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Joshua Murray | 5 comments Name:Matthew King
Age: 13
Birthday:October 31
State of Birth:Texas
Godly Parent:Hades
Powers:Anything Nico can do (I'd be more descriptive but this is the 3rd time I've typed this)
Year at Camp:Started Nov.3,2014

Appearance:<.img src="
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black
Skin Tone:Pale White
Height:6 ft.
Weight:130 lbs.
What their voice sounds like:pre-teen/mid tenor range
Distinguishable Markings:none
Other:Always wearing black jeans, shirt, and hoodie over camp half blood t shirt. Skin is always coverd except for hands and face. sheath for sword.

Personality:A real downer. Drepressing, emo, and slightly goth.Lonely, doesn't have much friends. Only friend is my skeleton pegasus, Skull. Actually really friendly and kind, once you get to know him spends alot of time in the stables talking with Skull about my day. People think I'm weired.I'm a hot mess of nerves fears and pain.
-My past
-My pain
-My anger
-My brain
-My trickery(words/actions)
-My emotions
-Other people getting in the way
-My fear
-When I have no plan
-Death (ironic, isnt it)
-Accidentally hurting those I love
-My temper will get out of hand
-Disorder (I'm OCD)
-(get this) Arachniphobia and Claustrophobia
Fatal Flaw:
-This feeling I have that if I let any one in, I'll hurt them.

History:On my 6th birthday I accidentally summoned an earth fissure scaring my mother out of my life.Since then I've been an outcast of a foster child moving home after home.My first and last friend was Gracie Terrance. After six months,a skeleton kidnapped her right before what I thought would be my first kiss. My last foster family literally said I was "Some sort of demon spawn." Which I guess isn't too far from the truth. That was a year ago. 3 days ago, on my 13th birthday, my father found and claimed me in Philadelphia,PA. He told me who I was and about my life and powers. Then He gave me a sword and pegasus to get here.

Family:Godly father, a mortal mother, and my pegasus
Father: Hades
Mother: Agitha King
Pegasus: Skull King.My only TRUE family. I pretty much only ever talk to him. I can understand what he says because he's a skeleton. img src""

Weapon of Choice:Δικαστής Άδη (Hades' Judge) img src""

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Embed the image

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Joshua Murray | 5 comments Tris {I am selfish, I am brave} Eaton wrote: "Embed the image"

idk how

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<.img src="link"> without the period

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Joshua Murray | 5 comments [image error]

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Take out the period

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