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Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
Here we will be discussing chapters ten and eleven of Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Please be mindful of using the (view spoiler) tab.

Louise (atrixa) WTF? Weird ending. Watanabe just seems to have sex with all the female characters in this novel. The feminist in me is not happy.

Amber I thought the ending was weird too. The thing is though, is that I think that Toru didn't really care about having sex with Midori or Reiko, I think the opportunity was available to him. All the eroticism is this book didn't do it for me. Also, I thought it was strange in all that time Toru didn't talk to or see his parents. There were so many suicides and overall the book was depressing. On the other hand, I thought the writing was good and am interested in trying another Murakami book. I have heard that this book is the most erotic he has written.

Louise (atrixa) I'm sure I've heard from multiple people that Norwegian Wood isn't the best Murakami to start with, and I wish I'd read another one beforehand. I might pick up Kafka on the Shore or Sputnik Sweetheart in the future, though.

Aimée (aimee_geewhiz) | 5 comments I'm still haunted by the line in Chapter 1, that Naoko never loved Toru.

Lynecia (luvnecia) I think I echo all your sentiments. When Toru slept with Reiko it was like a record scratching... I didn't get it at all.

Overall, I think death and the will to live is a big theme, but it was so morbid. Everyone was depressed and suicidal, looking for something to fill the void in their lives...

Marion (mariongnd) Overall I must say that I am disappointed with this book. I did not feel engaged with either the story or the characters, and the ending was way too cryptic and open for my taste.

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