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Brittany and Jenna

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Hiya :)

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Me too. This is my idea:

Girl A is being bullied pretty badly and one day during school, she tries to kill herself when Guy A saves her. They become close and eventually fall in love.

I want to play Girl A.

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Yeah, let's make charries. Is name, age, and appearance good with you?

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Okie dokie.

Name: Allison Bree Collins
Age: 15

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Ooh, he's cute. Should I start?

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Allison closed her locker after putting all of her books inside of it. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was done with all of the bullying. Allison ran to the roof of the school.

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Allison nodded shakily. She wiped her eyes violently, climbing to stand on the edge of the roof. "I'm done with everything."

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She nodded shakily. "Please don't. I need to end everything now."

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"No." She looked down over the edge.

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"I need to end it all."

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her foot slipped.

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She was shaking like crazy.

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Allison nodded shakily, sobbing into his chest b

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She nodded slowly.

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She curled up.

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She shook her head.

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"I-I don't know."

((He should kiss her.))

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She was surprised at first but she then kissed back, holding onto him.

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((Oh, whoops. Sorry about that. I swear it posted.))

She moaned softly, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

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She moaned, kissing him roughly.

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She panted.

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She nodded.

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She grinned.

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"No." She got dressed.

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She shook her head. "No."

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She nodded and curled up on his bed.

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She nodded and curled up on his bed.

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Allison smiled at him, laying on his bed peacefully. She stifled a yawn, looking up at him. Her hair was sprawled out around her head.

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"Sure." She smiled and followed him into the kitchen.

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She pulled out stuff to make pancakes. She had on short cotton shorts and a tight tank top.

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She kissed him gently before pulling away. Allison was most definitely the hottest girl in school even if she wasn't popular. "Hey, I don't want to be your rebound girl."

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She sighed, making the pancakes. "I like you, I just don't know, okay? You just went through a breakup." She said softly.

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She bit her lip and turned on the radio softly as she made the pancakes.

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"S-Should I go home?"

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"Okay." She ate the pancakes quickly.

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She put her shoes on and followed him out the door.

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Allison frowned as he ignored her. She followed him around the mall, sighing softly.

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Her eyes widened slightly and she kissed him back. "Alright."

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She kissed back, holding onto him. "Don't you dare think that I'm having sex with you inside of a mall." She smirked.

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She gasped, arching her back and she began to grind against him.

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She smirked and kept kissing him.

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"No." She shook her head and pulled away.

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She followed him out.

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She flinched and got in the car. "I'm sorry that I don't want to have sex every minute of every day. I barely even know you." She croaked.

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She sighed and got out.

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She nodded and shut the door and walked inside her house.

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Ashe sighed.

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She curled up on her bed.

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