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message 1: by Jan C (new)

Jan C (woeisme) | 35964 comments Chandler said it best. There's too much money leading to too much corruption.

Awful lot of true crime, too.

message 2: by Connie (new)

Connie (connier) | 37 comments My favorite authors are Robert Crais, Michael Connelly and James Ellroy. I think it is because there are a lot of movie stars that sometimes star in books that are written in Los Angeles. People will read about their favorite stars a lot more than just people in general. Even some romance authors write about the sexy guy and girl getting together in Los Angeles. Sex sells a lot of the time.

message 3: by Skye (new)

Skye | 2105 comments Michael Connelly fan; Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware novels also take place in LA.

message 4: by David (new)

David Freas (quillracer) | 2348 comments I think one thing that makes LA (or any large city) such a gold mine for crime novels is the rich tapestry it's drawn on. From the wealthiest of the wealthy to the poorest of the poor, from mansions in the hills to ghettos to the homeless, crime touches all.

Plus I think there is a tendency to view LA as a sparkling, shining, almost ideal place, making the darkness of crime there appear darker than the same crime in a city like New York.

message 5: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8962 comments Mod
Chandler hands down. My favorite. He has captured the dirt that the glitz covers. This January I'll be doing a Raymond Chandler tour of LA -- should be fun.

message 6: by William (new)

William Davis | 132 comments Crais, Connelly and Elroy are among my favorites, too. I think the setting of LA has something to do with the initial attraction. However, I'll bet you could change the setting to another locale and their fiction would be just as good. One of my favorite movies is LA Confidential (Elroy) and I'll watch it every time it's shown. Read the book twenty years ago. It was as memorable as the movie.

message 7: by Skye (new)

Skye | 2105 comments I agree with you, to a degree ( I find I read novels with LA as the setting). Perhaps it's because I am close to Manahttan, and this makes the West Coast sound alluring to me.

message 8: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8962 comments Mod
And speaking of LA noir, take a gander at this.

message 9: by Jan C (new)

Jan C (woeisme) | 35964 comments Nancy wrote: "And speaking of LA noir, take a gander at this."

Interesting story.

message 10: by Amak888 (new)

Amak888 | 2 comments Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall is pretty good. The protagonist, Det Lou Norton, also a black woman, which is something you don't see very often in detective fiction.

message 11: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tom471) | 1530 comments I would add Joseph Wambaugh

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