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Lori (lorilovesbooks) | 350 comments Title: Claiming Callie Part 1, 2,3 & 4 (Novellas)
Author: Paige Rion
Genre: New Adult Romance Novel
Formats ~ Mobi, & Epub
Copies ~ 30

Synopsis for Claiming Callie Part 1:

Her love of Michael Kors might be her downfall.

Callie Cartwright is a college senior on the verge of graduating and getting the job of her dreams. But her illustrious shopping habit and expensive tastes backfire when her future employer gives her an ultimatum. She has less than six months to lower her debt or she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for.

His secret crush may be his undoing.

Dean Michaels has everything going for him. He’s a manager at the local coffee shop, a sophomore in college, star of the university basketball team, and don’t forget, gorgeous. The only thing he needs is the girl of his dreams to make his world complete. And he’s finally ready to go after her. The only problem: it’s his sister’s best friend he’s crushing on. And all she sees in him is the love for a brother.

But desperate times call for desperate measures.

When Callie concocts a crazy plan as a way to make quick money and pay down her debt, Dean’s feelings go into overdrive. It’s time to show her how he feels.

And the plan he proposes, just might be the one to finally catch the girl.

*Claiming Callie is part one of a series of four serial novellas and is approximately 28,000 words in length (about half the length of a full novel).*

For more about Claiming Callie Part 2 -
For more about Claiming Callie Part 3 –
For more about Claiming Callie Part 4 -

To sign up please leave your email and what format you'd like. Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the book, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from the list and allow someone else to review it. Thank You


Reviewers so far:

1 ePub
2 ePub
3 ePub
4 Mobi
5 Mobi
6 Mobi
7 Mobi
8 Mobi
9 ePub
10 Mobi
11 Mobi
12 ePub
13 ePub

Chrsitina Somerville | 79 comments would love to read and review epub please

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Nay Denise (naydenise) | 4 comments an epub copy!

Jennifer Denson (jendenson) | 7 comments I would love an ePub to read and review!!

Leslee Anderson | 47 comments

Liliana Diaconescu | 175 comments, mobi please

Joanne Jones (frosty-gal) | 24 comments mobi please :)

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Stacey | 364 comments Hi would love to read
Mobi or PDF please
Sounds fun

Marzietta | 7 comments Mobi, Thank you

Trisha  (trish03) | 36 comments epub thank you

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M.K Manswell | 1 comments mobi please thank you!

Kristine Usero | 72 comments mobi format please. Thank you!

Rachel | 1 comments epub please and thank you!

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Sam Dojcsak (samdojcsak) | 21 comments ePub please! Thanks!

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Jess (Jess16) | 5 comments and ePub please!!

Thank you!

Joanne Jones (frosty-gal) | 24 comments
Here is my review for the first part, sorry but I didn't like this, I just couldn't get into it...Sorry!!

Marzietta | 7 comments
here there is the review of the first part, thank you

Jennifer Denson (jendenson) | 7 comments My review for part one!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to read it!!

Leslee Anderson | 47 comments Wonderfully cute. Thank for sharing. This is my review for the whole series. Thank you again.

Chrsitina Somerville | 79 comments Thank you for the opportunity to read, here are my reviews. Liked the books, was hard to review such shorts books though.

Rebecca (longy207) | 106 comments I would like to review these books please. mobi.

Marzietta | 7 comments here there are reviews of
part two
part three

I'm reading part four, unfortunately I had an university hitch, so I'm not able to end it today. can I have 1-2 additional days to review it? thanks.

Marzietta | 7 comments here we go, the last part:
thank you that gave we the opportunity to read and review them!

Rebecca (longy207) | 106 comments I'm sorry but I'm runnning a bit late on all my reviews, I am hoping to have part 4 read and reviewed by later today but if not part 4 will defiantly be up tomorrow. Here are my other 3 reviews:
Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-

All of these are already up on amazon uk and .com :)

Rebecca (longy207) | 106 comments guess I didn't need any more time :)
Part 4-

on amazon uk and .com :)

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