Wonder (Wonder, #1) Wonder question

Estherh Estherh Nov 03, 2014 09:08PM
1.If you were August's Parents would you continue getting him homeschooled or letting him explore in school?
2.If you were August how would you Face all the problems starting from his school?

If i were August's parents I will let him decide what he want to do .
I will feel sad facing all the problems starting from school.

If I were August parents i would let him stay homeschooled because I wouldn't let august feel sad.
If i were august i would just ignore the people who are being mean to me and be nice to the friends that are my friends.

1.if i was August's parents i would let him decide because its August's choice if he wants to get friends or stay homeschool.

2.If i was August, i would just ignore all of them or either tell the teacher so they would stop bullying, or i would tell August's mum and dad to go and speak to the principal and ask the principal to talk to the bullies.

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