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message 1: by Stefani - SpelingExpirt, White Rabbit (new)

Stefani - SpelingExpirt (speling_expirt) | 307 comments Mod
It's time again to open up recommendations for our next group read!


***Remember, the theme ONLY applies to our Themed Read option, which can be any type of read.
***You should still nominate un-themed comics, mangas and novels for our regular monthly reading.

For example, you can nominate reads as follows:

Comic -
Manga -
Novel -
Themed Read -

Recommendations are open until Nov 14th.

Here are the guidelines for recommending books for new group members and old hands alike:

1. Every month we read one comic book, one novel, and one manga. Comics and manga can fall under any genre, but please note that novels must fall under the heading of science fiction, fantasy, or horror (and any of their sub-genres).

2. Please recommend books that have not been previous group reads. You can see which books we've read previously here.

3. Be specific. Don't say "any book by ______". It won't be counted.

4. Please link your book in your thread so members can easily look it up.

5. Suggest a book that you think would be good for a large group discussion - that's the point of this group bringing us all together!

How voting works

We choose the top three in each category for the final vote from the 15th - 21st of the month based on how many votes it has.

1. All members can vote on a book/comic/manga they would like to read if somebody suggests it. Simply reply to the thread with "I'm voting for ______" or "VOTE: _____" and it will be counted. The books with the most votes get chosen to be put into the final three poll in the 3rd week of the month. Only comments with the word "vote" somewhere in it will be counted as such in order to avoid confusion.

2. Please only vote for a work ONCE. Multiple votes for the same works will not be counted.

3. You can change or modify your votes as many times as you'd like before the thread closes on the 14th.

4. In the case where two or more books are have equal votes, the book that was suggested first (as indicated by the timestamp on the thread) will enter the poll for the month.

All members do not have to read, recommend, or vote for all three genres - if you only want to suggest and read a novel, that's fine! We're a pretty diverse group here.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (clockwork_wings) | 2 comments Themed: Leviathan

message 8: by Arielle Rae (new)

Arielle Rae Aguilar | 34 comments Heather wrote: "Themed: Leviathan"

Second this

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