Wonder (Wonder, #1) Wonder question

Estherh Estherh Nov 03, 2014 09:10PM
1.If you were August's Parents would you continue getting him homeschooled or letting him explore in school?
2.If you were August how would you Face all the problems starting from his school?
3.Are you willing to be August's friend if you were studying in the same school as August?
4.What's the only part in the book wonder that gets stuck in your brain?

1.) Explore school to make friends
2.) I would TRY to make new friends and tell people i'm not that bad
3.) I would wait a little while for me to get used to his face and him getting used to the school and then make friends with him
4.) The camp chapter

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Estherh ok.
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1.I would let him explore the school.
2.I have no idea.
3.Yep I would be Augusts friend.
4.I liked all of the book so I don't have a specific part that gets stuck in my head.

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Estherh Ok.
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