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Melancholist | 1022 comments Ta-dah! So what should be the gender roles for the characters? I can play the girl or the guy, considering I already play a girl in the other idea. And what shall their clashing personalities be? We could always just make our OCs, see what one of us puts for a personality first, and make a differing one from there. Or we can plan it, I'm willing to throw out ideas.

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Wawa talk a lot huh?

I don't know what OC stands for though. I'm also fine with playing guy or girl. Or we can do an MxM but then's up to you but, I can play the fake girl-guy on the other one and then I can play the guy here. I don't mind. Throw your ideas in the mix. haha.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments Lol, in real life, no. On GR, yes. I get nervous, and I ramble because I have so many thought in my head at once. I'll chill soon enough, don't worry. ^_^''' (*says this while writing even more than before and facepalms*)

Oh, it means original character, basically equivalent to charrie. Sounds good to me, you being the guy, me being the girl.

Maybe for the personality dynamic, something like...calm and composed, diplomatic and seemingly somewhat robotic class presidentXchaotic girl who always lives by her instincts and is sometimes pentalized for it, often spending time in detention for her reckless actions? Or it could be vice versa, where the guy is the reckless one, and the girl in the reserved one.

And maybe there could be something like they started out as rivals as kids, notorious for their tendency to not get along. However, one of them eventually ends up moving, and the other finds themselves...sad? They're really caught off by it. But years later, the person who moves ends up coming back in town, and is back with a vengeance, the rivalry continues from there.

Or they could start out as friends when they were little, and there was some big betrayal which caused them to become rivals. They used to be very similar, but as they grew up, they became very different people on opposite sides of the spectrum. Still, they can't seem to avoid each other, never becoming distant, but instead rivals that end up stuck with one another.

Orrrr just normal rivals, as in they always try to one-up each other, and that's all there is to it.

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Wawa I want to be the calm guy who moves but at first when he comes back, he doesn't want to be her rival, then he realises that it's much more fun to go against everything she does and try to one up her....

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Melancholist | 1022 comments I like it, cool. I actually have to go to bed, but I'll post my characters tomorrow.

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Wawa Okey dokey. No problem. Goodnight.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments Okay, so to start out, here's this character. I've gotten started on the other one, but I actually have to go, and I'm not sure if I'll be back today. The house I live in is on the market, and at times there are showings where I can't be at home, therefore not having computer access. You can make your charrie long or short, I just did this length to sort out my ideas.


~ I didn't fall for you; you fucking tripped me. ~

Name: Camille Young. When she was younger, she was referred to by her full name, but as the years have passed, most people have transitioned to calling her Cam. That's just fine with her because it has a less soft sound.

Age: Uh...17? Can be adjusted. Maybe a junior in highschool.

Additional Appearance Info: She's 5'4 and average in weight, not stick skinny or overtly heavy. Her clothes are pretty casual and unpretentious, but can range to something more edgy. Anything that projects the idea of 'I don't try to impress you people' or 'stay away from me' is perfect in her book. And Cam has a killer death glare that she wears eighty percent of the time, with the other twenty percent being a mischievous smirk.

Personality: She's basically the depiction of only mildly controlled chaos. Driven almost entirely by instinct and strong convictions, she has zero filter, and you can't get through a class without her saying some wisecrack out of boredom. While Cam regards most thing with apathy, when she goes for something, she really goes for it. People are intimidated by how upfront she is, not to mention she's very standoff-ish to begin with. Cam feels much safer when she has enemies, opposed to friends, and maintains a distance from others; she feels she can't trust people, and more over, that she can't trust herself to not drag them down. She's a bit of a tortured soul within a nonchalant shell.

Reputation: She's considered a lost cause, somewhat of a freak, and a thorn in the side of a successful school district, all of which she kind of enjoys being. At least no one forgets her.

History: Cam was the type of little girl who'd make a soda-and-mentos 'bomb' and throw it at you, or blow up barbies, or when bullied pretend to list off ingredients for tranquilizer guns. So yup, she's always been loud, eccentric, and immature, although grudgingly impressed when people aren't scared of her.
She has grown up in a house that's a lot like a war zone. While Cam has never been abused, her parents have always been constantly quarreling, verbally and sometimes physically. There's been times the police have had to get called. They say they're staying together so the family can get along...but it's only really drifted them apart. Her older brother just took off one day, and no one has seen him since, his whereabouts unknown. Cam has never really had stability or solid role models, and stays out of the house for the most part to avoid everything. She never really talks about it.

Other: She currently has a side-job at an edgy coffee place in town for now, but Cam aspires to be a tattoo artist in the future.

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Wawa ||It's okay. Your character sounds fun and keep her 17 and a junior. that's fine. I won't post as much about him but he will be good enough and develop with time.||

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Wawa Name: Noah Holman

Age: 18 years –Senior

Gender: Male

Personality: friendly, likes meeting new people, argumentative, doesn’t let people get away with bullying or snarky comments to others that a hurtful. He is constantly trying to correct the wrong in the world, even if it’s just in school. He likes to help people and is driven by that. He doesn’t care about enemies as long as they have a good reason to hate him. He likes having fun, hanging out with his friends and a lot of teamwork.

Bio/History: Him and his parents had to move a few years ago and now he is back in the school. He hasn’t told anyone the real reason why he moved away but it was because of a financial situation. His attitude towards most things has changed but he tries to maintain appearances by pretending to be who he was from before. His parents are still together and they have a good relationship. He is an only child and he likes it that way. It makes it easier for him to make friends.


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Melancholist | 1022 comments By the time Camille Young stumbled into her first period class, she'd already decided the world was against her. She'd had no breakfast because the only cereal at her house was Raisin Bran, and everyone knows Raisin Bran is only for chumps. Then Cam realized she'd shot herself in the foot because she'd been too lazy and hadn't done laundry; her only t-shirt available was a black one which she didn't realize had the phrase 'CATCALLS WILL GET YOU KILLED' on the front until she was at school. And then a teacher had gotten mad at her for shoving through some students on her trek to period numero uno, when clearly, it was their faults for not have the common sense to get the hell out of her way.

The world was just oh-so cruel to her sometimes, you know?

As Cam made her way to her desk at the back left corner of the room, people dispersed and changed seats to avoid being near her. It was pretty damn convenient, if you asked her. As the teacher began the boring routine of calling attendance, she attempted to untie a knot stuck in her headphones that she was sure would give even a high-ranking boy scout some trouble.

If she'd been listening to the bustling in the class, maybe she would of heard a small handful of students talking about how - plot twist! - a new kid might be coming around. If she'd been paying attention, maybe she would of noticed the slight surprise in the teacher, Mrs. Ross', face when she silently skimmed the roll silently by herself.

Maybe Cam could of been more mentally prepared. But instead, she obliviously turned up the volume on her iTouch, listening to the guitars wham to "Know Your Enemy" by Rage Against the Machine.

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Wawa "Mr. Holman, I hope you understand that your reentry into this school has not been easy. We ask that you maintain good behaviour this time around." The principal looked at Noah from above her spectacles as if trying to assess his sanity.

Noah nodded slowly. "Yes." He didn't really care. He was not going to do much except what was required of him. He would get to class seemingly on time, learn, do his tests and after a few months he would be out of there. He didn't need the warning because he was too battered by life to care.

He stood up and left the office. He checked his schedule and sighed. It was just as well that he had a boring first class. He didn't feel like learning anyways. The problem was it was a required class and that meant he would be taking it with some juniors which irritated him but he would have to do it. He walked through the quiet halls. The first bell had already rung and people had scattered to their rooms. It felt like dawn of dead, if that was what that movie was about. Was that a movie?

He shook his head, his hair moving from side to side and entered his class. The teacher looked up and he also noticed the eyes on him, like vultures to their prey. He ignored them all and walked right up to the teacher's desk. "Noah Hollman." he said. She regarded him with curiosity.

"Mr. Holman. It's good to have you back." she said and that's when he recognised her from his freshman year. He smiled at her and made a noise that was a cross between a snort and a sound of agreement and went to seat at the back near a red headed girl with her earphones on. He sighed and looked forward. Only the eight more hours to go.

||By the way, I don't know if I asked but do you go to PM? I want to know or future reference.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((You know how I said in the other topic that I’d post later because I needed to go back to sleep? Yeahhhh...I tried, but I was awake the whole time. So if this sucks, I’m blaming sleep deprivation. Also, I don’t have a preference for PM vs. this topic. Obviously if we end up doing any mature stuff, we should definitely transition to PM though. Do you have a preference?))

Almost comically unaware, Cam thwacked her pencil on her desk to the music. Sure, it annoyed the hell out of people, but that was kind of what she lived for: annoying people. “Yes I know my enemies,” the rap-metal artist spoke inside the headphones, ”they’re the teachers who taught me to fight me. Compromise...conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance...hypocrisy, brutality...the elite.” However, her private jam session was interrupted by the ludicrous happenings of some poor sap sitting next to her. The nerve of this guy! Cam took a swig of water disdainfully. Whatev-

She was suddenly whiplashed by mixed emotions, visibly recoiling, coughing, and semi-choking on her water. Wait a minute... she thought. Wait just one minute! There weren’t many African Americans in this small, dusty, somewhat-racist southern town ((if you’re okay with that being the setting for this roleplay)). And there was only one kid she knew with that much bushy hair...!

What Cam imagined doing was standing up dramatically with her chair sliding out beneath her. She’d square her shoulders, jab a finger at her formal rival, and badass-ly exclaim, “YOU!” all pissed and stuff.

Reality is cruel though. Here’s what actually happened: in-between rasping coughs, she managed a hoarse, “You.....!” which was only loud enough to mildly disturb a couple people around them. Apparently people were indifferent if Camille Young was dying from water inhalation. Shocker. The teacher and rest of the class were focused on some boring lesson, while Cam looked at Noah full on for the first time in years, eyes seething. “Aren’t you...Hollman!?” She demanded in a whisper through clinched teeth. She balled his shirt in her fist, that is, until she realized she didn’t want to make a scene and let go. “What the- how- why- no- ugh!” Her face flashed through several expressions until at last settling on her default level 1000 death glare.

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Wawa ||Haha. I don't mind going to PM if the other person doesn't. I usually just like to know where my characters limits are that's all. And it's okay, you post pretty long stuff so you don't have to worry about posting on both all the time, just when you can. Also, I'm okay with the setting no problem.||

Noah's eyes had been on the board when the girl next to him said something in a hoarse whisper. He frowned and turned to look at her. He didn't know who she was. He had forgotten the faces of so many people from this school. For some reason, however, she seemed to know who he was because she called out his last and reinforced this by grabbing at his shirt. His eyes widened looking at her and wondering why the crazy stranger was attacking him.

"What the fuck?" he whispered back at her straightening his shirt and glaring at her. "Do I know you or are you just a psychopath?" he asked her. He couldn't tell whether she was angry, sad, happy, excited or plain mad. Her face looked like it couldn't decide either until she hit him with a glare of utter dislike. He was take aback, not sure how to respond to such pure hatred. He didn't know the girl and yet she was acting as if he ruined her life. He wondered who she was and whether he had done something to her, but more importantly, he wondered if she had just escaped an insane asylum.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments (( to clarify, are you saying that that we'll stay here until a time when/if it gets more mature? And also, I just ended up writing this one randomly, I'll get to Stella's soon-ish as well. Thanks for your patience. ))

She just stared at him for a long time with an unnervingly unreadable expression. Honestly, to her it was a little offensive that he didn't recognize her. Cam couldn't believe it, but it actually sort of stung! Here she was, her world blown up because of his presence, and this dude dared to not even remember her!? Everyone remembered her! She prided herself on making bad enough impressions that they never forgot!

Changing her strategy, Cam took a new indifferent approach and nonchalantly leaned back in her chair a bit, making a 'tsk' sound with her tongue. "Wow." There was a long pause, the redhead purposely delaying answering his questions just to get on his nerves. Then, maintaining her hissed whisper, she continued, "Good to know you're still an idiot. And I'll have you know I'm both. You know me and I'm a psychopath. I'm also a drama queen, a future assassin, an evil genius, and your worse nightmare."

Cam let that linger for a second, and when he still made no indication of remembering ((at least, to her he didn't)), she gave him a smirk that was .5 parts kind, and two parts snide. "You're seriously hopeless. I'm Cam, ya dingus, Cam Young." Cam said. She rolled her eyes leisurely, but they were brown like a murky lake with an oil slick over it, ready to combust a victim into flames at any given moment. "Or I guess in the old days you knew me as 'Camille'."

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Wawa ||Yap, that's exactly what I'm saying. Haha. Is that okay with you?||

Noah looked at her, and I mean really looked at her as she sat down. Red hair...he didn't remember anyone with red hair but he remembered those brown eyes, the fire and hatred burning in them. A memory of of grape soda spilling all over his shirt in the seventh grade came to him and he narrowed his eyes at her.

Camille! A dark angry voice whispered to him. Or, Chameleon as he had liked to refer to her behind her back, sometimes not so much when they were younger. He held back a sneer and watched her go through the process of remind her who she was. He remembered how egotistical she could be, describing herself as a drama queen and an evil genius in one sentence. It was ridiculous.

As she spoke, he watched her quietly, realising how much she had not changed. The red hair had to be the only thing, that looked darker. She still hated him, it seemed and he remembered their old rivalry. Somehow it didn't matter to him anymore. So much had happened in the years that he had been away, picking up from where he had left off was not even in his book of options but she seemed to be holding a grudge and he was slightly curious. He could play along, make her think things were still the same. If there was one thing he was good at, it was playing along.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Camille deville..." he said with smirk and a hint of recognition in hie eyes. "Can I ask you a question? Are you still as lame and as devolved as you were...scratch that. No need to answer that. You are."

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((I swear I'm working on my response, it's just not sounding like I want it to :(. I'll get it done by the end of today, unless I need a break from looking at it in order to get it right.
Yup, that’s perfectly fine.
Lastly, what should they be in right now anyway? I think art or gym might be interesting at some point down the line because they're able to interact easier, plus all the information for those classes is generic stuff that we both know, and they can get competitive in their own ways....?))

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Wawa ||Okay, because he's a senior, it can't be gym, so you can just make it arts; that's fine.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Okay, cool. Ah, I give up for tonight. I'll send it tomorrow, I guarantee it. I'm just in a rut right now haha. It's not your material at all, it's just the mood I'm in.))

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Wawa ||Sorry. Hope you feel better tomorrow.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((FINALLY :D I'll just have to be at peace with this response. And it's alright, everyone has those days.))

Thank God he’d insulted her. She would have had no idea what to do if he’d been remotely friendly. The good news: Cam’s anger-tinged nerves started to get less rattled from shock. Now even though she felt the strong urge to strangle Noah, she knew she wouldn't. More importantly, her brain could make coherent thoughts. Bonus. The bad news: Mixed emotions still kept attacking her, being major nuisances. How annoying. This would be a lot easier if she felt exclusively resentment toward him.

Here’s what Noah didn’t know, and what Cam entirely blocked out in her mind: after he’d moved away, she’d eventually felt surprisingly...sucky about her actions. She’d spent a great deal of time thinking that if she ever saw him again, she’d apologize for going after him seemingly unprovoked. That way, she knew she was a better person than her mom, and dad, and half-brother, so HA to them. But then shit happened in the past couple years. And then her guard got stronger, and her character got feebler. And at this point, Cam would be damned if she risked cluing Noah Holman, of all people, into the fact she was weaker than before.

Besides, it was ten times more fun to argue anyway, duh. Unlike him, she felt like she had a score to settle. She always felt up like there was a score to settle; that never changed.

Cam smirked at her rival, who unbeknownst to her, was pretty much a stranger. “Oh, please,” she waved her hand dismissively, although her fist was partially clinched. “My awesomeness is just too complex for you to understand.” It was impossible to tell if her eyes shined with malice or self-deprecating humor in this moment. Truthfully it was the ladder, although Cam banked on him not picking up on that. She continued with nonchalant and sarcastic yet sharp delivery, “I see you’re still a numbskull who uses rhymes insults like it’s a poetry competition. And yet you dare to say that I’m lame? Hypocrisy at its finest Noah, hypocrisy at its finest.”

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Note: I forgot to incorporate showing it's art class in the roleplay response. I can do it next post, or you can do it in your's, whatever fits.))

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Wawa ||It was good. Although I fear mine might pale in comparison. I hope it's fine.||

Noah tried not to laugh. He didn't want her to think that he thought she was funny now. He wanted his little experiment with her to work. He wanted to study her, see through her eyes the person he once was. Maybe she would lighten his loads of thoughts, get hum out of his own head and into the world as it were.

He shook his head and looked at her. "If you're complex, then I must be losing my mind. There is now way you still think you're awesome," he said pretending to be completely shocked that she would suggest such a thing, but he knew she would. Her big ego would not let her think anything less of herself. She was so protected by it it seemed that nothing could shake her. He laughed now, forcing it to sound evil. "My ability to rhyme has always made you jealous, ever since I wrote that poem and I won first prize against your story about...gosh, I can't even remember. You did work on it a while." he frowned at her sympathetically, just to mock her. "I'm sorry," he said to her and then laughed again.

He leaned back in his chair thinking to himself. He had missed being close to someone, albeit a sword enemy. He thought about all the things they had fought about in the past. Today they seemed silly to him, almost as if they had been fighting about something else underneath all that bickering. He didn't mind it now though. It was better to have an enemy than no friends at all. He didn't think he would be making any of those that year.

Noah turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow. "you couldn't live without me, could you?" he said with a smirk that raised on the left side of his mouth. His eyes sparkled at her. "You must have cried when I left. You didn't even bother to get another enemy into your life. Don't worry, Cam," he exaggerated her name because he found it strange that she had changed it but found that it suited her still. "I'm back, back to making your life complete...or a living hell. You decide." he laughed and looked ahead again. Their teacher was still not saying anything as if their presence was unnecessary.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((No way, I truly always fear I might pale in comparison to you! xD Oiii, sorry, don't ask me how the response got this long. ^_^''' No rush, and as always, make it as short or as long as you're inspired to write at the time.))


Cam had a lot of malicious comebacks swirling in her mind, and just when she was ready to unload all her ideas, opening her mouth all smug and everything, he started with the 'you couldn't live without me,' stuff.

Insanity! That's what it was! Insanity!

It hit a nerve, which completely aggravated her because SINCE WHEN WAS THERE SUCH A NERVE TO HIT!? She most certainly never cried! And she had totally lived without him! What is he? The king of hyperboles and over-exaggeration!? The queen of hyperboles and over-exaggeration thought in unknowingly hypocritical complaint.

Him and his stupid smirk, and his stupid sparkling eyes, and his endless other stupid qualities were not going to win! "HA! Ummm, do you know how untrue that statement is?" Cam asked with venom. "If I were to say 'I am Cam Young, and I always try to make the world a better place' that would be more true than what you just said. If I said 'I am Cam Young, and I have a gentle disposition, live underwater, and can sing beautifully' that would still be more true. And maybe," her eyes were lasers, "I didn't find a new enemy because it's pretty impossible to find someone as pathetic as you. And maybe-!"

"Hello, Ms. Young." Mrs. Ross intervened before Cam completely chewed him out. "Trying to scare away a new student? Sorry to interrupt, but you do need to do some art in art class."

So this woman, who hadn't wanted to approach because she was intimidated by the sight of two kids laughing evilly, decided to talk to her now!? Camille turned her head very slowly. She was in 'Deflect and Destroy' mode, all worked up, and it was hard for her to just turn that off. "Look, Jennifer Ross," she impatiently called all teachers by their full names because she knew it bothered them. "I have a full speech of execution to deliver, and I think that's a bit more important than-"

"You can afterward. First, you should draw some light realism."

Cam was about to completely disregard what the teacher was saying and continue arguing with Noah, but she'd said something so ridiculous that she couldn't help but correct her. "No way. 'Light' and 'realistic' are the opposite of me in every way. Here's a thought," she tried to keep a straight face but ended up sneering slightly, "how about I draw a realistic picture of me gouging his," she gestured forcefully to Noah, "eyes out? With light colors. That fits the requirement, right?"

Mrs. Ross just looked at her and him tiredly, like she and Noah were annoying obligations for her. "And what will you be drawing, Mr. Hollman?" The teacher asked, changing the subject or perhaps not hearing her at all.

Cam gave Noah a look like, 'this isn't over, bastard'. As she was picking out the best shade of bright crimson in her giant colored pencil case, Camille pondered what that jerk-face had said. 'I'm back to make your life complete or a living Hell. You decide.' Why was he insinuating even for a moment that she had a choice? The one and only thing it could ever be was a complete Hell. Duh.

Famous last words.

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Wawa Noah forced himself not to laugh as she went off on him. He noted her mocking tone and really appreciated how much he had angered her. He saw that she was still passionate about her need to be right. She hadn't changed at all, still had that fire in her eyes, fire he had gotten so used to and then had to leave suddenly. He remembered her issues with singing and sighed, ready to bring that up in his next insult but when she said 'pathetic', he tensed ready to interject, unfortunately to lose his cool, as he had been, not to use violence, just to let out a lot of angry, obscene words.

He had already decided to leave behind the world he had been taken to. He wanted to forget all the bad things that had happened to him while he had been there but there were some trigger words that left him in need to release his anger.

He sat up and was about to open his mouth when their conversation was interrupted by their teacher. He listened quietly, with his fist clenched and watching as Camille completely disrespected their teacher. He was surprised she had gotten so bad at holding back her anger. She was just as bad as him. He wanted to tell her to relax but then she threatened his eyeballs and he turned to her shocked by that image that was forming in his mind of her standing over him and gouging his eyes out but then a less threatening image also came to mind of her over him while he...

Don't even go there, he warned himself quietly. When the teacher looked over at him and questioned him, he furrowed forehead and stared at her for a little while trying to get his head back in the classroom. He blinked a few times with his eyes on their teacher staring at her as he figured out her question. He smirked. "I think I'll just draw something light and realistic...something Camille." He laughed gently. "you, know skipping through the meadows, daisy in her hair, looking cute and girly." he said laughing even louder, knowing everything he was saying would get to her even more than the eye gorging thing.

Their teacher rolled her eyes and looked at them both trying to figure out if she should detain them or just let them tear each others heads off. She went for the latter. "Go for it." she said to him and turned to her own desk.

Noah turned to Camille and smiled widely. He pointed at himself, drew a heart with his fingers then pointed at her. He did this while he mouthed, Admit it, I complete you. He laughed throwing his head back again and picked up his pencil and started his work.

Two can play...

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Melancholist | 1022 comments Camille was just getting into her zone, starting to get immersed in putting the outline work for her drawing. She'd been getting annoyed, thinking about how he was laughing yet again about something for one reason or another, and how he always thought he was so funny, and how she had to constantly bite the inside of her cheek because she didn't want to laugh as well, because he'd probably think she thought he was funny too if she did, when she most definitely DIDN'T THINK THAT; it was just human nature to want to laugh when other people-

Noah's words caught her by surprise and Cam unintentionally ended up making a huge slash through out her outline when she sharply turned to face him. She blinked, glared at the messed up rough draft, then went back to glaring up at him just in time to see his little heart display.

Again: Insanity! That's what it what it was! Insanity!

Cam took some time to absorb what she would call 'his unbelievable amount of stupidity'. First of all, cute?! I am not cute. She thought indignantly, offended, considering she highly preferred seeming unapproachable. Deliberately wearing an expression that makes it look like I'll gut someone with a switchblade at any given moment doesn't exactly make all the boys come to the yard. She thought this with boiling self-deprecation, turning her colored pencil in her fingers furiously. And- well- just- GOD DAMN IT! NOAH HOLMAN DOES NOT COMPLETE ME! Cam could of told him all that, but instead she just glowered at him seething-ly and turned back to her work.

But she sure as hell wasn't letting him off the hook.

She started drawing again, but it proved more complicated than anticipated. Do you know how hard it is to draw Noah's face as ugly, even with a terrified expression? Very difficult! Do you also know how difficult it is to draw a person, being forced to look at them for reference without indicating what-so-ever that you're looking at them, so you avoid being accused of staring and getting teased!? Also very difficult!

Cam finished pretty quickly though because she wanted to respond to what he'd said, and it wasn't half bad. It was still scary for sure, but she'd reluctantly toned down some of the gore; some wimps couldn't handle uncensored blood and guts, and if Noah was one of those people, she didn't want to be blamed for making him pass out from it being too realistic. This was to prove a point, not scar him for life. Although the idea is tempting. She thought slyly.

Cam wanted to write 'You complete me when you're in pieces' in black eerie letters, but this was a stupid 'light realism' assignment so she used teal bubble letters instead. What a pain. Then she pushed out her chair somewhat noisily to make sure he'd look, held it in front of her, and put on a mockingly sweet smile. "Ta-freaking-dah."

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Wawa Noah saw what his words did to her. He watched her make a huge slash accross her face. Her eyes were enough to deter a weaker man but he was not one. Instead of giving into her glare, he shrugged, as if he hadn't said something that thoroughly offended her. He smiled at his own book, looked at it and started his own picture.

To his credit, Noah was actually pretty good at drawing. He didn't like to brag, but his eventual goal was to become an artist of some kind. Maybe he would paint, do graphics or cartoons, maybe he would focus on his writing instead; he really didn't know. He was still trying to figure out his present life, let alone his future.

For entertainment sake, at least he had Camille there to bully and distract him from his state of mind but she wouldn't be there all the time. Unless they somehow got the unfortunate result of being put together as partners, he wouldn't see her when he went home and he was somehow glad for that. His home was not somewhere he wanted anyone to go but his unfortunate self. He saw bad things there everyday, actually just a bad someone. He needed to hide that part of his life from others as long as possible to maintain his sanity and just finish up the year as it were.

He glanced at Camille as she concentrated on her drawing. He noticed her throwing glances at him and he raised a curious eyebrow and he immediately deduced that she was going through with the eye gorged version of her picture despite their teacher's instructions. He couldn't wait to see it. He also had a surprise for her. He just needed to finish the last sketches of the way her hair cascaded down her face.

Noah had to admit, she was pretty. She'd grown up and she had become exactly as pretty as he had predicted. She'd always been cute but this was better. He would never admit this to her, boost her ego like that, but even as he drew her, he noticed the subtleties in the detail that he was putting into it. He had drawn just her face and neck and even in that quick sketch had included her laugh lines and the shine in her eyes, things he had been trying to avoid in the realisation that it was too intimate. He was about to redo the message in the bubble above her head, showing her thinking but then she turned her picture to him.

Noah narrowed his eyes at the picture of him, eyes spilling out. Half the gore, blood and guts but still disgusting. She was okay at the art thing but she was better at the insulting. He had to hand it to her, the message was loud and clear and in writing, no less. Had he been who he was before, he would have been angered by how she had killed him. In fact he was, just slightly though and he sneered at her.

After a few seconds though of staring her down, he sighed and looked up to her rolling his eyes at her sweet smile. He looked down and completed his picture in a few seconds and turned it to her with a grin on his face. She could gore him out and irritate him but he could make her really mad.

Inside the thinking box, was a love heart and within it, he had sketched his name in nice calligraphy. Noah. If she wasn't going talk to him, at least she would now really have his name etched in the corners of his mind. Ta-freaking-da indeed... he thought especially when the bell rung just at that moment.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Hmmmmm, what class should we do next? There could be debate or something because that gives them room to argue, or they could argue on the same side of some topic and be surprised they agree about something. Or we could do some type of core class where they're forced to partner up on something. Or we could fast forward to lunch or somewhere else. Or anything you can come up with. I'm mutual so I'm just throwing stuff out there. ^_^'''))


Cam was sort of surprised he kept his composure pretty much this whole class, even when she was completely egging him on. Okay, that was a lie. He didn't exactly keep himself put-together, what with the evil laughing and occasional glares. He did much better than her though.

You'd think that'd totally piss her off, and Cam would of thought so too if you asked her, but in actuality, while she certainly felt frustrated, she mainly kind of...wondered what happened to make him better handle this stuff. Of course, Cam didn't spend very long wondering. She would never figure out Noah Holman, not even if she spent all month just thinking about it. Basically, he was a rubik's cube of identity in her mind, and she could never get all the sides to line up enough to fully tell her who he was. Most importantly, if she asked about his past couple years, he might ask her and her's, and that was so not happening.

Plus, what if he thought she cared about his life?

Ew. Major Ew.

Totally untrue. Totally.

Her mind dropped the subject off into oblivion, especially when he showed her the picture he drew while grinning his attractive face off. Naturally, Camille's left eye twitched slightly when she saw it, and her expression clearly showed that death threats were dancing in her skull. Her eyes grew slightly bigger as she noticed the heart, and then narrowed darkly at him after she silently read what was in the thought bubble. In the midst of being completely vexed, she couldn't help but notice he was clearly good at drawing. He was equal to her, when she actually tried to do a good job. Did he know how bad it would be for her if people saw this picture and thought she looked like a nice person!? Her carefully crafted 'leave me alone or die' reputation, ruined!

And so, her tirade began. "Seriously!? If you show that to anyone...let's just say that realistically, things will get a lot less light for you." Boom, that's right, a pun. "And you know what? I think my picture is more realistic than yours." This snide remark was given as she put her pencils in their tin-container-thing with unnecessary force, insinuating that she'd sooner gouge his eyes out than think about him happily. Of course, that was not true. She might have violent tendencies, but they weren't that murderous. People tended to overestimate her likelihood to kill them though, considering all her references to life-threatening actions. Case and point: "Well, unless you just left off some words by accident, which wouldn't surprise me, considering your lack of intelligence. Something like 'Noah' dot dot dot 'will be attacked by pirañas today' would be practical. Or 'Noah' dot dot dot dot 'will trip down the stairs while stepping on legos and land in a bucket of molasses, which he will drown in'.... that would be something for me to smile about."

Cam was multitasking between glaring at him and trying to get everything gathered for her next destination, when she realized this might not be the last of Noah for today. She froze, then turned to him slowly with a look of dread and annoyance. "What class do you have next? Because if I'm unlucky and you have the same class as me, I'll probably orchestrate having one of those things happen to you in the near future."

Cam would be semi-mad if they were in the same period because he aggravated her to no end, but she didn't hate the idea as much as she made it seem. Aside from causing chaos when she was motivated, normally, she just sulked and didn't apply herself in school. That is, when she didn't ditch entirely. He broke things up a bit. Don't get me wrong. He's the absolute biggest idiot to ever exist in the history of the world, and I never wished for his return, and I hate him, but idiots aren't boring. That's the only reason why. She justified herself, as she slung her bag over her back and almost hit him with it, but barely missed.

Spoiler alert: that was all intentional.

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Wawa ||Nah, they’ll see each other at lunch or somewhere else. They could get an art project together or something. And then they can have that surprise agreement thing. Haha... yeah, I’ll try to think up something ||

Noah sat back with satisfaction relishing her reaction to his drawing. He watched her closely, the as her eye twitched and her expression turned dark. He wondered what she was thinking. Murder or Torture? He didn’t want either but it seemed as if she wanted to do one or both to him. He gulped but wasn’t scared. He knew Camille had a rough, violent side but he could take her if he needed to. He didn’t want to fight her at all but he had to defend himself. He wondered even in that small line of thought if she had beaten anyone else of late...

It was when he was thinking all this that she started to go off on him about something to do with her reputation and threatening him with a weird twist on words. Piranas? Legos? Bucket of molasses? he wondered if she thought her threats through whether she actually had an idea as to where to get those items. Her little fuss about his picture made him smile a little more, his teeth gleaming widely at her, knowing that would get on her nerves.

He knew just what he was going to do with her picture but he wasn’t about to tell her that a few hours from then, hanging on her wall would be her image, staring at him, occasionally pumping him up to get ready for the day and face it head on. He quite liked the idea of him seeing her face every day even on the weekend when they didn’t have school. She wouldn’t mind and she wouldn’t know why either. Using her as a footstool to get him moving was odd and stalker-like but he needed something and teasing her was better than lying in bed feeling bad about his life. He’d need her, even though he wouldn’t tell her that. He’d need her and was glad they had ended up in the same class.

Noah was about to get up after packing his bag back up when she asked him the question about his next class. He was about to answer her, ease her scared mind when she swung her bag in his face. “Whoa!” he cried out, his eyes closing quickly and a sneer appearing on his face. He wasn’t surprised that she had done that and he looked up at her angrily. “Now why would you want to hurt my handsome face when you keep drooling over it so much?” he asked her just to annoy her and replace his sneer with a semi-smile.

He got to his feet, standing tall above her and grinned down at her. He took a step towards her as the rest of the class filed out. “Don’t worry Camille,” he said calling her ‘chameleon’ in his head. “I’m a senior,” he added and shrugged then tapped his index finger to her nose. “You won’t be seeing me for a while,” he grinned at her and turned to the door, walking out, leaving her there to stew over whatever she felt like stewing about.

||Idea for topic of agreement, since they both have trouble in their families, they can agree on something based off that and maybe that’s what gets them to open up to each other... by the way, I forgot, are they neighbours?||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((--Sorry, I thought I'd be able to roleplay it up this Thanksgiving Break but, surprise! By a turn of events, I have family over T_T I'll be on as much as I can.
--I guess this isn't really much of a response, more a wrap up to what has happened. I'm not thrilled with this post, but hopefully it's still alright.
--That's cool with me *thumbs up*
--Sounds good, the topic/agreement/family idea. :) I'm only coming up with over-complicated ideas right now for executing it, but I want to make sure to try to contribute at least, show I'm thinking and stuff.
--Idea 1: In art they both have to draw/paint/any-other-form-of-art something that symbolizes the atmosphere in their home (therefore, for those two at least, it's greatly effected by the atmosphere of their families). So, for a very bad example, let's say Cam draws a skull for hers. To everyone else looking at it, it's just a skull picture, but to her it's deeper than that. Noah is the person who actually asks what it means, and as she describes it, he surprisingly sort of relates. That slowly opens the doors for her to open up, and same for him. Note: when I put 'Cam' or 'Noah', it doesn't have to be set up that way; their roles could definitely be reversed, I just wrote it this way 'cause it was simpler to describe.
--Idea 2: So this can work in any location, like lunch or whatever, but let's just say that hypothetically, Noah goes to the coffee shop that Cam works at right about at the time she finishes for the day (by accident...well, or on purpose if you want). They start to walk in the direction of their houses, which means they're walking the same direction because they are relatively in the same area. As they are walking, they start to talk and agree about some type of issue. Let's say, for a bad and entirely inaccurate example, that both of them talk about how they are never going to have a drop of alcohol. Unbeknownst to each of them (they don't tell this to each other) both of them have a deeper meaning for deciding this long ago, like someone in their family was an alcoholic, and they don't want to follow in their footsteps. So yeah, for both of them, it's secretly a big deal that they surprisingly agree on this, and start to see 'hey, maybe we're sort of on the same team'.
--Idea 3: Some mesh of these two.
--Idea 4:Feel free to offer anything else, since these aren't that good. It wouldn't be a bad idea to just freestyle it all too. I think too much .-.
--We decided that they weren't neighbors before the roleplay; I'm okay with keeping that the same or changing it though, either way.))


Whaaaaaat?! Drooling over his face!? She was not drooling over his face. She just had to use it for reference in art, gosh. Plus, when he smiled, it annoyed her! That had to count for something, right? ...Even if he was he was a little itty bitty tiny bit handsome, clearly that did not dictate how aggravating a person could be, since he was a billion times more annoying than he was a couple years ago. And wait a second...! She drew him as ugly. Wasn't Noah more at fault because he drew her as-

Cam blinked, unprepared as he tapped her nose. She clinched her fists tightly, but once he walked out the door, she released them and shook her head incredulously. What is with this kid? She thought as she stalked out the door. He was, like, as much of a freak as her, and that was seriously saying something. He was really something else....not that that was a compliment. What a dweeb. A dweeb times ten. A dweeb times a million.

As she started down the hall to math, Cam dodged someone long-boarding to class who came very close to running her over. She flipped the person off. The guy almost ran into a trashcan trying to cuss her out. Cam didn't beat people up anymore, but she got into fights. There was a difference. She didn't go around seeking out the weak and just hurting them for no reason like she used to; that'd make her feel more powerless than powerful, nowadays. Still, sometimes her big mouth got her into trouble. The issue was that she could meet a thug with a gun and a serious temper, and she'd still not feel obligated to be nice to them unless she felt like it. Cam feared a million stupid things, but often wasn't afraid of what she should be. And when she fought someone, she normally lost. She was quick and she could dodge, but she was never that strong.

Camille got to her math class unscathed, somehow. Hallejuah. After Cam took her seat at the back left corner of the room, she mused over if she should use this year's yearbook as a dartboard soon. Throwing darts at things she hated was a fun recreational activity.

"Cam Young?" The teacher, Mr. Brink, inquired as he called roll.

See? Even Mr. Brink called her Cam instead of Camille UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE. "Yeah, yeah, reluctantly present." She grumbled. She looked out the window because she was indifferent and jaded...and for once, because she was mildly curious to see what was out there beyond this stupid room, into a world that maybe, just maybe, wasn't as stupid.

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Wawa ||Okay, we can combine both idea 1 and 3 but they both paint something meaningful. They were great ideas. Don’t have any of my own...then we can freestyle whatever we get stuck on... :D Oh and I like the idea of them living in the same neighbourhood but not as neighbours.||

Noah left the class. Once he was out, his smile faded. Since Art had been his first class he wasn’t ready for the hallways. He passed familiar faces but every time they tried to acknowledge him, he turned away. As his policy had been the day he decided to return, he was not going to waste his time getting to know anyone. Nothing to distract him and nobody to get too close to him.

...Except for Camille. She seemed to be the exception to the rule for a few reasons. For one thing, she wasn’t going to get on his nerves by hanging around him and trying to be his friend. She had already decided that they were going to remain enemies as they had been before. He was okay with that. Secondly, like all the girls he remembered, she wasn’t about to throw herself at him. He wasn’t interested in relationships. Even though he found her pretty now he wasn’t about to chase after. She still acted like a kid. He could pretend but he was past her antics and he figured that her anger and his own anger wouldn’t fit well together in a nice space.

He settled for creeping around the halls, his eyes cast to the floor. He walked into his classroom, AP Biology. He curved his mouth into a forced smile and looked at the teacher briefly before going to the back. He sat with his back sunken, his arms hanging loosely on his desk, not thinking about Biology and definitely not thinking about Camille...okay, he was, he was thinking about her but only because he hadn’t noticed how bright her eyes were until then and what was the point of having an enemy if you couldn’t check them out once in a while?

He was deep into his daydreams when his name was called. Roll call brought problems. When his name was called out, he chimed in an answer and a girl at the centre with blonde hair turned to look at him. His eyes widened unable to recognise her but saw the look of surprise on her face. Oh no! Who the heck is that?

For the rest of the lesson he kept his eyes down. He already had one crazy white girl on his ass, he didn’t want another. At least he liked the first one, this one seemed a different kind of crazy, the kind that came with latching on. The minute the bell rung, he bolted from his seat, coursed through the halls like a master ninja and went out the back door and to the football field where he hid himself underneath the bleachers. He had a free period before lunch so he could hide there.

Just as he was about to relax, a name popped into his head. Amille Lockberry. Oh no! His stalker.

||So the idea is that she was obsessed with Noah. Her relationship with Camille is up to you. I hope it’s okay that I added her.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Sorry for the delay. I'll get at least pen pals done today. And really? Yay! Sometimes I look at my writing too long and I see mistakes that aren't necessarily there, so I'm glad to hear that. Sounds good for the neighbors thing too, and I like the idea of Amille :) P.S. Her name is a funny take on things, nice. xD
Before I begin, where should I start off from? Lunch? Or art the next day in art?))

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Wawa ||Oh gosh! I hadn't even noticed. Do you want me to change her name? I just think that Camille was rining in my head when I made her up. Oh, and Lunch I think it good.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((No worries! Nah, it's cool, you can keep it the way it is as long as it doesn't bother you to type similar names. Considering Amille and Camille are likely going to be somewhat of opposites, it's ironic, which isn't a bad thing :) Okay, lunch is what I was thinking. I'll get to it as soon as I can.))

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Melancholist | 1022 comments Camille started out of the cafeteria, apple like a hand grenade, her spork like a knife, and a Styrofoam cup with water that she held as if it contained battery acid. It was a pretty effective technique to get people to back off. This was her sad excuse of a lunch because...well, her kitchen hadn't been very open for use this morning, let's just say that. The apple was formally property of the mess hall meal, but she didn't bring any money for that, so...she stole it.


Should she feel sorry? Because she really didn't feel sorry. Hey, at least she didn't do the cliché 'give me your lunch money or I'll kill you' thing.

Cam stormed to the same place she headed everyday: the bleachers of the abandoned football field at Alpharetta High School. Very few people came around there at lunch because as previously stated, where Camille went, no one followed. That was good for everyone because she was safer that way...and so was everyone else.

Plus, it was more enjoyable this way too, so take that cool kids. She got to draw. Like, for real express-herself draw, since she was in private. Winnnnnn.

Once she got to her destination, she took her spot on the third-to-the-top bleacher on the right side, where some shadows from the tree were covering her; after all, if she sat anywhere else, the bleachers would burn her and blind her with the terrible glare. It was hot outside, like one of those days where being out in the sun was hell, but in contrast, being in the shade was a freaking oasis.

As she hauled her backpack on the bleachers, which caused a thunder-ish noice, and began to rummage through it, she found herself thinking about Noah. That was the downside to being alone all the time: it made her think, more often than not about things she didn’t want to ponder. It was easier to think about him though than a lot of other things she could have been thinking about. Also, it was easier to be angry with him over petty things than take a look at the big problems going on. In fact, today Cam felt less like she was spending her day counting time for it to just end already than she had in a long time.

But c’mon, that’s not from Noah. That’s from...from knowing that pretty soon I get to smash pumpkins while listening to The Smashing Pumpkins for work, so we have ingredients for pumpkin spice lattes. Best time of the year. Cam reasoned with her unreasonable argument. But then, was Noah making her slightly more cheerful remotely reasonable either? No, of course not, that made no sense at all to her. At least the ladder was conceivable.

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Wawa In the moment that he had decided to hide beneath the bleachers, Noah was grateful for two things. That there had been bread in the fridge and that he had remembered to pack a lunch. He heard the lunch bell ring and a sigh of satisfaction escaped his lips. The creepy stalker hadn’t found him and he could relax and eat now. He thought maybe coming to the bleachers every day wasn’t such a bad thing. He could get used to the solitude and the peace it provided him.

He put away his novel to exchange his activities. The novel he was reading was nice. It provided an escape for him from the outside world and more often than not he appreciated the escape it gave him. He sat back along the metal pole and removed a ziplock plastic bag from his backpack. He sighed with relief. Today’s contents at least included meat, two slices of turkey and cheese. He needed to get a job soon or he would begin to starve. At least he had three interviews over the next three days and that at least relaxed him.

He unwrapped the sandwich from the bag and was about to take a large bite when he heard something crash above him. He ducked thinking that something was falling but when there was no debris he took a chance and opened his eyes. From his position, he looked up to the third-to-the-top bleacher and saw a shadow, legs, and a bum sticking out the back. He grinned and then shook his head and frowned. So he wasn’t alone. What was he supposed to do? He could just sit there and act as if nothing is wrong or different. Or he could go and get company for lunch.

Noah wasn’t sure he wanted company, he was a lone wolf for a reason but his curiosity certainly wanted some relief so he felt inclined get some. H stuffed the sandwich back and picked up his back pack. Something was pulling him forward and he needed to know. He walked carefully out from under the bleachers and went to stand in front of him and his earlier grin came back quickly when he saw her. He didn’t say anything, he just started up the stairs, grin on his face and he sat down. He hadn’t even thought things through, he just sat down next to her, and I mean really next to her that he had to move slightly away. “I see you can’t get enough of Me.” he said casually, setting his backpack down more quietly than she had and looking straight ahead.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Still gonna work on pen pals (I hope I finish it today...), this just happened.))

Cam was immersed in setting up her dry erase markers. She did that a lot, the immersed thing, got really distracted and pulled into what she was doing and forgot everything outside of her. But if she’d learned one thing today, it was that there was nothing like Noah Holman popping up out of nowhere to distract her from her distractions. Cam almost knocked over her backpack in surprise at his sudden presence. “Jesus, where’d you go the past couple years!? Ninja training school?” She asked rhetorically, as she regained her balance and gave him a look like 'goddamn it, would it kill you to warn me?'. This was the second time today that she’d almost gotten hurt because he’d caught her off guard. What complete bullshit. It was supposed to be the other way around!

Cam looked at Noah, sort of astonished that he was acting like them being near each other at lunch wasn’t going against the rules of life itself, and then rolled her eyes at his whole ‘can’t get enough of me’ thing. He wasn’t going to give up on that, was he? “Whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s not my fault you’re trespassing on my part of Lonersville.” Cam accused, all the while pointing her plastic spork at him, until she turned it on her apple. She pierced some of the green skin and then started peeling it off; she didn’t like that part of the fruit.

Cam considered her options of other responses. She could just leave and make him eat his words...but why should she back down to him? She had an obligation to stay as the metaphorical storm cloud over his head, of course. Storm clouds don’t move to avoid people, people move to avoid storm clouds and the lightning they might strike them with. So there we have it, I'm not moving...but maybe he is. Cam wasn't about to make this lunch leisurely, after all.

“Holman, did it ever cross your hollow mind that there’s reasons no one interlopes here?” She began as she started to pick up some of her dry erase markers and put them back in her bag. There was no way she could seriously draw around him. “Like that I have zero intent on being remotely good company, or that being around me instantly cuts your already feeble chance of making friends in half?" Cam picked up the last of her markers with typical impatience, and raised an eyebrow at him in challenge, wondering if he'd back out like everyone else. “Do you enjoy setting yourself up for failure or something?”

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Wawa Noah grinned at the field without turning to her as she made her comment about his being a trespasser. He suppressed a laugh, letting her go through the different phases of shock. Her surprise came first then her insistence on calling her lack of company ‘Lonersville’ which was just lame, then she attempted to chase him away by using logic. That was by far the funniest approach but throughout it all he kept his eyes forward, though he could see her actions from the side.

Still grinning widely, he looked at her, his head tilted. He just looked at her, knowing his silence would annoy her even just a bit. He glanced at her hand as she juggled a ‘spork’, her dry eraser markers and an apple. He frowned then looked up at her. “Is that all you have to eat?” he asked, not meaning to sound so concerned, he just did. He cleared his throat and shrugged looking away. He wasn’t about to show that he’d changed so he fought to add something. “You were always lame.” He chuckled some and reached into his bag and pulled out his sandwich. For the second time that day, he couldn’t help but acknowledge how lucky he was that he had meat in it today. He didn’t want to give Camille the sense that things had changed for him in more than one way.

Sitting back up, he placed the sandwich bag on his lap then sighed softly. He knew Camille was already finding his purpose for being there unusual but he didn’t want to acknowledge it, for now or...ever. He removed the sandwich and with his fingers, he ripped it in half diagonally. He put one of the pieces on the bag and put it on her lap while the other he put into his mouth. He took a bit and ate quietly before leaning back on his elbows. So he was nice to her, just this once, it wasn’t like he was asking her to marry him, she wouldn’t freak out, right?

He sighed. After a few minutes of pondering her words once again and figured out something to say. “I don’t really care whether I make friends or not; right now, I just want to eat lunch.” He took another bite of his half of the sandwich then he saw that she had returned to dry erase markers. “Were you going to draw?” he asked with a curious eyebrow. “Don’t stop on my account. It’s going to be crap either way,” he chuckled lightly.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((I'll get to this by Saturday for sure. I have some stuff I have to do before then, unfortunately. I'm trying to time myself and get faster with my writing, so hopefully that works out. If not, in a couple of weeks, maybe I'll pick Rivals or Pen Pals and just choose one topic to do consistently instead of both so you can have a more flowing story...? I dunno if that'd work better for you, or if I should keep it the same in that case. Hopefully I can train myself to go quicker though! :) ))

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Wawa ||Haha...nope we're not stopping either rp. I would like if you could reply faster but it really doesn't matter because I may be disappearing for long periods of time soon too. Haha. I don't mind and I like writing with you, so no, I'm fine with how it's working now.||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Oh, yay~ I wanted to be fair and give the option considering my delays, but I do enjoy both, so it's cool that I don't have to give any up. And if you have delays because of, well, just life, of course it's a-okay with me and I understand.))

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Whoo, here's an extra long one.))

So let me get this straight. I go off on a tirade, and he smiles/gives me food. If this is his new technique to push my buttons, then he’s fucking dedicated. Cam thought, crossing her arms. Crap, maybe he somehow knows I have no clue how to respond to nice actions. She worried, pissed that for once, she didn't know what to say. Luckily, she got distracted by his ‘you’re lame’ comment quickly after. How dare he hypocritically call her that! Maybe she sort of was, but not more than a poet that lives in a library! ((the awkward moment when I’m a poet that practically lives in a library xD)) Still, Cam had to distract Noah from her low-lunch situation...she decided she’d come back to that later. She had to think of an extra solid diversion to be safe, so she’d give herself more time by starting out with replying to other topics he brought up first.

Preferably, Camille wanted to be quiet like him in response, but it just wasn’t in her nature. The first thing she said wasn’t so much an insult though than an observation that she stated with an attitude. “Yeah, I just figured out you're antisocial. Hiding under the bleachers doesn’t scream ‘social butterfly’.” It’d taken Cam long enough, but she’d eventually arrived to the conclusion that that’d been where he came from. She tried not to sound like she was curious why he’d been down there, but sort of failed. He used to have fair amount of friends. She didn’t know why he was hiding now.

Cam bit down on her apple, trying to think of how to explain her dry erase markers as well. “Watch yourself, wannabe-Picasso,” she began. After an almost nonexistent pause, she decided on a disregarding, “It’d be a waste to draw here. When you witness my work, the last thing I want to do is gift you with something pleasant to look at. I’d much rather get you to wince, and look away, and be scarred forever. Duh.”

Okay, that was only half of the truth. With her own art, the only time she did good was when she was emotinally invested, and she never put emotion in something during art class because then people might see it, and she'd have to punch them until they had amnesia. No way people could see a part of herself. That shit was too scary to her.

Yeahhh, Cam's lack of ability with sharing might be a problem if she was going to be a tattoo artist when she grew up. But whatever, what else was her eventual senior year going to be good for other than learning how to not be bat shit crazy? She had time.

Now back to playing off her small-lunch-scenario. How could she go about this...? Well, she could more agressively go for Noah’s weak points, and drive him away for real this time. It made sense because he was a threat. He was too perceptive. He was starting to pick up on things already, and what if he picked up on more things eventually, and what would it take for him to piece everything together? Not that it was likely, and not that he’d care if he did, but still! And yet, even though he made her temper flare a lot, he didn’t actually hurt her. Cam glanced down at the part of his sandwich he gave her. How was she supposed to go in for the kill now, huh!? This probably was all part of his master plan to annoy the hell out of her. She sighed heavily at the sky. When she got the resolve to strike, he was so dead.

But until that happened, plan B. Hm...what better way to distract him from the present than bring up the past? He probably wouldn’t even remember what she was referring to, and it was more of a sarcastic comment than venomous one, which bothered her, but at least he could be confused. “And by the way, maybe it isn't much food,” she referred to her apple, smirking as she tossed it up and down lightly, “but the only thing I'm bummed about is I didn't bring grape soda. You should have indicated you were coming back to haunt me so I could of been prepared, jackass."

((In case you forgot, a you said a million years back: Red hair...he didn't remember anyone with red hair but he remembered those brown eyes, the fire and hatred burning in them. A memory of of grape soda spilling all over his shirt in the seventh grade came to him and he narrowed his eyes at her. Camille! A dark angry voice whispered to him. Basically, I’m having her refer to that instance when I’m presuming she dumped soda on him. ))

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Wawa ||Yeah. I tend to write as my partner writes. It's like a disease spreading||

Noah laughed lightly at the ‘wannabe-Picasso’ comment. He didn’t appreciate it much but he wasn’t a bad sport so instead he just said, “Why would I want to be Picasso, when you are clearly so enchanted by my Noah qualities.” He said grinning at her. He shook his head when she explained her reasons to not draw in front of him. He recognised them immediately for what they were, excuses but he settled on ignoring them altogether. He could get her to draw something pleasant. He actually didn’t care if it was or not, he just wanted to see something other than his eyes dripping from his skull.

Noah watched her think from the corner of his eye. He wondered if she was going to eat his sandwich or if she was going to defiantly leave it on her lap until it was time to go and she stood up and it tumbled to the floor. He sighed. She probably would and it hurt him that he had not thought about that before he handed it to her. She’d do that just to spite him and probably the distaste that he had had for her in the past would slowly come boiling up. A past that apparently she wanted to exploit...

He looked at her as she brought up the ‘grape soda’ incident. He tactfully began scooting away from her just in case she did“Jackass?” He looked at her incredulously. “Are you serious? I had to explain to my father that night just how evil a girl in my class was that I had tried to defend her honour and she had repaid me by spilling grape soda all over me.” he sneered at her. “You’re forgetting a crucial person in that little head of yours... the bully from my year... you were in sixth...I can’t remember his name...Hank something or was it Bill something. I’m pretty sure his last name was something at least.” He laughed and shook his head. “god! I hated you for real that day.” He shrugged and now that he was sitting far enough away from her, he looked back at the field. “Oh well, I guess we’ll never agree on anything.” He grinned devilishly. “Next time I’ll bring the grape soda.”

Noah smiled. He thought for sure that that was a great place to stop his speech then he remembered something offensive about him that she had said earlier. He reached out and grabbed the apple from the air and took it from her. He took a large bite from it and chewed thoughtfully. “For the record, I wasn’t hiding under the bleachers because I’m antisocial. I was there because of one of your best friend’s actually. You two were like peas in a pod tight, fingers crossed tight, pinky swears tight, two of a kind,” he said with conviction. He was teasing her relentlessly. It was payback and he was glad for it. “If we want to bring back the past...” he said suggestively. “I bet you miss her dearly, blonde and bat shit you.” He looked at her as if he had discovered something significant. “Hey, your names even rhyme. What was it again....ahh...Amille Lockberry. Can anybody scream, REUNION!” He chuckled heartily holding onto his stomach as he did.

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Not a bad disease though haha.))

She rolled her eyes at him. Enchanted by his Noah qualities, really? You know why there's no proof of that? Cam fumed to herself. Because it isn't true! She let this one drop though, mainly because she had a feeling that he’d somehow be ready to offer ‘evidence’ of her 'enchantment' that shouldn’t- I mean DIDN’T exist.

As Noah got around to the soda comment, she couldn't help but laugh slightly evilly when he shuffled away. Victory! At last, he took her seriously about something, even if it wasn't at the right moment. When Noah started talking again though, while Cam's slight smirk stayed in place, she found herself truly listening for once. Maybe it was from all this talk of the past, but she had a serious case of deja vu, that this moment was exactly like the grape soda day, just in different context. "You mean Hank Willis?" Cam guessed at his bully comment, and tried making it sound like she was merely asking it lazily.

In her mind, beyond the nonchalance, there was a serious dilemma. She felt like she had only one option right now: to heartlessly shoot the sandwich he gave her into the trashcan. She had to do it for him, stop this- this 'him not fearing her' thing for his sake. It didn't make sense to other people, her self-sabotage, but it did to her. ...Fine, okay, okay, who was she kidding? Maybe it was more for her sanity than his, and that she was just a coward. Whatever. It still had to be done.

Cam tried lifting her arm, but you know what? It was just really heavy. Every thing felt heavy. If she were more introspective, she might of realized it was from a suppressed apology that she didn't have the power to make any longer. Ugh, I'm too fragile, too delicate, oh no, I can't lift the sandwich. Why is life so unfairrr? I wanted to throw it. Cam thought dramatically, yet somehow, 'magically' she still had the strength to put the food to her lips and take a bite. She chewed it moodily, but played everything off with an amused smirk. "Yeah, of course you for-real hated me, that was obviously the point. And if you bring grape soda, I might bring something worse. I'm a pro at retaliation."

Eventually, Camille glared at his smile, surprised he'd managed to take the apple while it'd been in mid-air. Yup, he definitely went to ninja school. She thought sarcastically. Cam considered lunging to get it back, but was stopped by the realization that he was way taller and likely significantly stronger than he'd once been, and she had no chance at this point. Normally, that wouldn't of stop Cam from trying anyway, but in this case, she was okay with him having it. No, no, it was not because she was nice. Don't be crazy. It's because now they were even in distribution of food, and she wouldn't have to sacrifice her pride by thinking she took charitable handouts from Noah Holman.

At first, Cam wasn't sure where he was going with the whole 'best friend' thing, considering she didn't have a best friend. But as he kept stacking words on top of each other and dropping hints, her body language got more and more menacing. It was honestly sort of impressive that that didn't shut him up. By the time he chuckled with 'REUNION', she was ready to come out swinging...with arguments.

"Huh!?!? You did not just compare me to her. I'm nothing like her! We might both be bat shit crazy, but we're completely different in our methods of insanity." This was true. Amille was smarter; she was good with manipulation. Maybe she and Noah knew the blonde was off her rocker, but most people thought she was a real peach. Camille on the other hand was more honest; maybe she caused a lot of trouble, but most of the time she made no effort to cover it up, because she felt no need to feel sorry for it.

"If we 'reunite' there will probably be murder." Cam continued to insist, her nails digging into the metallic bleachers. Then she turned to him sharply, realizing something. "Wait, you hid under the bleachers from her. So what you're essentially telling me is you're more afraid of someone as harmless as Amille more than me!?" She sounded incredulously offended, eyes daggers. Her mouth couldn't even form words for a second. "NOT cool! In no universe under any circumstance does that make sense! Ask anyone! "

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Oh, and hopefully the way I described Amille was okay. She's sort of your character, so if you want to make any alterations, let me know!))

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Wawa ||Sure... sure hehe...but what when you have writer’s||

Noah shook his head slightly in disbelief when she mentioned him. He was glad that he hadn’t run into that guy yet... if he was still in the area. He hated him, even more than most of the things in his life. Hank Willis had been the core of evil and he wondered quietly what the guy was up to anyway and why it was that Camille didn’t seem the least bit affected by his name if it was even his name. Maybe Noah was remembering it wrong but he wasn’t about to admit to anything until he was sure that he was wrong.

Noah’s eyes widened but he forced himself to appear indifferent as he watched her lift the sandwich to her mouth. He had been so sure that she would toss it at any second. She was the type to do that and yet there she was eating it. He let out a soft inaudible sigh of relief something that surprised even him. He was just glad that he had managed to snake the apple from her hands. It was only fair. She’d taken half his sandwich and he had repaid himself by taking the remaining part of her apple. At least she wasn’t throwing herself at him. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t fight her. Some other stupid teen urges might have kicked in.

It was all Camille’s fault anyways. What was the point of being a bully if you looked like that? He thought that the only reason he couldn’t take her seriously before was because he had outgrown it but it was that stupid smirk on her face that was making his eyes linger on her lips a little longer than usual, which for him was fast but still... Also what was not helping was her silly cute eyes. Close your eyes! He wanted to shout that out to her but of course that would be weird and it wasn’t like he liked her.! That would be too weird. She was Chameleon. No way.

Noah laughed softly as Camille complained about Amille. It was true they were nothing alike but he liked their reaction; maybe not so much the promise of murder but everything else. He had gotten Camille to admit that she was mad. “Great, at least I got you to admit that you’re bat shit crazy. I promise to use it as leverage.” He said grinning at her. She was an okay crazy where Amille was not but Noah wasn’t about to admit that to her.

Noah realised his mistake the second she pointed out his decision to take a ran away from Amille. He wasn’t scared of Camille, at all, that was true. He never had been. Irritate by, annoyed at...yeah, he felt those things towards her frequently but he never felt scared. The only problem was that it fed her ego to have everyone afraid of her and he wondered what she was hiding behind that armor, armour that he was sure he would never crack. It wasn’t that he had tried but he wasn’t going to.

He shrugged. “Maybe she is scarier than you,” he said offhandedly as if it didn’t bother him to say that at all.

||It’s okay, you did her justice. ||

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((True. You jinxed me xD But HA, I got two done today! Even though it took longer than usual and I had no other topics with other people to reply to...I will hold this false sense of accomplishment close foreverrrr
And sorry, I think I read the Hank situation wrong. Tried to fix it here.))

Cam was surprised/vaguely disappointed Noah wasn't struggling with that apple more. It was too sour for most people. Not that she'd say this, but it was actually a very good thing she had more to eat thanks to him. She might as well be on a Snickers commercial, because she got extra angry when she was hungry. Plus it'd be ironic, considering how much she snickered at Noah.

Gah, of course he's going to use it as leverage. She thought at her crazy comment. That's what any rival would do. This is was part of why she had to be arrogant all the time, plus it kept her in one piece rather nicely. Camille got sort of distracted by his grin, but it wasn't obvious because she turned to look out at the field. He has really white teeth. Her mind noted. Observing this just made her more annoyed, because it was all his fault that she knew such pointless information. If he didn't smile so much like that...! Did he hide behind that grin, or no? Not that it matter to her. "But my insanity is helpful. Makes me think of more ways to kill you." Cam said, trying to sound dead serious. When she didn't know what to retort with, she just offered good ol' death threats.

When Noah suggested that Amille was scarier than her, the redhead considered taking out a marker and throwing it at him, so he'd move to dodge, and then burn himself on the sunned part of the bleachers. She decided to save that for someone else though, someone more sickening, like Hank Willis. Noah hadn't remembered the situation wrong. Cam just wanted to pretend that Hank wasn't the evil that destroyed her, and especially his, middle school life. A bully doesn't admit to being bullied. It's sort of a rule.

Camille continued to grumble to herself at his Amille comment, almost like she was pouting, except it'd have to be pouting on steroids with the scary anger in it. Hopefully talking about the two people she hated the most with bitterness (sure, she hated Noah, but not with that much bitterness) on campus wouldn't make them suddenly appear. Cam would of knocked on wood (she was actually a pretty superstitious person), but, yeahhh, that didn't work so well on the bleachers.

She leaned back on her elbows and glared at the sky, seemingly for no apparent reason. That was one of her problems: she always felt like the world owed her something, and that she didn't owe it a thing. Or at least, she got close to convincing herself of that. She swallowed the last bite of her sandwich. "You know, you've only been right about one thing all day: that we'll never agree on anything."

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Wawa [[I assure you, I'll get to this before the day ends. Hehe]]

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Wawa [[I say go for it. Accomplishment is accomplishment. Hold it forever!!... I’m not entirely sure what the Hank situation was, I was just playing it by ear or thought...or whatever. It wasn’t really a solid establishment. But I think I like what you’ve done with him]]

Noah took a bite of the apple, sinking his teeth deep into it and maintaining his focus on Camille and her words. He shook his head as he chewed thinking about her death threat. These were some of the reasons he didn’t take her seriously. He wondered what number she was on, probably #684 on the death threat list. He chuckled softly. “When you finally come around to killing me, I’ll believe your insanity had a purpose, for now,” he said shrugging gently. “I’m just going to maintain that you’re coo coo and nothing else.”

Noah grinned and listened to her grumble about something or another. Sometimes he wished he was who he was from before he left and returned. If he was, he would be walking around charming enough girls and scaring enough guys into giving up their girlfriends. In that world, he would definitely not be sitting next to Camille talking about Amille and Hank Willis. In that world, they would probably both be devising ways of killing each other.

Noah knew that side of him was behind him now. Going away had changed him something he tried desperately to hide from the people around him, the few that there were which would now include una persona: Camille. That was right. His cushy life had been reduced to his immediate family and his sworn rival. If that wasn’t the saddest thing ever then he didn’t know what was.

Noah’s squinted at the sky as well. This moment of calm between them scared him. He hadn’t felt this ‘okay’ in a while. Most of the time he was plagued with thoughts of his past, thoughts of his horrible present and hopeful thoughts of his future but he was never just ‘okay’. He cleared his throat and sat up looking away. “That’s invalid now,” he said when she said that they would never agree on anything. “Look at us agreeing on our disagreement,” he grinned at her and winked, and then picked up his bag and stood up. He couldn’t stand to be ‘okay’ with her any longer. “Later.”

As fast as he came, he was quick to descend the stairs like someone running away from something good. Is that how he felt about Camille, that she was something good? He thought that was something unlikely. They hated each other for great reason too one that he couldn’t immediately figure out but there was one. Otherwise there was no point to their rivalry. Getting on her nerves was going to be the highlight of his days until he graduated. He couldn’t wait. Maybe there was good in that.

[[huh, I figured it out faster than I thought]]

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Melancholist | 1022 comments ((Cool, I have some vague ideas on what to do with Hank, but I think I'll wait it out because they might change when the timing comes up as right to put them into action.))

Cam moved a worn-Converse-covered foot a little back and forth, considering she couldn't stay still for the life of her, especially when angry. Did he really just say 'when she 'finally' got around to killing him'? C'mon! He's only been back for one day! He should cut me some slack! She thought in outrage. But on the bright side, sometimes she had to try to seem sane at work, and it was terrible. Crazy was a much better look on her. It was a good thing he saw her this way.

Cam didn't make a move when Noah cleared his throat, but she focused her eyes on him. She was thinking he was a major smart aleck for the 'agreement' comment, but next thing she knew, the guy was pretty much running out of there. She blinked in late reaction to his sudden 'later'. The rival sat up, slightly dazed, shrugging at the weird kid that was now half way across the field. Okayyyyyyy then. Cam remembered when someone ((not Noah)) had run out of her life and it'd completely destroyed her. She didn't get that feeling toward this moment at all though.

Wait! I need to figure out why he took off, so I can use it to bother him later! The girl realized. Camille leaned over her backpack and got out a marker to write on her hand. She paused for a long time, then threw it back in. Ugh. Of course, of freaking course, I don't remember. Right now, I can't even recall doing anything to provoke him! Damn it, I need the answer! She thought, completely unaware in her irritation that she'd skipped over her solution to give him hell right there. Meh, I'm never going to understand Holman.

Cam clinched her fists tighter as she finally absorbed that he'd winked at her earlier. The nerve of that guy! It made her think back to who he'd been a couple years ago. If someone would of asked her back then what she thought Noah would be like in the future, she would of replied with clear distaste, "A player.". Not that she thought he was flirting with her, it just reminded her of that. But if Noah was indeed a player, how could the previous lunch scenario have even existed? Players didn't talk to Cam, and Cam didn't talk to players. Maybe this whole day was a fluke. Maybe tomorrow he won't come near me. Maybe it will seem like Noah Holman hardly exists.

The redhead picked up her backpack, and ducked under a hole in the chain link fence. Yup, you thought right, she was so out of here. There was no point in being at school all day; she could just buckle down three weeks before the end of semester and get a couple Cs if she was lucky. Plus, she had no plans of college. No one had any positive expectations of her, and Cam liked it that way. She didn't have to struggle to rise to anything then.

Camille Young set out on the dusty road. She didn't feel like complete crap, which was weird. Her underlying restlessness and urgency to escape the fucked up world felt...bearable for a moment? Even if she was ditching now, Cam knew she'd be back at school tomorrow. She needed to make sure art continued to teach her useless things. And maybe she had a rival's life to jab at and mess with. She didn't know why, but she really truly hoped so.

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Wawa [[cool beans]]

Noah wasn’t surprised that Camille hadn’t followed him. He hadn’t expected her too but the better question was, had he wanted her to? It wasn’t that he was enjoying her company, far from it but it was the fact that if he had her there when he was walking the halls then maybe people would leave them alone. The people who knew him from life before wouldn’t want to be around her even though they wanted to talk to him and using her as a bug repellent would have been priceless. He sighed. You win some, you lose some, he thought, shrugging.

Noah opened the school doors and walked in. Obviously, his bug repellent was not here at the moment and he had to face what was. He kept his head down, walking through, attempting to be invisible. He scratched the back of his head, by passing bodies and avoiding gazes. This was going to be his life for the next year? He couldn’t believe it. Maybe he should have stayed with Camille on the bleachers. It seemed like a better option.

Frankly, he couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Even as he settled himself in another class, one of the good ones too, he just wanted to be out of there. He thought about home and then shook his head. He didn’t want to go there though. He had those three interviews and he would walk around the stores, avoid his home as much as possible. He wanted peace and there was no peace once he stepped over that threshold. He sighed.

When his lesson started, he reached into his bag and felt the picture he had drawn of Camille. He looked at it still inside the sack and grinned. He couldn’t wait to put it up though. A helpful reminder that some things don’t change and if you make an enemy, they’ll still be your enemy. He had to come up with creative ways of making fun of her while still maintaining his cover. He had to be hateful and mean while still keeping his distance. They had gotten to close today, too close for comfort and he hadn’t liked it. He hoped nothing like that ever happened again or things would change for the worst and he didn’t know what that change held.

[[Are we skipping from this? Yes or no? And if yes, where to?]]

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