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Melancholist | 1019 comments Ta-dah! Any particular plot you want to do? :)

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I was kind of interested in the FxF one.. but I've never done anything other than MxF so I wouldn't be very good...

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Melancholist | 1019 comments We're in the same boat, I've never done FxF, but it could make for an interesting roleplay. I'm a pretty patient person, and I'm new to it as well, so you wouldn't really have to sweat about quality; it all would comes in due time and with more practice.

However, if you want to do anything else, I'm perfectly fine to hear you out on that too ^_^

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I guess that's why weren't both interested in an FxF RP then. Apart from the ones you mentioned in the Requests thread, do you have any other ideas? We could do an RP and work in an FxF relationship, so that we're not starting an in-depth FxF in the first try.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Cool. Hm....honestly, beyond the plots in the request, I don't have many ideas. To start off, what do you typically like to roleplay (i.e. romance, fantasy, supernatural, adventure)?

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Ah... fantasy, adventure, supernatural, mystery, on-the-run.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Okay. sec, I need to keep thinking hahaha.

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It's all good. I have to go now - it's lunch time - but I'll be back on in... 40, 45 minutes.

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Okay, I is back.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Yay!

Okay, so...ideas. Feel free to say no to these, since they're totally random, and may or may not make any sense.

Idea A: Girl A has always wanted to be a muscian, but has never found her big break. She always sings the perfect note, has an amazing voice...but is too controlled, too refrained to really put emotion or connect to her audiance with her music. A couple years of no success has left her uninspired and washed out. Girl B, on the other hand, can't sing a note to change her life, but she loves to write songs that leave a lasting impact for fun. When she moves nearby Girl A, they meet by chance as Girl B passes by Girl A singing on the street (the whole plays music with an open guitar case on the side for people to put tips as they walk by type of deal). They quickly become friends. Girl A learns from Girl B to let go, to open up, and Girl A supports Girl B in her writing more than anyone ever before. In Girl B, Girl A finds her inspiration, her muse. Can both of them, in their own different ways, make it big in the music industry? Will it make them or break them?
Obviously, at some point in there, they start to develop feelings for one another. And there will be drama along the way in this plot.

Idea B: Okay, so let's say Girl A grows up in a beach-y town. One day, she's going sailing with her friend, but they get caught in a bad storm. Girl A falls overboard, and although she is a good swimmer, the rapids are so rough that she starts to drown. Girl A thinks this will be the end of her, but after blacking out, she wakes a town underwater. It turns out, in the depths of the sea, there's an underwater society. There's state-of-the-art ways that these people have survived, and using some sort of underwater herb, Girl A can breath underwater. As Girl B enters the plotline, she is the one who saves Girl A from a premature death. It is forbidden to help those from The Surface, as there is prejudice toward them for ruining the sea ecosystem with littering and oil ,but Girl B still secretly is focused on nursing her back to health in secret. They begin to bond, and even if she is not wanted there, Girl A starts to become immersed in this underwater land. She almost doesn't want to leave, especially fearing she'd never see Girl B again...but on land, everyone thinks she's dead when she isn't . Will it be discovered by others in the underwater society that she comes from The Surface? Will Girl A stay or go?

Bleh. This are way too complicated, huh? xD Any other ideas?

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You mean a busker? Haha I like idea A, I think its good! And I've never done anything like it before. Can we do it?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Oh yeah, I met busker; I've never heard that word before, it will make it way simpler when it needs to be described. Sweet, sure, we can do that :) So do you wanna be the musician or the song writer?

((And brb, shower, then I can probably only post one more thing for the night))

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Busker - someone who sings/dances/performs etc on the side of the street for money haha. Hmmm... I don't mind, it's your idea, you can pick.

Okay, that's cool. It's 2:30pm for me now, so can I guess that you'll be on around the same time tomorrow? Anyway, just post when you can.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Hm...I don't have a huge preference, so I'll just go with the song writer. :)

Yup, I'll be on tomorrow, same time or earlier. Thanks.

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Okay, I'll be the singer then. That's kind of ironic seeing as I can't sing at all =D

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Hahaha, same, I'm tone death. Okay, so charrie time? Do you like to keep it basic or do long ones? I'm probably going to do a medium length one, but you can absolutely do any length you prefer :)

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You mean tone deaf haha sure! I like longer ones but not like essay-length, tiny unnecessary details like my-character-paints-her-nails-purple-every-night-and-texts-at-the-speed-of-light stuff. That can be said in the RP haha but yeah, longish

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Melancholist | 1019 comments *face palms* Wow, me. Just wow. Look what sleep deprivation has done. That's what I meant hahaha xD I'm cool with that. ^_^ Unless showings of my house come up and stuff, I believe I'll have that up by tomorrow :)

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Don't worry, my brother says the same thing haha awesome! Are you selling your house or something?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Yup, my family/s on the market , and I keep having to leave on a moments notice when people want to see it, therefore being away from the computer.

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Oh, I see. Well, I guess you can't help that.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Thanks for your patience with me. :) Also, once I get my charries out of the way for all my topics as a whole, things should speed up a bit. They take me about 3 hours for each one. (it's not like I'm a perfect roleplayer, but I'm still a perfectionist with the skills I already have.)

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Don't worry about it, I've had worse RP parters :) really? That's a while. Mine take about an hour usually, because I have to find the right picture

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Thank you, you're good yourself. Nice. ^_^ As a writer, I'll often have ideas, but it takes me a while to communicate them in the way in the way I envision. I wouldn't be here if I didn't enjoy it though, of course!

P.S. I'm falling back asleep. It's 3:30 AM here (I accidentally woke up). It's too bad we have such a time difference, eh?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Charrie time! I'm hoping it's long enough for you; if not, I'll definitely add stuff on right after you post yours. God, I'm always nervous when I give my charrie a dark past that they're going to sound cliche.

~ Speak the truth even if your voice shakes. ~

Name: Asmara Cole. Some people call her by her name, some people call her 'Mars', although she isn't bothered by either one.

Age: Maybe 20? Depends on your character.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Note: I know her appearance isn't exactly something generic that everyone would find beautiful, but that's kind of what I'm going for. Still, if you do happen to want me to change it, I certainly have a backup girl I could use.
Additional Appearance Info: She tends to go for more casual and edgy clothes, most often wearing at least one article of clothing that has a band's logo. She has some scars on her wrists from when she was younger and self-harmed, but stopped long ago, and now covers them with bracelets, fingerless gloves, etc. Her voice has raspy-ness about it, but still very feminine. Lastly, her expressions are often hard to read, wielding a really strong poker face.

Personality: ((Sorry if her personality doesn't make sense; I'll develop it more in the rp)) Asmara is a composed train-wreck that's full of contradictions. The vast majority of her personality stems from trying to be everything that the people in her past were not. While she may look rough around the edges (and definitely has a tough-love vibe), Asmara tends to be shy upon first meeting. She is reserved enough that people start to become suspicious, yet regardless, keeps her internal world to herself.
Still, beneath that is a very introspective and passionate young woman. A free-spirited individualist, Asmara tends to be guided by her intuition alone, and seems to make risky decisions out of nowhere. She doesn't really perceive the constrains or guidelines in life that other people see. In contrast though, she is acutely aware and bothered by the injustices of society, wanting change. Asmara comes off as fun and lax after she opens up, although her aura is always faintly tinted with a gray melancholy.

History: Everyone has their demons, and Asmara is no different. Once upon a time, her father had been a good man, but when he was discharged from the army, disabled and riddled with PTSD, things changed. He started to be abusive toward her mother in a lot of ways. While Asmara and her younger sister were only ever subjected to verbal/emotional abuse, it's not as though that wasn't scarring.
By the time she was fifteen, Asmara was completely lost in life. She didn't know how to cope with things, and the dark times almost overtook her. After some lonnnnng planning, she managed to run away from home. At first she was homeless, but eventually made just enough to live off of.
Here's the problem: Asmara didn't get her little sister out of the situation. She'd been desperate enough to escape that she was willing to sacrifice not protecting her sister. Something like that has consequences. Her little sister, Hazel, who's three years younger than her, could only take so much neglect, and at this point, she isn't mentally sound. She has an obsession to track down Asmara and get revenge from all the pain she's caused, whatever monstrous form that takes.
Asmara spends a lot of time questioning herself; doesn't she deserve this? Isn't something morally wrong with her for abandoning someone who really needed her? Is her sister's plans the lesser of two evils? Perhaps. She pushes all this to the back of her mind though, and battles with herself to make her life amount to something un-destructive. She has lived for a very long time in the slums of New York, but now, after a lot of low-pay jobs and hard work, she can move to a slightly safer area. I think it might be an interesting thing to come into play when she starts to reach for fame, and has to worry about her sister knowing where she is.

Other: She's a music addict, as music has saved her life on several occasions. She likes pretty much any type. And she's a lot better at explaining herself in writing rather than with just talking. Lastly, Asmara really looks up to Maya Angelou (a famous poet) and Ani DiFranco (a feminist musician who has always been vocal about her beliefs, even two decades ago when they were not as easily accepted.).

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She's perfect! I'm at school, but I'll definitely have mine up in a couple hours.
The time difference kind of sucks, but I'm used to it.

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Name: Eden Halloway.

Nickname: Edie, though only some people are allowed to call her that.

Age: 22

Sexuality: Undecided, though she doesn't like admitting it.

Appearance: (I don't know if it will work and if it doesn't I'm sorry)

Additional Appearance Information: Eden dresses pretty casually, usually in shorts/jeans and shirts/singlets, but sometimes wears dresses on stage. Her signature item is her denim blue Vans, they're the only shoes she wears. She doesn't wear jewelry, except for a thin silver chain given to her by her older brother before he disappeared.

Personality: Eden is very quiet. Growing up as the youngest of three, with two boisterous older brothers, she is always just on the side, shy and unnoticeable. Except on stage, that is. When Eden sings, her voice is full and perfect, impossible to ignore... but there's something missing. She first started to sing with her brother Luke, who would accompany her on guitar. Since he disappeared, when she was seventeen, her voice has always lacked emotion.
However, her few friends (and Luke) know that Eden is fully capable of sarcasm and wit, obviously gained from dealing with her oldest brother, James. She has always done what was expected, but lately she's started to feel confined, restricted.

History: (this will give more of her personality) When Luke disappeared, Eden realised she didn't want to fit into the life set out for her. Finishing high school and giving up a scholarship to a prestigious music school, Eden left her parents' house at eighteen with just enough money to rent an apartment on the other side of the city.
Now, four years later, she travels from venue to venue to play gigs, busking when money is tight. Her parents, too caught up in looking for Luke, let themselves believe that Eden would return after a week or two in the real world. After it had been two months, they rang every night, pleading for their baby girl to come back. But now that Eden has discovered her free spirit, she's never going to back to that bland, boring lifestyle she lived as a child.

(I don't like this, but I'm trying to multi-task. I'll fix it later)

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Thank you very much! Sweet, take your time, no worries.

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Argh! I can't fix the picture! Help?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments

Here you go! Here's the link, just in case you want to transition it to your charrie.

And no worries, I already love her! Fix her as much as your satisfied to fit your vision, but don't worry about my opinion :)

Also, just for future references when we get to it, who shall start this roleplay off? Brb, dinner.

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Ah, you found it! Thank you! I think I'll just leave the picture there, it'll be all good haha

Thank you! I actually pictured her as blonde, but then I found that picture and it was perfect.

Well, I don't know. Do you want to start with them meeting, or do you want to start at, say, a few days before that, and build character a little?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments No prob, sweet.

Yes, I totally agree! They're going to be so cute togetherrrrr :)

I'm thinking I could start it out, as long as you don't mind a bit of a delay. My character might be just getting to a now unfamiliar area of New York, looking around, and then trying to find her new apartment. She's starting to think she's getting lost, when she hears a busker (your character) singing and stops to listen.
As for your character, you could add whatever details and prior activities you want, but the gist is that by the end of your first response, your character is singing in the streets in the present and vaguely notices Mars.
Then in my later response, I'll have my character continue to listen until a song or two is over, then ask if the busker knows where ____ apartment complex is (which your character will know, considering she lives there too).
Then we can work from there. What do you think? Does that all sound okay?

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I know, they look like polar opposites but it'll be perfect!

No, that sounds good. A lot like what I was thinking, actually. Do you want that first impression to be like, instant friendship, or Mars or Eden to be like, oh god, here we go, why did I get stuck with her ?

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Yeah, opposites attract after all!

Okay, I'm coming down with something and have a lot to do, so I can't promise I'll get it done tomorrow, but I hope so! If not, likely the day after that.
Great question. Ah, I'm so torn! How about a mix? Like they're not really sure what to make of each other at first, and if they'll be enemies or friends. They're really different, and have never met anyone like one another before but...there are some underlying agreements in aspects, and are both sort of intrigued by each other's rarities. The friendship grows at a semi-typical pace from there...?

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That is most definitely true, plus it makes for a more interesting relationship.

No, thats okay. I have assignments to work on too, so I don't mind if it takes a couple of days.
Okay, like so Mars might think Eden looks like a goody-goody, and Eden is a little unsure, but seeing as she's discovered her free spirit, she thinks this might be interesting, I'll give her a chance and then they grow to be friends and then eventually the relationship etc you know the drift

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Sounds awesome, I'm looking forward to it.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments Sorry for the wait, when I plot, and plot, and write, and write, normally I get burned out and need a small break, so I can get inspired again. Here's my fairly long intro. Feel free to make your's as long or as short as you naturally come up with.


Asmara Jones threw her pack of cigarettes out of the cab window, and watched as it tumbled and skidded on the sidewalk. She wouldn't need them anymore. Well...hopefully she wouldn’t. Hopefully she’d find hope in a hopeful part of New York.

She was almost near her destination when there was a crisis: one of her ear buds wasn’t emulating sound correctly anymore. Irked, she tried to put up with it, but why should she deny what she was, a headphone snob? As far as Amara was concerned, she thought she was a simple person, with simple needs, who only needed a simple life (okay, admittedly with some danger) to feel content. But along with her required things to sustain life such as food and water, music was just as important as sleep in her mind.

“Alright, you can stop here.” Mars said calmly, unable to hold eye contact, yet her voice was bold, raspy, and definitely tinged with a New York accent.

“You sure?” The cab driver barked in response. “There’s a lot of homeless people around ‘ere. A little farther and it’ll be safer.”

The corner of her mouth twitched at the irony, considering she had once been a homeless person. Still, Asmara was sort of impressed he was actually concerned at all. “Nah, I’m good, man. I got this.”

Even though there was countless shops, she went with something familiar: a local, family owned gas station. The place had looked pretty sketchy and beat down, which perhaps is why she was the only customer. Mars was far from naïve...she just thought ‘sketchy’ and ‘beaten down’ needed to be given a chance sometimes.

At the checkout for her a pair of six dollar headphones (she actually preferred cheap ones to pricy ones), Asmara spotted a glass case, and eyed the contents inside, poker faced. She jabbed at the container with her red pointed nails (view spoiler). “Are those...cronuts?”

The clerk, an elderly woman, looked amused at the tentative question placed before her by a tatted obscure girl. “That is what the case is labeled with.”

She pursed her lips. She’d never tried cronuts. She’d always wanted to try cronuts. But if she bought a cronut, she wouldn’t have enough money for a new cab. And besides, she was Asmara Cole, composed, mature, tough, intelli-

Before she knew what she was doing, she paid for the pastry. Shit. Okay, fine, she had an impulsive spending problem and a soul. Just don’t tell anybody or she’ll hunt you down.

Asmara walked out of the station feeling not exactly happy, but not exactly sad. That was pretty good for her. At least she was street-smart. She could pull this off. Probably. But all of this looked so unfamiliar...

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(Don't worry about it, I haven't had a computer for a couple of days so I wouldn't have been able to post anyway. I'll post in a couple of hours, when I get to my next class. I have an assignment to finish right now)

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Melancholist | 1019 comments ((Cool. Take your time.))

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Eden lugged her guitar case out of her admittedly small apartment, being careful to lock the door behind her. The apartment complex was nicer than some around this area, but she wasn't naive enough to think that her neighbours could be trusted around the unlocked apartment.
It had only been a couple of days since the last time she went busking, but she needed the money. Ever since the gigs had dried up, she was barely scraping past on rent. It was due at the end of the week, and she still had to pay for groceries and other necessary bits and pieces.
Dragging the guitar down the stairs and into the small hallway leading outside, she stopped to rest for a moment. The guitar in its hard leather case was heavy, and she lived on the third floor.

"Would you like a hand with that, ma'am?" Eden was startled by the voice. She looked up and found a tall man, maybe early thirties, smiliing at her. He looked vaguely familiar, and she recognised him as one of the newer residents. If memory served her right, he had a small daughter and lived on the second floor.

"Oh, no thank you. I've got it." She smiled back at him. He was an average looking-guy, dressed fairly well, and she wondered why he'd moved to this second-rate neighbourhood. Then again, a single dad would probably rather spend his money on an education for his little girl than a nice place to live.

"Okay. Just thought I'd offer, it looks pretty heavy. I'm Mark, by the way. I moved here a couple months ago." He held out his hand, and Eden put down her guitar to shake it.

"Eden. It's nice to meet you, but I really have to go." Mark seemed friendly enough, and it was nice that he'd stopped to offer help, but she wanted to get busking while the lunch crown was still out.

"It's my pleasure." He smiled at her again, and let go of her hand. "Of course. I won't keep you. Have a nice day!" He gave her a little wave and continued up the stairs, after propping the door open for her. Eden smiled at the little gesture and carried her guitar out to the street. She was only a couple blocks away from the business area. Not that you could really call it that, it was only a few blocks long and featured a gas station, a run-down coffee shop, a hairdresser, and McDonalds, plus a few smaller businesses. Her best bet for money was on the corner, next to the gas station and across from the coffee shop, where most of the pedestrians were.
It was a cool day, and the crisp autumn breeze was just beginning to set in. Despite this, the sun shone warmly, perfect weather for busking.
Reaching her destination, Eden set herself down on a bench and pulled her guitar out, setting the open case on the ground in front of her. She strummed gently, checking to make sure the guitar was in tune, letting her hair fall over her shoulder to partially hide her face.
Once she was assured her guitar was still perfectly tuned, she started to pick at the chords, teasing a tune from the worn instrument. It was her favourite song, a familiar piece, and she picked out the chords easily, naturally.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments When Asmara was done with her cronut, she tried to wash off any extra sugar on her hands by inconspicuously dabbing them into a fountain. Honestly, the 'fountain' looked more like a giant and clean birdbath than anything, but it worked. Mars wiped her hands on her mutilated black jeans. She was off again.

However, she couldn't follow where she was for the life of her...but what she could follow was that she heard a busker playing not too far away. Regardless though...she continued walking. She needed to find her apartment without distractions. After all, if she lugged this suitcase around much longer, she might need to ask someone for help. That was definitely not happening.

Yeahhhh....but then Asmara realized that whoever the busker was, they played good... and they were playing the chords of one of her favorite songs...and the song was by the very band she was wearing a t-shirt for today. Ah, to hell with it. It's as good a sign as if I've ever seen.

Mars didn't have to walk too far before she found the source of the music: a girl whom she couldn't decide whether it was more accurate to describe her as princess-y or humble. With a reserved type of interest, Mars sat criss-cross-applesauce style on a bench nearby, leaning back in her seat. She crossed her arms too, trying to get less goosebumps. One day, Asmara hoped she would truly feel the sun when it was out. For now though, she'd just listen, and be thankful she could at least see its light.

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(I have a question... what's a cronut?)

Eden started kept playing, extending the introductory chords until she had a small audience. The breeze ruffled her hair, tingling her scalp and sending goosebumps over her shoulders, while at the same time the sun warmed her face. Busking felt familiar, easy... it reminded her of the days when she and Luke would strum their guitars outside, trying to compose songs.
Finally, when she had a few listeners - a man and a woman at the cafe, sipping drinks and pulling their chairs a little closer; a older man trying to coax a dog away from the bushes, and a tired-looking girl around her own age, sitting on a nearby bench with a worn suitcase - she opened her mouth and let the familiar words flow out. She sung of summer days and cold nights, of old lovers and fresh starts. The band was not new or popular; but it was one of her favourites, and it was perfect for busking, because it gathered all different kinds of people who related to the lyrics in their own ways, recognising their own histories.
She finished the song, and smiled at the elderly man when he placed a note in her case.

"You have a lovely voice, dear," he told Eden, and she thanked him as he dragged his dog towards the nearby Stop'N'Shop. She adjusted her guitar and was considering what song to play next when a little boy, maybe 4 or 5, ran up to her.

"Can you sing a song for me, please?" he begged. He had something smudged over his face and there was a rip in his jeans, but his eyes were bright and innocent. How could she resist such a face?

"Sure thing, buddy. What song do you want?"

"The How to Train Your Dragon song!"

Eden hadn't seen that movie, but the ads for it had replayed on television over and over and over, so much so that she knew the lyrics to the first 30 seconds. Hesitantly, she played an approximation of the tune on her guitar, and, encouraged by the boy's eager face, started to sing.

"Let the wind carry us
To the clouds hurry up, all right
We can travel so far
As our eyes can see

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one,
Get out of our way!

I'm awake in the sky
There's no break up so high, all right
Let's make it our own, let's savor it

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way!"

When she finished, he burst into a round of applause. "Thank you, miss! That was great!"

Eden was just about to thank him when his mother called from where she was sitting at the coffee shop. "Andy! Stop bothering the lady!"

"Bye! I have to go!" Andy said, and ran back to his mother.
Eden laughed a little bit at his abashed expression when his mother started talking - telling him off for running away, she guessed. Now that there was no distraction, she started to play a different song. This one was faster, one you could dance to. It was a song that always made her smile, because it reminded of her of being a kid.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments ((Lol, fantastic question. It's a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, mostly sold in New York. I only know this because I'm obsessed with Food Network. Yup, I'm a dork xD I'm finally done with all my introductions for roleplays, so I think I might at least be able to post daily now. :) ))

For the first song, Mars just took it in, not thinking, not pondering, just letting it fill some of the cracks she had inside. Then the song for How To Train Your Something-or-Other was played. I can't believe I relate to this. What has my world come to...? she thought, jokingly sulking to herself. The side of her mouth twitched as the smudge-y kid ran off. The world needed more people like that kid; more people that were uncensored.

When it came around to the third song, she thought about how great it would be if this was the theme song to her childhood, if her childhood would of been different. Asmara felt as though she had no right to feel envious for the lives people didn't get to choose, but she still...longed to go back and rewind. She'd done sick stuff in attempt to achieve that. However, if anything, today was proving to her she was just a giant child, what with the fried dough, and irrational decisions, and understanding kid music. And she had many days ahead of her'd be alright. The present mattered most, didn't it?

The more Asmara listened, the more she got lost in deep thoughts. That's what music did to her: it made her think, most often melodramatically. The thoughts just bled out of her without permission, and it was lovely and scary. Mars was noticing that there was a hollowness to each song though.

With sharp eyes, she truly looked at the young busker for the first time. How peculiar, that she heard emptiness in someone that looked like they hadn't been cut and bruised by life. How peculiar, that it almost made her want to cry. Asmara always had a lot of emotion considering so little of her thinking was derived from logic. She'd learned to harden that part of her, but her occasional freak-ish-ly intuitive nature hurt sometimes.

Asmara cracked her knuckles nervously, not sure if she respected the busker's concealed emptiness or completely despised it. It was there though. She dropped the best that she could afford, a dollar, in her guitar case, then settled back in her spot on the bench.

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((Ahhh.. American food is weird haha))

Eden sang her heart out for this song, trying to fill it with the memories of James and Luke and their dog, Collie. Despite this, she could hear the emptiness in her own voice; a lack of emotion that was evident whenever she sang, no matter how hard she tried.
She knew the reason for this, though - when Luke had disappeared, he had taken a huge part of her with him, and that part happened to be her emotion. Luke hadn't only been her brother, he had been her confidant, her best friend, the reason there was always a smile on her face. He had taught her to play guitar, to kick a football dead straight, to do an ollie on his skateboard. He had been the one constant in her life. Without him, she just wasn't complete.

Finishing the song, she let the last note linger in the air, wishing it was perfect. She wanted it to be perfect, for Luke, for herself. But it wasn't, because she wasn't.
Eden was a little surprised when the girl with the suitcase got up and put a dollar in her guitar case. The whole time Eden had been busking, the girl had been sitting quietly, seemingly lost in her thoughts. In fact, Eden had thought that she wasn't even paying attention to the guitar being played just five feet to her right.
Even though it was only a dollar, Eden smiled at the girl.

"Hey, thanks. Do you have any requests?" She usually came up with songs on the spot, but for some reason today her mind was blank. Plus, she'd noticed that the girl was wearing an Imagine Dragons t-shirt, so she obviously had a good taste in music. Maybe she'd pick a song Eden knew, and then she'd have more inspiration for some other songs to sing. After all, the day would be a waste if she went home after only three songs.
For the first time, Eden noticed the girl's tatoos. She didn't know how she'd missed them before, they covered one whole arm, from underneath her sleeve to almost her wrist.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments ((Lol, yeah, America is weird in general haha. Also, Imagine Dragons is the shit. And sorry for the delays, it's almost Thanksgiving Break here, so the teachers are cramming a ton of work. Sorry it's moving so slow along so far, I'm planning for it to go faster.))

Asmara blinked, fully coming back down to earth from whatever planet her mind had created. That was nice of this busker, to offer to play a song for just one dollar. She had a good smile. Mars twisted one of the beads on a bracelet that her neighbor had given her when she was moving away; she was reassured by knowing that it covered her wrist. Asmara's tattoos arose because she wanted to project herself as a person with art in her mind instead scars. She wasn't sure if she was expressing herself with the art on her skin or hiding behind it. Maybe both. What song be fitting for today? Mars mused. She decided it would have to be something that was simultaneously bitter and sweet, a grey between the black and white, if you will.

After looking at the busker thoughtfully for a moment from the bench, Asmara spoke. "No prob. Hm...Fallen by Imagine Dragons?" She didn't want to throw the girl too much of a curveball and was hoping that despite the song being less known, she'd know it considering she'd already played a piece by this band. More over, Imagine Dragons rarely played with stripped down instruments like just a simple guitar, and Mars felt like that'd add a whole different dimension to it. The verses, opposed to the chorus, was really what spoke to her.

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(Yay, I was hoping you'd like them. Otherwise I was going to say that I could change it. That's okay, I only have a week left of my school year - Year 10 is almost over! I'm a senior soon! - so I have a bunch of assignment to do too)

Eden watched as the girl twisted her bracelet nervously. She hoped that she hadn't made the girl feel shy or awkward. Eden herself was naturally shy, but she trying to be more friendly and outgoing to help with her busking. She was still working on the 'talking to strangers' bit though.
They sat in silence as the moments stretched on, and Eden was wondering whether or not she was going to get an answer when the girl replied with Fallen. It wasn't a popular song, but Eden knew it. She also knew that it wasn't a song that was played with just a simple acoustic guitar. However, not wanting to disappoint, Eden was up for the challenge.
She strummed the opening chords to the bittersweet song carefully, testing it out. To her surprise, it sounded good, and she kept playing, feeling more confident.
At the right moment, Eden started to sing; for the first time actually listening to the lyrics and realising their meaning, their hope.

"Run for cover, my sense of fear is running thin
Undercover, just like a candle in the wind

Tell everybody, tell everybody
Brothers, sisters, the ending is coming

Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Now we're just gonna ride it out

Every morning, I'm staring shadows in the eye
Oh good morning, will you just wait until I die?

Tell everybody, tell everybody
Brothers, sisters, the ending is coming

Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Now we're just gonna ride it out

Tell everybody, tell everybody
Tell everybody, we are fallen
Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Oh, we are fallen, we are fallen
Now we're just gonna ride it out

I just want to take it in
Even when your fire runs out
Will you start it up again?
We are fallen"

(side note: I know this post is short and bad, but I had a reply all written out and I hit 'post' and then Goodreads said 'there was a problem saving your comment' and I lost the message, but I couldn't remember it. I'm sorry, I just had to sort of write out what I remembered and I missed bits)

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Melancholist | 1019 comments ((Oh! I HATE when GR does that. It's cool, my previous one was short too, and yours wasn't bad. That's awesome that school is almost over for you.
And lol, I don't know why I'm writing so melancholically and symbolically for Asmara so far. It'll probably change as I go on, it's just what I end up coming up with right now for some reason xD
Annnd I'm thinking that in my next post, I'll have Asmara ask about where to go, just for a heads up if you want to get to a certain point before that. I'm flexible though, if you want to do it any differently :) ))


Asmara nodded a genuine yet reserved 'thank you' to the girl as she began to play the chords, the African-American stopping the twisting of her bracelet. She wasn't as nervous of a person as she was when she was younger, but her nervous habits tended to never fade away. She was sort of considered an odd person; her brain was always cluttered with thoughts, but she only ever shared a piece of them. To Mars, it just seemed like the smart thing to do. Trust was something you gained, not gave away instantly.

When the song began to really take off, the corners of Asmara's lips turned up in a Mona Lisa style smile. A guy backed up a little. Gah, everything she did seemed to unnerve people somehow. It was an accident. But whatever. She wasn't going to apologize for existing.

Certain lyrics stuck out. She loved the contrast. "Run for cover, my sense of fear is running thin" vs. "Undercover, just like a candle in the wind", and "Every morning, I'm staring shadows in the eye" vs. "Oh good morning, will you just wait until I die?". She related to both sides. The girl's singing really did the song justice too, she must admit.

"I really appreciate it." Asmara said when it ended, her eyes clearer than before, her body language less fatigued. She wondered if she should move on to scavenger-hunting for her apartment, considering she'd been here for just under twenty minutes already. Deadlines often got blurred for her though. Mars leaned back on the bench and pondered what the girl would sing next or if a request would come in. Maybe I should be in a hurry, but...ha, who am I kidding? This is completely worth my time. Might as well stay.

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(I like school, but I'm not going to miss the stress of all the assignments haha but yeah, its pretty awesome that the years almost done.
It's cool, I like Asmara. Some of her habits remind me of me, actually.
Okay, that's cool. I don't have anything I was wanting to do before then, I was leaving that part up to you.)

Eden kept tabs on the girl's reaction while she played. The girl had stopped playing with her bracelet, but looked a little pensive.
The song was full of contrast and contradictions, with lyrics of strength in one verse and then of weakness in the next. She was pleased to find that her voice really complimented the song, though she wished that she could put the proper emotion into her singing.

Eden let the last notes fade slowly, closing her eyes when the music disappeared. She was a little startled when the girl spoke.

"It wasn't a problem, you're welcome." Eden replied, scuffing her toe against the pavement. The girl appeared to contemplate what to do next before settling back down on the bench, and she wondered if the girl had somewhere she was supposed to be, or would rather be.
Don't we all she thought to herself, brushing her hair away from her face and checking the sky. She estimated that she'd been busking for about half an hour, and the weather was starting to freeze up. Even though the day would be a bust if she left so soon, it was really getting too cold to be outside. Most of her listeners had already left, anyway.
"I'm Eden, by the way." A little conversation couldn't hurt, seeing as there was no one left to busk for. The girl looked like she hadn't had a friendly conversation in a while, and if Eden was being honest, she could use a friend herself.

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Melancholist | 1019 comments ((Sweet. I do alright in school, but I'm sort of, ah, an introverted loner, which, you know, is a mild problem when surrounded by students. Anyway, was today your last day? :)
Oh, awesome. It's always great when characters seem sort of like real people. I really like Eden too.
Alright, just wanted to make sure ^_^))


Asmara was starting to see her breath fog up from the temperature dropping. When the busker scoffed her shoes, she noticed that they were denim blue Vans. That was cool, they were a classic. Mars was a little surprised when she saw them moving toward her; this girl was approaching her? Wow, major cred. Most people weren't that brave. She thought about how people never really stopped to talk to each other anymore. But that was New York for you, always busy.

When the busker said that her name was Eden, Asmara almost said, 'oh, really? I thought your name was Cinderella' but held her tongue. People got the wrong idea about her sense of humor, that it was meant to be condescending or even flirtatious. In actually, it was just really weird. And really really dry. Occasionally sarcastic. And it often didn't make sense to people. This girl just reminded her of a princess, a hardworking princess that had a dream, but couldn't get to it yet.

That might be more than a little hard to explain though. She thought. Besides, Eden was a fitting name too.

"I'm Asmara, or Mars, or anything else you want to call me." Asmara shrugged in a laid-back manor. Her eyes met Eden's, then went to the ground, then met her's again, more steady. "I liked the diversity of the songs you played. I'm just moving into town," she gestured lightly to her suitcase for proof, "so it was a good thing to break up the day."


((Okay, I lied. I'll have Mars ask soon, I just figured it'd be better to start out some conversation a little first haha.))

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