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Caz (littlebookowl) (littlebookowl) | 114 comments Mod
How are you liking the progression of the story?
Any characters you really don't like?

*SPOILERS for up to chapter 20 present below*

GabsAboutBooks I'm really liking the pace of this book. It's a fun, easy, and fast read. I never thought I would dislike a cat so much, but Figenskar has made that happen. Also poor Lin. Here she is in a magical world, reunited with her best friend and she is having the worst time. She gets kidnapped, hurt, and keeps having to hide. Hopefully things will get better for her in the second half of the book!

Maggieoh | 8 comments I'm enjoying where this book is going. Each chapter has had details that catch my attention and make me want to keep reading more. I'm also really liking the fact that it's a quick read since I'm doing NaNoWriMo.

My favorite part in this section was when they revealed that the Observatory is where the Petlings could watch their humans. The connection between humans (especially human children) and their pets is what drew me to this book in the first place, so I'm liking the various ways the author introduces of how that connection is maintained in the story.

I really dislike Figenskar, of course, and I'm aggravated by Mrs. Zarka. I love owls and she's a very evil owl. I still don't know what's going on with Teodor, but I want to continue to believe that he's a good guy.

I wasn't expecting this book to be a keep-you-on-your-toes kind of read with plot twists and such, but it's turning out to have a fair bit of that (and I think there's more to come), so I'm a happy camper!

message 4: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Lamas | 3 comments Wow! I didn't expect the story to go that way. It's definitely full of adventures and twists and turns.

I find the writing style refreshing, it's different! And I love how the snowy environment is used!

Haylie Grace (hayliegrace) | 7 comments I'm continuing to enjoy the descriptive writing in this book. I certainly didn't see the storyline going in this direction, however I'm thoroughly enjoying this read! I feel terrible for Lin though, since she has to keep hiding instead of simply taking advantage of her precious time with Rufus. I'm still a little suspicious of Teador! I'm interested to see where this book goes in the second half. :)

Rachael | 4 comments This book has started drawing me in without realizing I'm even turning pages. The writing style and imagery is amazing. I also love how protective Rufus is of Lin and how their relationship is growing now that they're able to talk to each other.

Adrienne | 60 comments I love the writing style in this book. The whole observatory was both fascinating and sad. My heart broke into pieces for those petlings missing their human.

Jacob | 8 comments This book just gets better and better I was on page 80 last night and now at 190, I'm loving it

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