was so cute. All good things come to an end. Overall, I am very pleaseed that I decided to read this book.

Haylie Grace (hayliegrace) | 7 comments Maggieoh wrote: "I'm really happy I took part in reading this book with you all. It's not something I would have picked up on my own and it turned out to be a very sweet, lovely tale. I enjoyed the ending and was g..."

I had the same reaction during and after reading this book.. I went to go give my dog a big cuddle!!!

message 10: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Lamas | 3 comments What I loved the most about the Twistrose Key is the atmosohere. It just started to snow in Canada, and it felt in tune with the story. I loved the description of Lin's home, the backyard, her family, the Summerhills. I loved the country of Sylver, I imagined big soft snowflaking flying over a little town with cute colorful houses made of wood. It was all very narnian-esque to me and I loved it! The bit with the rice pudding stuck me with, I don't know why!
I also loved the character development. I was very uncomfortable with Figenskar(?) (the mean cat), though. He was very scary.
There were (too) many twists and turns for my liking, as I prefer a simple plot line, but it was different and I enjoyed that!
I wonder if 'it was just a dream' though. Lin fell asleep (in the end she woke up) in a taxidermist basement full of dead animals... so... I don't know.
I can't stress enough how I loved the atsmophere of the story!!
I really enjoyed reading along with you and reading all your lovely insight!

Jacob | 8 comments I just finished I did see the ending coming but when it happened I was really sad, especially because of the projector film running out and Rufus not being able to see Lin. I really loved this book and I agree with this being a good winter book.

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