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Mally | 2 comments Okay, I remember it was YA, fiction, about a girl who's promised to a certain warrior god? when she's born and she has a best friend who's a guy that's in love with her and wants to marry her. So in the beginning her father refuses to let her go but the captain of the guard comes to collect her because she was promised so he makes a bet with her father that he can defeat any of his guards and the captain of the guard wins and she has to go so she goes to the school and gets trained, falls in love with the captain (duh) the guy who was in love with her gets really mad and at the end of the book has some sort of test where they have to go through this room and get out alive. I'm pretty sure there's a sequel and a prequel with the sister warriors she was promised to. ANY IDEAS?? THANK YOU!!

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Mally | 2 comments GOT IT! Rift by andrea cremer. Wow my brain feels a lot better now.

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Michele | 2420 comments Rift for the clickety-click.

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