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Nobody | 53 comments Name: Asha Daube
» Alias(es): Ash
*Name Explanation: Asha = Polish diminutive of Joanna, from John, which praises God.
Daube = Dutch for "Dove."

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 17
» Birthday: January 27

Faction Association: CAC
» Team: Team 1
» Team Rank: 2nd Officer
» Skill Rank: Blue


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Somewhat ratty dark brown, slightly frizzy and coarse, but smooth to the touch.
Skin: Pale white; burns easily.
Eyes: Amber with a hint of green.
Body type: Thin, willowy; not very athletic as she tends to depend more on her powers than using her physical (not very intimidating) prowess.
Pitch of voice: Mellow; light; not very high-pitched but not too low for a girl.
Distinguishable markings: Not a whole lot about her that stands out.

Personality: Asha is very much an introvert, and when she speaks she is quiet and often hard to hear. This seemed like a drawback to being the 2nd officer, as she is supposed to communicate to the rest of the team, but when needed Asha's voice can carry surprisingly well. Other than that, Asha does not go out of her way to socialize much, but enjoys the company of others as long as they are not terribly obnoxious or such. She spends a lot of her time daydreaming, and sometimes comes across as airy and having her head in the clouds. Her family used to think this was a symptom of her being a simpleton, but Asha just didn't speak as much. She likes to observe her surroundings and those around her more than stepping up and interacting with people.
» Weakness(es): Timid; not very clear and concise; spaces out a lot.
» Strength(s): Perspicacious; adept at analyzing situations; despite her slight build, she's skilled at scaling and climbing.

History: Hailing from a lower middle class family, Asha is the middle child of four. She has an older brother (twenty) and two younger brothers (thirteen and ten). As mentioned in her personality, Asha came across to her family as staring off into space, making her an air-head and ditsy. When CAC approached her family about using Asha as a volunteer, her parents' response was, "Ha, good luck with that."
Contrary to her relationship with her parents, Asha and her brothers are very close. Her oldest brother has always done his best to protect her, and though her little brothers are rowdy, they look up to her with great admiration.

» Rolfe Daube: Older brother; 20; After Asha was recruited by the CAC, as a concerned older brother he started to keep tabs on her. The Sentients noticed his interest in tracking CAC's motives, and have recruited him once they alerted him to CAC's true purpose. Now he strives to be reunited with Asha and to bring her out of CAC's clutches and into safety. His only question is how.
» Larkin Sadler: Team member; 17; Acquaintance
» Travis Baines: Team member; 19; Captain

Psychic Abilities: Serqekinesis (acid); Umbrakinesis (darkness)

Weapon(s): Crossbow

Fighting Skill(s): None; she's working on learning to use throwing knives. Her aim is ... quite a bit less than true.

Other: Asha doesn't talk much, but she loves to sing while playing piano when she thinks no one is around.

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Name: Larkin Sadler
» Alias(es): Larky (given by Travis)
*(Larkin = At its roots, it means laurel)

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 17
» Birthday: December 9

Faction Association: Both
» Team: Team 1
» Team Rank: Team Member
» Skill Rank: White


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132 lbs.
Hair: walnut brown
Skin: fair; light
Eyes: cinnamon brown
Body type: wiry; athletic; slender
Pitch of voice: low tenor; straightforward
Distinguishable markings: There is a mark on his left shoulder near his heart that he doesn't know where it came from. Also, he wears a necklace that has a bullet hanging from it. He doesn't know why he keeps it, but he does.

Personality: Not particularly friendly, Larkin is instinctively suspicious of people, no matter how kind they are. He is willing to be reckless, but he prefers for things to stick to the plan. His humor is dry and slightly sarcastic and he might be a little awkward in social circles since the team dynamic is new for him. Even though he doesn't know a person, he's the type that is willing to take blows for them because Larkin always steps up for what he thinks is right. Perhaps it takes a while for someone to notice he is acting on the side of justice, but his heart is always in the right place.
» Weakness(es): doesn't trust people easily; no family; nightmares; music.
» Strength(s): quick thinker; independent; willing to push his limits.

History: Larkin lived with a single mother; his father was a hero that worked with CAC but died for the progress of science. It was always his goal to join CAC, but his mother held him back. When he was fifteen, though, his mother died in a car accident and with nothing left to do, he volunteered to join CAC. For a year he trained, learning combat while also gaining individual education since he was told that he played a special role. Also, during this time he worked with robots, honing his psychic abilities, and collecting data for CAC. Recently, Director Parsons has let him join the others and after informing several teams about him and his stats, he worked with them on missions. He bounced around for a bit since no one wanted him. Then Travis took up on the offer and after meeting Larkin for five minutes, he recruited him.

» David Sadler - Father; Deceased; Insurance Employee
» Mary Sadler - Mother; Deceased; Doctor
» Travis Baines - Team Member; 19; Captain; Friend?
» Asha Daube - Team Member; 17; 2nd Officer; Acquaintance

Psychic Abilities: Electrokinesis; Metallokinesis

Weapon(s): pistol; knife; anything at hand.

Fighting Skill(s): Larkin is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat as if he's trained longer than he has with CAC. His movements are fluid, quick, and he has surprising strength. However, his aim could do better and he tends to perform sneak attacks instead of all out offensive attacks.

Other: There is a whole other part of Larkin's life that he has forgotten, one that will change the course of his life if remembered. The reveal has only started with nightmares, but soon, he might find out more and realize the truth.

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Nobody | 53 comments Name: Yu Seung-Joon
» Alias(es): In accordance with Korean culture, he goes by just his surname to those unfamiliar to him, Yu, or Seung-Joon to those close to him.
*(Seung = rise, ascent; Joon = variant of Jun, meaning ruler, talented, handsome; Yu = originates from an ancient family name from the dynastic era.)

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 21
» Birthday: November 13

Faction Association: Both
» Team: Team 2
» Occupation: Intel Coordinator
» Team Rank: Team member
» Skill Rank: Red


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Hair: Coarse black hair cut short on the sides while longer on the top.
Skin: Olive tone; naturally tan.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Body type: Lean, not as muscular.
Pitch of voice: Deep.
Distinguishable markings: Shaved designs on side of head.

Personality: Yu tends to joke around when he can and generally gets along with most people. However, once he is absorbed in his work, he blocks out everything around him and focuses on what he's doing. Yu works quickly and efficiently, minimalizing distractions around him so he can work on what he knows needs to get done. Other than that, he tends to keep to himself around CAC members because he doesn't want to get too attached. He keeps his goals focused on what the Sentients have in store for him to do for them. Because of this, Yu comes across as anti-social and distant towards CAC, even his own team members. He only feels comfortable when he is with the Sentients to let go, be himself, relax, and joke around.
» Weakness(es): Biased towards the Sentients; doesn't socialize well with CAC members; bad at multitasking.
» Strength(s): Gets very involved with his work (could also be a weakness); extremely loyal to the Sentients (which may interfere with his work at CAC).

History: Yu Seung-Joon grew up with just his mother and his father. They were both technological workers, and so in his childhood he was surrounded by the technology he loves today. Being an only child, Yu didn't really socialize well with other children his age, his best friends being his mother and father. Around his mid-teens, his parents were approached by the Sentients for their technological expertise. After hearing CAC's true intentions, they agreed to work for the Sentients to further their ambitions in discovering CAC's secrets. When Yu learned of this, he wanted to help out. His parents argued that it would be extremely dangerous for him, and were unsure of how Yu could help out the Sentients. Then the opportunity arose for Yu to help out the Sentients in a way his parents never could: he volunteered for the CAC, to infiltrate and to learn their secrets. Yu's parents were terrified of the possible ramifications, but respected their son's decisions to enter the CAC's experiments.

» Kim Myung-Ok - Mother; 41; Techie for Sentients
» Yu Taek-Hyun - Father; 44; Techie for Sentients

Psychic Abilities: Technokinesis (manipulation of technology)

Weapon(s): Rapier (view spoiler).

Fighting Skill(s): Adequate at wielding a rapier.

Other: Yu stays up very late at night; in some ways he is an insomniac, and works with his tech into the early hours of the morning.

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Name: Yoshida Airi
» Alias(es): Ai-chan to Junky; Airi to everyone else or she'll rip your face off.
*(Yoshida-surname; Airi-given name)

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 29
» Birthday: August 15

Faction Association: The Sentients
» Occupation: Tech Advisor


Height: 5'1"
Weight: 107lbs
Hair: pink
Skin: smooth; pale
Eyes: dark brown; red contacts because screw you
Body type: teeny
Pitch of voice: loud; high; always sounds annoyed
Distinguishable markings: She very rarely wears shoes, no matter what anyone says about it.

Personality: Airi tends to sound fairly angry, almost like she is annoyed with everyone all the time. She's very loud, and will not hesitate to scream obscenities at someone if she feels the need, or even if she's just bored. Though her prickly exterior makes one think that she couldn't care less about the people around her this isn't true at all, she would protect the people she likes with her life, although some of them don't realize she even knows their name. If you're above her in any sense of the word, politically, height, age, anything else, don't expect any respect nor special treatment, she treats pretty much everyone the same, either like a punching bag or a footstool.
» Weakness(es): A lot of people don't realize she likes or cares about them, since she treats pretty much everyone like trash, so people tend to treat her the same. She's not exactly well-liked when it comes to anyone with authority, of course the feeling is mutual. If there is a child involved she'll do anything in her power to get them to safety, even if they're trying to kill her, she sees anyone who looks under about seventeen as a child.
» Strength(s): Though she looks very young she's been around a few years longer than most of the people she works with. She has a way with technology, hardware as well as software. She can fight someone twice her size and still have them pinned in under a minute.

History: Airi is the fourth youngest child in an extremely competitive, and not very wealthy, family. Her three older siblings, and two younger ones, were extremely subdued compared to the loud little girl that was always ready to speak, or scream, whatever was on her mind. Since five of the six children were boys the only girl grew up wrestling and playing just as hard as the boys, often beating them at their own games despite her size. As a child she was very aggressive, which sometimes worried her parents, but after getting thrown out of a few different martial arts programs she found her niche in bōjutsu, where she immediately excelled. At seventeen she was the oldest child still at home and since her somewhat distant father had passed away two years earlier helping take care of her younger siblings was part of her job description. Three weeks into the school year her youngest brother, who was the only sibling not in martial arts classes, was beaten up and thrown off the school roof, nobody had even realized he was being bullied until it was too late. Instead of going about getting the other students in trouble legally Airi took it upon herself to take care of them, beating both of them half to death before leaving Japan for good. Once she got on her feet in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil she got a job in computer assembly and found that it was fascinating. It took her a few years but she managed pull of mastering the ins and outs of the technology that went into building many different devices, as well as the software that powered them.

» Yoshida Kaito - Father; Deceased
» Yoshida Rina - Mother; 54; Estranged
» Yoshida Ichirou - Older Brother; 34; Judo Instructor; Estranged
» Yoshida Daiki - Older Brother; 33; Doctor; Estranged
» Yoshida Kazuki - Older Brother; 30; High School Teacher; Estranged
» Yoshida Mamoru - Younger Brother; 27; Mangaka; The Only One Of Her Siblings She Still Talks To
» Yoshida Kiyoshi - Younger Brother; Deceased
» Kyle Collingswood - Sentient Member; 25; Agent Director; Tall, Dark, and Trash
» Maya Carlson - Sentient Member; 27; Leader; Blonde Trash
» Kobayashi Junko - Sentient Member; 23; Explosives Expert; Junky; Loli Trash
» Yu Seung-Joon - Sentient Member; 21; Intel Coordinator; Double Agent; K-Pop Trash
» Travis Baines - Sentient Member; 19; 2nd In Command; Double Agent; Hipster Trash
» - Sentient Member; ??; Legal Adviser; Something Trash

Weapon(s): She has a telescoping bō, which is a collapsible 5'9" staff (view spoiler), and pair of suntetsu (view spoiler).

Fighting Skill(s): Airi is extremely aggressive and has been fighting since she was three years old. Since she's small most also view her as weak, and she loves peoples' reactions when she's flattening someone's face into the pavement. At eleven she began practicing bōjutsu regularly, and has pretty much mastered it by now.

Other: Airi's first language is Japanese, but her English and Portuguese are so good that most people don't realize it. Since leaving Japan she's collected a fairly substantial savings account, and though she doesn't like to flaunt it she does use it to her advantage.

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Name: Hyun Siwon
» Alias(es): Dash to anyone who gets that reference; technically Hyun to strangers; technically Siwon to people close to him; he really doesn't care if you use the wrong name.
*(Hyun-surname; Siwon-given name)

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 20
» Birthday: April 12

Faction Association: CAC
» Team: 1
» Team Rank: 1st Officer
» Skill Rank: White


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154lbs
Hair: rainbow lollipop nerd
Skin: extremely pale
Eyes: black
Body type: thin
Pitch of voice: His normal voice is calm, distracted, and somewhat high for a male, he's easily mistaken as a girl if you aren't looking at him, and sometimes even if you are.
Distinguishable markings: his hair

Personality: Siwon normally seems slightly lost and distracted, often not actually paying any attention to the people around him at all. However, once someone has his attention his words never cease, a lot of the time they don't even make sense as he says everything that goes through his mind without thinking about the consequences. Being extremely absentminded Siwon tends to forget about fairly important things, though as long as someone writes whatever they want him to do down he normally gets it done. He is very lazy and will jump at the chance to give away as much work as possible, though when he sets his mind to get something done it usually gets done very well.
» Weakness(es): He hasn't really picked a side when it comes to the CAC and their enemies, really he only works for the CAC because they pay him and he likes the cool abilities. He overlooks important things that nobody bothered to write down for him often. He's extremely awkward around those of the opposite sex, people who are intimidating, and especially females that are intimidating.
» Strength(s): He doesn't have anyone around him that he just really cares about, he has friends, but nobody he would put his life on the line for, which means he won't be sticking his neck out for anyone but himself(this could probably count as a weakness as well). He can change his voice easily, though he can't actually mimic someone's voice exactly, he can usually sound really close.

History: Siwon is the only child of a somewhat well-to-do couple in South Korea. he wasn't an overly smart child, but he wasn't an idiot either. With pretty much everything he tried he was just average, not horrible, but not really good, right in the middle, which, in school, put him in a situation where he wasn't really noticed much at all. Until of course he began changing his hair colour, which didn't change his personality or his talents, but he was noticed a little bit more. When he was ten his father lost his job, and they began to move around, changing cities, and even a few times countries. At fifteen he happened to be in the right place at the right time and was invited to the CAC, thinking that it might get him something that was a bit less bland he joined up.
After being trained he finally found what he was really good at. Some of the volunteers had trouble mastering their new found abilities, but Siwon got the hang of them almost immediately. He quickly rose in the ranks, though he had to work harder at the actual fighting part. He suspects the CAC knows more than they're letting on, but he really doesn't care enough to find out.

» Hyun Sooyoung - Mother; 38; Still In Touch
» Hyun Minho - Father; 41; Still In Touch

Psychic Abilities: Flyrokinesis (Forcefields); Photokinesis (Light)

Weapon(s): Siwon has a fascination with firearms, and though he rarely misses, he does miss every now and then. He keeps a pair of Desert Eagles in holsters on each side, and a small Glock in his boot.

Fighting Skill(s): Siwon will do everything in his power to fight from behind and afar before he'll go closer, though it isn't the cleanest way to fight he couldn't care less.

Other: His first language is Korean, but he's fluent in English.

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Name: Travis Baines
*(Travis = derived from to cross; Baines = little anvil or bones)

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 19
» Birthday: April 23

Faction Association: Both
» Team: Team 1
» Occupation: 2nd in Command
» Team Rank: Captain
» Skill Rank: White

sans braces

(view spoiler)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: dirty blond/straw-colored
Skin: slightly tanned
Eyes: hazel; more green in sunlight
Body type: well-built; slightly lanky
Pitch of voice: cheerful; warm; baritone
Distinguishable markings: He doesn't stand out in a crowd and tends to blend in. Travis does have an unassuming smile though.

Personality: Intelligent, perceptive, and deceptively open; Travis isn't anything special when it comes to appearance, but his personality compensates for that. He is very down-to-earth, kind, yet firm. As captain, he is able to command respect through the display of his abilities alone and he is more honorable than most. Not arrogant and not a pushover, Travis tends to appear as happy-go-lucky and cheerful while hiding a more serious side. He knows the truth and hates CAC and Director Parsons. Even though he seems laid back all the time, when he is serious, Travis is scary and makes an amazing soldier. His goal is to save as many people as possible and damn the consequences since he isn't afraid what will become of him at the end of his mission.
» Weakness(es): sometime too focused on missions; reckless; sees the best in people (can be a strength); slight insomnia.
» Strength(s): unpredictable/unorthodox (can be a weakness); strategizing; cares for his team; open-minded; leadership skills.

History: As a child, Travis was often prone to sickness and his parents often were overprotective and worried. When he was around four years old, he contracted an illness and it almost brought him to Death's doorstep. Luckily he managed to pull through and grew even stronger. But it seemed that the illness scared his parents more than ususal and resulted in many arguments until his mother decided to leave him when he was just about to turn six. Still, Travis lived happily with his father and at a young age he came to understand that he had to be his own man since his father seemed to work a lot, having many visitors come to their basement and leave at midnight when his father thought he was asleep. While these strange things happened, Travis eventually went to school and started making friends. Then when he was nine, a news reporter was mentioning something called CAC. (view spoiler) Recognizing the name CAC slightly, Travis went to his father, demanding answers. Eventually, he was told that the group of people his father was meeting with knew about CAC and its hidden agenda. Perhaps his father didn't know about his mother or not, but Travis knew instantly that he couldn't let CAC have control of things. At first his involvement was minimal, especially since he was under the watchful eye of his father. But after his father returned from a Sentient mission with a blown knee, Travis knew that it was the end for his father and that it was his job to pick up the slack. So, when Travis was twelve, he started training and eventually his quick mind helped him go up the social ladder among the Sentients. His father was still second in command, though confined to a desk, and Travis proved to be as equally capable as his father (perhaps even more). Not long after he turned fifteen, he took on his father's role, who discovered the involvement of Travis' mother in CAC and broke down after that (it was by some miracle or curse that his father didn't realize this until then). As the new second in command, Travis' actions always were a little questionable since his way of thinking was always hard to follow. But he was a good team player and it always came as a surprise that he was such a capable fighter since he appeared so lovable to everyone. Some time after he turned nineteen, a new guy joined The Sentients and they immediately hit it off as friends. This Larkin guy was like a younger brother to Travis and he taught him all that he knew. Then, somehow the location of the base where that particular group of Sentients were got out and CAC immediately descended on them. In the chaos, Larkin was shot and taken and Travis had escaped. After he realized that Larkin was gone, guilt swept through Travis and to make it up, he decided to go undercover and join the CAC. Since his mother hadn't seen him since he was five, she hasn't recognized him yet and Larkin has just joined Travis' team after Travis spent half a year looking for him. Now, it is only the matter of how to escape and survive.

» Kennedy Baines- Father; 45; Previous 2nd in Command; Loved but Out of Contact
» Loreen Parsons- Mother; 44; Director of CAC; Distant; Enemy
» Maya Juliann Carson- Sentient; 27; Leader
» Hyun Siwon- Team Member; 20; 1st Officer; Acquaintance
» Larkin Sadler- Team Member; 17; Friend/Little Brother
» Asha Daube- Team Member; 17; 2nd Officer

Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis; Telepathy

Weapon(s): pair of pistols; sword (view spoiler).

Fighting Skill(s): Out of the others in White rank, Travis stands out. It's as if fighting is a second nature to him, almost like breathing. Usually he's one of the few selected to wow the new volunteers with his demonstrations of combat and though he never likes to show off, his ability to fight tends to attract a lot of interested followers. His goal is to make sure things are done efficiently and no one gets left behind so he tends to fight straightforwardly, though even then his prowess shines through. He has a good eye, quick reflexes, and steady balance. It's only his sense of fairness that makes him hesitate.

Other: Sometimes it seems all he does is train and when he's not in classes or in his room, he's off doing his own thing, which is usually when he reconnects with The Sentients. Also, he has an open door policy so that if anyone needed his help, he's always there to give advice or lend a listening ear.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 75 comments Name: Kallie Geneviève Collingswood
» Aliases: Geneviève Garrett; GiGi

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 25
» Birthday: April 8

Faction Association: CAC
» Team: Team 2
» Team Rank: Team Member
» Skill Rank: White


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168lbs
Hair: auburn
Skin: creamy white; flawless
Eyes: dark green
Body type: busty and built like Marilyn Monroe
Pitch of voice: smoky; sweet; sultry; sexy

Personality: Kallie, as a child was always the brave one, easily excitable and always ready for anything. Upon joining the CAC Kallie found it difficult at first without Kyle, in an effort to distance herself from him and her family she changed her name to Geneviève Garrett; shortening it to GiGi seemed to fit the new persona she was taking on. GiGi exudes a sensuality akin to a succubus, everything about her speaks of a sexy, confident woman who gets she wants. Although she appears confident and brazen she is actually overcompensating for the severe loneliness she's felt since leaving her twin, she's too stubborn to contact them though. She is fiercely loyal to the CAC even as she is internally questioning what they are doing.
» Weakness(es): sad; lonely; uncertain; depressed; competitive.
» Strength(s): seductive; sexy; confident; bold; brazen.

History: Born prematurely, Kyle and Kallie spent a month being visited in neonatal intensive care by loving frightened parents. At first it was touch and go, and the twins almost died several times, then things began looking up when a nurse accidentally discovered what was missing by placing Kallie next to Kyle in one incubator during an emergency. When the nurse returned to find her mistake she found the babies snuggled closely together, their vital signs stable for the first time since birth. Within a week the babies were sent home with their overjoyed parents and placed in the same nursery. The children grew in strength and size, soon developing their own shared language. School attempted to separate the children when they began their education but it was quickly discovered they suffered severe anxiety when separated and after a month the school relented and the twins were placed in the same class.
At the age of thirteen their parents felt it was important to separate the boy and girl and designed them each a beautiful room. At night the twins would sometimes sneak back into their old shared room and sleep curled closely together in a pile of pillows and blankets. On their 15th birthday Kyle and Kallie each received a large fancy envelope from the Clavis Aurea Corporation inviting them to be part of a brave new world. Kallie excited to be chosen immediately said they would of course accept, but Kyle, having noticed the disappearances in the neighborhood, was leary of the whole thing. After a huge fight, Kallie, in a indignant rage, packed her belongings and letter in hand joined The Clavis Aurea Corporation, turning her back on her twin forever.
After joining the CAC, Kallie was encouraged to distance herself from her old family in order to help embrace her new one so she changed her name to Geneviève Garrett, quickly becoming known in CAC as simply GiGi. As her powers developed, she learned, soaking up everything they taught her, etiquette, beauty, fighting skills, and other specialized skills to suit her particular talents. She is lonely in the CAC but never shows it, depersonalizing everything makes what she does for CAC easier. She is fiercely loyal to the CAC even as she is internally questioning what they are doing. Although she misses them more than anyone knows she has not attempted to contact her brother or her family since she left them, ten years ago.

» Kyle Garret Collingswood - Twin brother; 25; Agent Director for The Sentients

Psychic Abilities: Amokinesis; Apportation.

Weapon(s): lipstick, high heels, and an eyelash curler; concealed handgun.

Fighting Skill(s): kickboxing; excellent marksmanship.

Other: Although an excellent kickboxer and well schooled in self defense, GiGi's special talents mean she rarely needs to fight. Her trainers at the CAC have made her sexuality a weapon in and of itself, and although she is heterosexual, she will seduce whomever the CAC needs taken care of male or female with the same astute ability.
She has seen her brother on the street several times, sometimes following him and watching him when he's getting coffee or out with friends. Sometimes she will go and sit in his chair at the coffee shop he prefers after he has left just to smell his familiar scent. He has accidentally seen her a couple of times but she's been able to vanish in an instant so he never gets a second look.

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Name: Kobayashi Junko
» Aliases: Junky; Koba
*(Kobayashi - surname; Junko - given name)

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 23
» Birthday: January 26

Faction Association: The Sentients
» Occupation: Explosives Expert


Height: 5'0"; at least 5'3" with any of her shoes
Weight: 103lbs
Hair: dark brown; most have never seen it since she always wears wigs or hair pieces
Skin: pale
Eyes: light brown
Body type: petite
Pitch of voice: high; honeyed; singsong
Distinguishable markings: She owns very little simple clothing, and most of what she wears is not only rather expensive but also frilly and many-layered.

Personality: Junko usually sounds very sweet, whether she's talking ruffles or pipe bombs. She isn't very noisy, but not quiet enough for people not to notice her when she walks into a room, partially because to her clicking shoes, and partially because she tends to announce herself. She is constantly setting things on fire, whether on purpose or on accident, which can be troublesome if she lets it get out of hand. She hates it when people put out her fires and finds it very annoying.
» Weaknesses: fire, explosives and large guns; usually something she is wearing makes noise; a little off balance when she isn't wearing tall shoes; her weapons aren't exactly the safest in the world; dresses.
» Strengths: fire, explosives, and large guns; she can, and has, used her various accessories as weapons; nobody suspects the loli; can make a bomb with a pair of earrings, a bullet, a match, and about four minutes.

History: Junko's family wasn't exactly functional, her father, a painter, spent most of his time at home with her. While her mother toured across the country as a musician, she didn't spend more than a few months out of each year with her only daughter. At eight years old Junko got a hold of her first lighter, and really her entire existence went downhill from there, from using a magnifying glass to burn insects, to setting random things on fire all over the house. Thankfully the damage normally wasn't that bad. However at fifteen her addiction to the unruly element caused her to accidentally burn her house down, killing her mother and another woman who was in the house. This caused her father to finally break down and institutionalize her, though she didn't exactly get much better. She began thinking of bigger things than just setting things on fire, and when she was released at eighteen she began teaching herself how to build bombs of all sorts. She moved farther from her father so that he wouldn't know she wasn't using the money he continued to send her for more than just her extravagant shopping habits. Most of her time went to teaching herself how to build, take apart, change, and place bombs. Somehow she managed to avoid actually destroying anything for another few months before she left the country, though once her plane landed it wasn't much more than a day before news of both a bomb and a rather large fire hit the news. As it turns out, this first building belonged to a company called CAC, and another group seemed more interested in the action itself. Somehow the group, calling themselves The Sentients, managed to contact her and offered her the position of being their resident pyro, and she quickly accepted.

» Kobayashi Wakana - Mother; Deceased
» Kobayashi Yamato - Father; Painter; Somewhat Estranged
» Yoshida Airi - Sentient Member; 29; Tech Advisor; Why Doesn't She Wear Shoes
» Maya Carlson - Sentient Member; 27; Leader; Very Long
» Kyle Garret Collingswood - Sentient Member; 25; Agent Director; Giant
» Yu Seung-Joon - Sentient Member; 21; Intel Coordinator; Double Agent; Weird Mohawk
» Travis Baines - Sentient Member; 19; 2nd In Command; Double Agent; Also Giant And Has A Large Mouth
» ????????? - Sentient Member; ??; Legal Adviser; ????????????

Weapons: rocket launcher (view spoiler); grenades (view spoiler); sniper rifle (view spoiler); a parasol that doubles as a flamethrower.

Fighting Skills: Usually she just stays her distance so she doesn't have to fight, but if she gets close she can either just torch the person or knock them over and strangle them with a necklace.

Other: Junko speaks both English and Japanese fluently. She gives everyone nicknames, even if they don't like it. They can get over it because she thinks her names are cute.

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Heather (georgouschaos) | 47 comments Name: Maya Juliann Carlson

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 27
» Birthday: April 25

Faction Association: The Sentients
» Occupation: Sentient Leader; Activist


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Hair: blonde
Skin: sunkissed
Eyes: blue
Body type: tall; slender; girlish
Pitch of voice: calm; articulate; airy

Personality: Maya is received by most as a warm and compassionate woman, caring, some would even say, to a fault. These traits, although true to her character, are rarely directed inwardly, and she is notorious for giving so much of her time and self to others that there's rarely any left over for herself. She takes on the troubles of her friends and allies as if they were her own, but Maya does this with loyalty and love in her heart for the people she holds dear. She views the Sentients as her chosen family, and regards them all as such no matter their position or varying personalities. Maya protects the Sentients to the best of her ability while trying to sabotage the shameful existence of the CAC, but when trouble lands on their doorstep, which it sometimes does, Maya always takes full responsibility for the actions of the group. She would rather throw herself to the wolves and be found guilty than let the blame rest on her team's shoulders.
» Weakness(es): reactive; stressed; Sentients; lack of emotional availability.
» Strength(s): driven; fierce loyalty (could be seen as a weakness); consistent; reliable; strong willed; protective; belief in the cause.

History: Maya's drive to take down the CAC comes from a personal place that dwells on her missing sister. Though she has never been able to prove Zoey was seduced by the promises made by the CAC, she fears that her sister's difficult life may have forced her to come to the conclusion that they were her only option. Maya had never voiced her theories to anyone however, fearing of either the wrath of the company itself for exposing them, or the probability that people would call her crazy. Zoey had never lived life on the straight and narrow, and most just assumed she went off the grid on purpose, but Maya, having known her sister, doesn't believe that to be the case. It wasn't until her chance meeting with a Travis Baines, the Captain of the CAC's go team, that Maya surprisingly found someone who shared in her disgust with the organization, and with his help they began forming their own which they dubbed The Sentients.

» Zoey Carlson - 19; Missing; The Sister
» Travis Baines - Sentient & CAC; 19; 2nd in Command; The Son
» Yoshida Airi - Sentient; 29; Tech Advisor; The Firecracker
» Yu Seung-Joon - Sentient & CAC; 21; Intel Coordinator; The Jokester
» Kyle Garret Collingswood - Sentient; 25; Agent Director; The Desperado
» Kobayashi Junko - Sentient; 23; Explosives Expert; The Pyro

Weapon(s) None.

Fighting Skill(s): None that would qualify her as being proficient in anything however, she is capable of landing a hefty punch or two and can offer one hell of a struggle. Maya is not the type to go down quietly.

Other: Devoted to her work, Maya doesn't allow much time for herself. A sense of urgency constantly weighs on her shoulders, and stress only adds to the cumbersome load. With an inability, as it would seem, to unwind Maya often has trouble sleeping, and her inflicted tenseness leaves her sometimes achy and lethargic.

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Heather (georgouschaos) | 47 comments Name: Nolan Gregory Hagens

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 29
» Birthday: November 17

Faction Association: CAC
» Occupation: Lawyer (prior to CAC affiliation)
» Team Rank: Team 2 Captain
» Skill Rank: Blue


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 172lbs
Hair: sandy
Skin: olive
Eyes: hazel
Body type: athletic; trim
Pitch of voice: dry; confident air

Personality: Nolan's mentality is greatly composed of his high sense of self-entitlement. A powerful man in respect to his businesses, he is skillfully manipulative and deceptively charming, making him a convincing individual in most matters legal and otherwise. Apathetic, Nolan cares little about the struggles of others, unless he's being paid to care, of course. He isn't known for carrying on any emotionally meaningful relationships, his self-absorbed attitude and super-sized ego usually being too much for any woman to endure for an extended period of time. Nolan does however, have reason for his bloated confidence given he is impeccably good in his services for the CAC. To most, he is considered untouchable, by neither the hand nor the law, which in turn often forces the people around him to tolerate his imperious behavior. The fact they suffer him, albeit begrudgingly, gives Nolan a comfortable sense of security, void of any need to adjust his haughtiness.
» Weakness(es): arrogance; power; high-class lifestyle; morally bankrupt (could be seen as a strength).
» Strength(s): tactful; intelligent; calculating; patient; self-interest (could be seen as a weakness).

History: With a family full of politicians, judges, and a wide range of other high ranking officials, Nolan following his predecessors in their accomplishments had been expected. A wealthy man long before he ever began making his own money, he was given access to the best schools available and all the privilege and connections that come with the territory. He quickly became a well-known and sought after representative, knowing every trick of the trade and all the loop-holes scattered throughout the code of law. Proving his expertise on how to work the system is what drew the CAC's attention to Nolan in the beginning, driving the secretive company to eventuality approach the devilishly charming man with an opportunity (and pay raise) that Nolan could not say no to. He worked the CAC's ranks just as he would have worked a courtroom, convincingly winning over his audience with a steadfast work ethic and an impressive success rate to show for it, and within a few short years has risen to Captain of the CAC's secondary team.

» Loreen Parsons - CAC; 44; Director
» Travis Baines - CAC; 19; Team 1 Captain; White
» Hyun Siwon - CAC; 20; 1st Officer; White
» Asha Daube - CAC; 17; 2nd Officer; Blue
» Elijah DeLorain - CAC; 21; Team 2 Member; White
» Kallie Geneviève Collingswood - CAC; 25; Team 2 Member; White

Psychic Abilities: Psychokinesis; Pathokinesis

Weapon(s): Nolan owns two Desert Eagle's, one stays locked in a safe at his home, the other he tends to carry consistently on his person.

Fighting Skill(s): Situations that require an ability to fight do not often manifest for this high ranking attorney, but he has the means and the efficiency to protect himself. He however is not one to brawl; simply put, if Nolan wants to hurt you, he has more tactical ways of doing so.

Other: Nolan has no qualms with using his enhanced abilities in order to get his way and relies on them, sometimes heavily, to ensure his own victory.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 110 comments Mod
Name: Rolfe Daube
» Alias(es): Ratt

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 20
» Birthday: April 1

Faction Association: Sentients
» Occupation: Pizza Delivery Guy


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: dark brown; rarely brushed
Skin: very pale
Eyes: light blue
Body type: skinny; barely any muscle
Pitch of voice: medium; just low enough to not sound like a girl normally

Personality: Ratt is very mousy, when he isn't around his siblings he tends to be used as a somewhat like a doormat. His younger siblings, especially his sister, gave him a sense that he actually had something worth protecting, but when he got kicked out of his house he let his confidence waver. He isn't exactly smart, or strong, but he's very quick and can mix his words so he sounds much more intelligent than he actually is.
» Weakness(es): gets sent around like a gopher often; assumes most people are lying; jumps at loud noises.
» Strength(s): he can run fairly fast, especially when something is chasing him; can easily hide in a crowd; has very little presence(can be a weakness).

History: Rolfe was raised, along with three siblings, in a lower middle class family. Being very protective over his younger siblings he helped his parents keep them out of trouble. At fifteen he turned down a CAC offer, not wanting to leave his family. When his only sister got the same offer he was surprised, but he wanted her to get the best of the best and helped her decide that joining the CAC was the best decision for her. He kept in touch with her, and was able to make sure she was safe within the organization. When the Sentients approached him he didn't believe their story at first, but eventually took up their cause, wanting to get his sister out of the CAC as soon as possible. He recently moved out of his house to live closer to the Sentient headquarters, but he still keeps an eye on his brothers at home.

» Asha Daube - CAC Officer; 17; Spacey

Weapon(s): pressure points; crossbow (view spoiler); he doesn't like guns, they're too loud.

Fighting Skill(s): running, he's actually quite fast; he can hit pressure points that will knock someone on their butt.

Other: The only thing he's studied that he actually enjoyed is what each pressure points can do.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 75 comments Name: Kyle Garret Collingswood
» Alias: Garret Wood

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 25
» Birthday: April 8

Faction Association: The Sentients
» Occupation: Agent Director


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 198lbs
Hair: auburn
Skin: creamy white; flawless
Eyes: dark green
Body type: strong; lean muscular
Pitch of voice: smoky; deep
Distinguishable markings: He has tattoo of a guardian angel on his chest near his heart that says "I'll see you when you sleep" as well as wings on his shoulders and back, there is also a band on his right bicep that simply says "Seeker of Lost Souls".

Personality: Kyle, as a child, was a follower. He was always an overprotective brother who would find himself unwillingly going along with Kallie's crazy ideas, usually against his better judgment, in order to keep her safe. After Kallie left, Kyle began getting into lots of trouble, running with a rough crowd, mostly other teens whose siblings had joined CAC as well. The street is where he learned to fight. At seventeen he was recruited to a fight club where he learned to organize and lead, while honing his fighting skills. As an adult he has become a capable leader and organizer who is dedicated and loyal to a cause he fiercely believes in.
» Weakness(es): sad; lonely; uncertain; anxious; angry.
» Strength(s): organized; driven; attentive to details; extremely observant.

History: Born prematurely, Kyle and Kallie spent a month being visited in neonatal intensive care by loving frightened parents. At first it was touch and go and the twins almost died several times, but things began looking up when a nurse accidentally discovered what was missing by placing Kallie next to Kyle in one incubator during an emergency. When the nurse returned to find her mistake she found the babies snuggled closely together, their vital signs stable for the first time since birth. Within a week the babies were sent home with their overjoyed parents and placed in the same nursery. The children grew in strength and size soon developing their own shared language. School attempted to separate the children when they began their education but it was quickly discovered they suffered severe anxiety when separated and after a month the school relented and the twins were placed in the same class.
At the age of thirteen their parents felt it was important to separate the boy and girl and designed them each a beautiful room. At night the twins would sometimes sneak back into their old shared room and sleep curled closely together in a pile of pillows and blankets. On their fifteenth birthday Kyle and Kallie each received a large fancy envelope from the Clavis Aurea Corporation inviting them to be part of a brave new world. Kyle realizing how excited Kallie was to be chosen immediately tried to talk her out of the idea, having already noticed the disappearances in the neighborhood he was leery of the whole thing and they ended up in a huge fight. After calming down Kyle went to his sister's room to try to apologize, hoping to talk some sense into her, but she was already gone.
When Kyle realized what his twin had done he went to CAC headquarters to see his sister and tried to bring her home. He was ejected from the headquarters public office for public disturbance and given a trespass warning saying he would be arrested on site if he returned. He spent several years trying to find ways to infiltrate CAC before he was recruited into the Sentients where he rose quickly through the ranks into his current position as Agent Director. His only real goal with the Sentients is to rescue his sister.

» Kallie Geneviève Collingswood - Twin sister; 25; CAC Agent

Weapons: multiple concealed handguns.

Fighting Skill: kickboxing; hand to hand combat; expert marksman.

Other: An excellent kickboxer, Kyle did not receive any professional training until he was an adult. Before that he was an excellent and particularly violent street fighter, he uses many forms of hand to hand combat and usually fights dirty.
He feels like he sees his sister everywhere lately, but every time he turns to get a better look she is gone. Unsure if his mind is playing tricks on him, he feels like she is watching him, sometimes even sensing her presence close by but never really getting a good look at her.

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Heather (georgouschaos) | 47 comments Name: Kaden Taylor Jackson
» Alias(es): KT

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 18
» Birthday: January 24

Faction Association: None
» Occupation: Part-time Cashier at Record & Tape Exchange


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: dishwater blonde
Skin: fair
Eyes: honey
Body type: petite; boyish
Pitch of voice: boisterous; crude; carrying
Distinguishable markings: There is a small, quarter-sized dreamcatcher tattoo located behind Kaden's left ear.

Personality: Brazen to the core, Kaden is more than just a little rough around the edges. Coming from a house that screamed as much as it prayed, and judged as strongly as they loved, KT can be hard to manage when fired up, but can still be as endearing as anyone you'll ever meet. If you ask her opinion however beware; her answer may not be what you want to hear, and she's not very tactful at sugar coating things. Kaden stays true to herself by being devoutly honest, and therefore expects the same respect. It is rare that she questions anyone, people's personal business to her are their own, but do not lie to her if she just so happens to; Kaden will always find out, and there's nothing she hates more than a liar.
» Weakness(es): family and friends (could also be seen as a strength); blunt mannerisms.; devil-may-care attitude; reckless.
» Strength(s): self-aware; quick witted; adaptable; caring; bold; fierce.

History: Kaden was raised with a firm belief that family is, and should always be, her highest priority. With a vast number of friends, that are considered just as much family as any blood relation, KT has an unwavering and strong support system at her back; and if you cross one, you have crossed them all (which has proven to be a fatal position to be in on more than one occasion). However, even being as dysfunctional and hardheaded as they tend to be sometimes, they are honest, hard working people with a love for life,the road, and a good time. Raised in a constant string of biker rallies, fights, shows, and lock-downs, Kaden has experienced the travesties of the world at their finest. Backstabbing, blackmail, and extortion being an ever looming threat, and bearing witness to such terrible human nature throughout her life has taught KT to appreciate, all the more, the moments of joy and celebration. Even the smallest amount of good news is better than bad, unfortunately the latter comes in higher frequency.

» Kennith Jackson - Citizen; 36; Mechanic; Father
» Nina Jackson - Citizen; 35; Registered Nurse; Mother
» Lobo Chopper - Citizens(?); Varying Ages and Occupations; "Family"; Loving Group of Dysfunctional Ruffians
» "Hillbilly" - Citizen; 57; Junkyard Owner; Family Friend
» Dustin Wayne Rossi - Citizen; 27; Junkyard Hand; Acquaintance

Weapon(s): She has no weapons of her own to speak of, but Kaden does have means to access a variety of firearms if necessary.

Fighting Skill(s): Unafraid, Kaden has no problem getting rough when pushed to her limits, and is known for being involved in her share of violent conflicts. Typically her "family" is the only thing she'll defend to such extents however, but the moment you try to hurt her family the gloves come off, and Kaden will cut you.

Other: Miss Jackson has a rather impressive rap sheet for a young woman. It consists vastly of petty crimes like trespassing and disorderliness, a shoplifting charge here and there, but nothing too menacing. Just the product of a young girl having a little fun in her harmless acts of youth.

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Heather (georgouschaos) | 47 comments Name: Dustin Wayne Rossi
» Alias(es): Dusty

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 27
» Birthday: December 21

Faction Association: None
» Occupation: Junkyard Hand


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 158lbs
Hair: chestnut
Skin: tan
Eyes: dark brown
Body type: healthy; fit
Pitch of voice: gruff
Distinguishable markings: Half-sleeve of tattoos on both arms, as well as a healthy collection of others in various locations, including across the fingers of his right hand.

Personality: Loveable prick is probably the best way to describe Dusty. Though he can be a bit uncivilized from time to time, all in all Dustin has a big heart and a generous personality. The kind of man who would give the shirt off his back for those he loves, he is a loyal and true friend, always there for the people who need him. He is however, also quite stubborn and refuses to be anything more or less than exactly what he is, and if you don't like it, well frankly, you can kiss where the sun don't shine as far as Dusty is concerned.
» Weakness(es): adventure; kindhearted nature; his history; impulsive.
» Strength(s): street smarts; comprehensive knowledge of the city; proud; moral code; trustworthy.

History: Dustin was only twelve when his mother was diagnosed with leukemia, and within seven short months she was gone. Prior to Beverly becoming ill, the family had been a humble but happy one. His parents had been one of the few high school sweethearts that managed to keep it together through the rough times and their love was as strong as it was obvious. However, when his mother got sick, in order to pay for her care, they had been forced to downgrade their living arrangements, and eventually ended up selling almost everything to keep up with the medical payments. By the time Beverly passed, the Rossi family had little left, and with Edward stricken by the loss of his wife, his work ethic dwindled for some time. Father and son spent a few years in and out of hotels, since that was the only place they could pay week to week without much hassle. With such unstable living arrangements, and a detached father, Dusty was forced into taking care of himself at a young age. Aware however, that his father's distance was not because of him, Dustin was understanding towards his old man, and though it had hurt him as a child that he seemingly hadn't been enough of a reason for Edward to pull himself together, Dustin quickly got over his selfish thoughts. Dusty had lost his mother, and he reminded himself that his father had lost his wife, and although it took some time, the pair, working together, finally pulled themselves out of debt. He misses his mother everyday, but keeps her close to his heart, and now twenty years later, Dustin has become content with his simple life, and hopes he has made her proud.

» Edward Rossi - Citizen; 54; Repairman; Father
» Beverly Rossi - Citizen; Deceased; Mother
» "Hillbilly" - Citizen; 57; Junkyard Owner
» Kaden Jackson - Citizen; 18; Cashier at the Record & Tape Excange; Acquaintance

Weapon(s): Dustin carries a hunting knife with him at all times, though it should be said that it's used more as a tool than a weapon.

Fighting Skill(s): Dusty knows the streets and how to defend himself in them, having spent many years being a part of them. Not the type to go around picking fights though, Dustin only reacts violently when it's called for.

Other: His favorite part of working at the junkyard is taking care of its five guard dogs: Kay, a sleek Doberman pincher; Butch, a robust German shepard; Knucklehead, a high energy boxer; Smokey, a falsely intimidating grey pit, and Pisqually, a lazy, snoring, red Pekingese.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 366 comments Mod
Name: Paisley Walsh

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 21
» Birthday: July 30

Faction Association: The Sentients
» Occupation: Research Assistant; Scientist


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118lbs
Hair: walnut brown
Skin: porcelain; pale
Eyes: black
Body type: slender; boyish; unathletic
Pitch of voice: slightly nasally

Personality: There is nothing in the world other than science that truly excites Paisley. Science is at the center of her life (at least, other than her brother) and she lights up whenever science comes up in conversation. Sometimes she gets impatient when explaining things and her words pile on top of each other. When you can get her away from the lab and science journals, Paisley is always investigating something new. Her inquisitiveness directs her, which can be rewarding or get her in trouble. Usually she looks to her older brother to get her out of scrapes, much to his chagrin, but generally she's a good person. As she learns more, Paisley takes it into stride; rather than get angry at being shown how to do things, she tends to act humble and simply accept the new process. Usually Paisley likes to help wherever she can, but she tends to create a greater dilemma than the one to start with. She has a good heart, but her heart works best with science.
» Weakness(es): candy; scatterbrained; clumsy (other than science); let's her tongue runaway; slightly obsessed with work.
» Strength(s): science; mathematics; thorough; hard-working; strong moral compass.

History: To Paisley, it was always her and her brother and no one else. Sure they had their parents, but their parents were often consumed with their own jobs, travelling all over the place. Paisley was basically raised by her older brother, Donny, and the nanny, who was a sweet old lady if a bit stern. For Paisley, her love of science began when she was six years old and her twelve year-old brother wanted to stop her pestering and let her look at his science textbook. The pictures were enough to pique the little girl's interests and she began watching as many documentaries and scientific shows as she could. Since her brother noticed this interest, he bought her a little experiment kit when she was eight or so and began helping her with little things like making volcanoes or using a lemon to light a light bulb. However, these little things ended when her brother graduated from high school and he moved out of the house in search of work in the city. Of course he would visit, but Paisley never felt so alone. Eventually, her parents let the nanny go when they thought she was old enough to take care of herself. Still, she persevered, absorbing as much as she can when it came to learning. A couple times when she placed first at a science fair, her brother would come and throw a little celebration for her. Finally, when she graduated high school herself, Paisley left home and moved in with her brother so that she can go to school in the city. When she was about to turn twenty, a professor of hers recommended interning for a scientist who was working on his/her own. Little did she know that this scientist was with the Sentient, but after seeing her gifted mind, the scientist invited her into the fold. Ever since, Paisley has been working with the Sentients, examining and researching anything involving science that comes to her lab.

» Donovan Walsh - Older Brother; 27; Pawn Shop Owner

Weapon(s): None

Fighting Skill(s): None, unless you count the tickle attacks she gives her brother.

Other: Much to her brother's annoyance, Paisley likes to grow plants and she cultivates a small garden in a series of small pots in their apartment. Sometimes it overflows into her work space and she can usually be found bending over notes with a leaf tickling her head.

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Nobody | 53 comments Name: Vianne Madsen
*(Vianne = possible mix of Vi and Anne; the violet flower represents modesty; Madsen = son of Mads in Swedish)

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 19
» Birthday: October 31

Faction Association: CAC
» Team: Team 2
» Team Rank: 1st Officer
» Skill Rank: White


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Hair: blue ombre to silver
Skin: fair with an olive undertone
Eyes: electric blue
Body type: average
Pitch of voice: alto/medium tone
Distinguishable markings: mostly her hair makes her stand out a lot

Personality: Clear and concise, Vianne doesn't have any time for nonsense. She's very blunt in her dealings with her teammates, and because of this Vianne tends to be hard to get along with. If you want a euphemist opinion, don't come to Vianne; sometimes what she sees as the truth is harsh for reality in others' viewpoints. Overall, Vianne is not verbose and keeps her words cut short. She tends to express herself more through her appearance and music. Vianne considers trust to be low on her priority list. She's never really opened up to anyone, mostly because she'd rather observe from afar and distance herself from others.
» Weakness(es): untrusting; somewhat arrogant; self-conscious
» Strength(s): music; keeps a clear head; well organized

History: Vianne is the only child of her parents. She considers her childhood to be plain and boring, besides her music lessons. Her parents treated her well and they live a comfortable life. As she approached her teenage years, she realized she was bored with life and wanted to do something more. After discussing it with her parents, she decided to volunteer for the CAC. Other than that, Vianne kept her head down and worked hard, eventually reaching white rank.

» Jonathon Madsen - Father; 44
» Scarlet Madsen - Mother; 41
» Nolan Gregory Hagens - Captain; 29
» Yu Seung-Joon - Team member; 21
» Kallie Geneviève Collingswood - Team member; 25

Psychic Abilities: Audiokinesis (manipulate and generate sound); Crystallokinesis (manipulate minerals and crystal)

Weapon(s): She relies on her crystals.

Fighting Skill(s): None.

Other: Vianne's music is her life; her powers have expanded on her musical abilities by allowing her to combine soundwaves and crystals to experiment with music.

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Deanna | 12 comments Name: Emory Pierce Alden
» Alias: Sophos; Ry (Ree) (view spoiler)

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 26
» Birthday: December 3

Faction Association: None (soon to be Sentients)
» Occupation: Custodian (view spoiler)


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: sable brown; dirty; stands on end from repeatedly running his hands through it
Skin: pallid olive tone; obviously sun-deprived
Eyes: chocolate
Body type: muscular; athletic
Pitch of voice: low tenor; harsh
Distinguishable markings: Emory has a thing for tattoos and adds to his collection often. He is currently working on full sleeves. He also is never seen without his abnormally thick glasses.

Personality: Emory is a bitter person. Indifferent to the well-being of those around him, he cares about basically nothing but keeping a roof over his head and his face off the streets. Though he is nearly savant-like in the ways of anything scientific (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.), he has hardly used his knowledge and talent since quitting Zytech. Emory's rare brand of genius mixed with the horrifying events leading up to his leaving Zytech has created a person who is not only blunt, but uncaring and unfeeling. He does his best to avoid human contact, and when forced into social situations, tends to lash out at the nearest person, doing his best to offend all parties so thoroughly that they never return. There was a time when Emory had understood human emotion, and a select few people for whom he felt very strongly. That time, however, has passed, and though he wants to hate CAC for what they did to him, the emotion is far too difficult and forces up far too many memories. Because of this, he has reverted back to his default setting: brick wall.
» Weakness(es): dangerously blunt (view spoiler); indifferent; unmotivated; hates social interaction; constantly on edge; easily set-off.
» Strength(s): brilliant; strong (view spoiler); great at being a ghost.

History: Growing up, Emory had trouble understanding his fellow children, their underdeveloped brains only concerned with trivial things like food and games. He, on the other hand, was concerned with the inner workings of matter in general. Why did his body work the way it did? How did a computer create pictures? What in milk made his bones stronger? In high school, rather than playing sports or participating in science clubs, Emory merely studied. He read every book he could find about science, mathematics, engineering, etc., and graduated at fifteen (view spoiler). The very same year, he turned down several invitations from CAC (too much structure), and began his freshman year a the top research university in the country.

Emory met Claire at nineteen, while he was completing his doctoral thesis over the theory of drug-induced molecular reversal in the brain. She was eighteen and beginning her freshman year; her major was music therapy, and in a matter of moments, their chance encounter on a train changed his life. She was cheerful and beautiful. She had introduced herself and did not allow Emory to ignore her. She shattered what he thought he knew about the rest of his race and helped him rebuild his mind. Though her IQ was far inferior to Emory's, her mind was vast and deep and curious. Claire wanted to know everything about his work, and in turn, she taught him about art, and how it was more than just something nice to look at. She opened his eyes to beautiful things, flipped on switches in his mind he'd never realized needed powering. She taught him how to feel. They dated throughout her college career and married when he was twenty-three, and she twenty-two. At twenty-five, Emory found out that the the company he worked for, Zytech Pharmaceutical, was being bought by CAC. The company which had offered him so much freedom was now being handed over to the the very corporation whom he'd refused a decade ago. He began to dig, researching this mysterious drug, Philexiphan, trying to gain access to a sample, a file, something to give him a clue as to what it did. Every trail, however, went cold. CAC never tried to contact him, never told him to stop. It was as if they hadn't noticed his repeated attempts at gaining information. Until one day, he went home to find his beautiful Claire, dead. The medical report claimed that it was a fluke, a brain aneurysm. Emory found the pregnancy test in the bathroom trash that night. It was positive.

He quit his job at Zytech the next day and went underground, sold his house and belongings, and rented a basement unit in an accounting firm. He kept his money stored, paying the firm to keep his space a secret and cleaning their office by night. After losing Claire, the wall returned. Emory works--sometimes--and survives. The only thing he cared about was taken from him, but feeling the grief and hatred is too painful, so he masks it with apathy and indifference. It's been a year, and every time he looks at the picture of his beautiful Claire, a burning, passionate hatred towards the corporation threatens to escape. He's managed to quell it thus far, but one spark is all he needs.

Emory doesn't know it, but the Sentients are on his trail. One of the accountants frequently orders pizza, which is delivered by none other than Ratt, a primary member of the Sentients. It was only a matter of time before he overheard the story of the strange man living in the basement of the firm.

» Claire Willow Alden - Wife; 24; Deceased; (view spoiler)

Weapon(s): Glock 19 (view spoiler); knife (view spoiler).

Fighting Skill(s): He can hold his own in a fight. No formal training, but he's strong and doesn't have anything to lose.

Other: Emory has a picture of Claire in a chain locket he wears under his shirt. It's all he has left of her, and he will guard it with his life (view spoiler).

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