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message 1: by T.farrow (new)

T.farrow | 5 comments The book is about three or four children who travel to a different world and return with some form of magic spear that causes general electromagnetic interference when they bring it back home which gradually worsens over time.

I've been wracking my brains over this one and I believe it's set sometime near 1950-1980 or so in Britain. Any assistance would be grand. Ta.

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message 2: by Sue (new)

Sue Elleker | 801 comments Elidor by Alan Garner?

message 3: by T.farrow (new)

T.farrow | 5 comments Had a look into the description and it sounds promising though it's not ringing any bells yet. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll get back when I've gotten my hands on a copy.

Michele | 2425 comments Can you describe this "interference" a little more, and what you mean by "gets worse" ? Like, does it fry GPS systems or bring down airplanes or just cause static on the radio? Does the government come after them for wreaking havoc, or does it just annoy the neighbors? Do you remember how they got the spear? Anything about the world they went into where they found it?

message 5: by T.farrow (new)

T.farrow | 5 comments I think initially the problem is quite local to their house and annoys their parents or one of the children's parents but also affects the neighbours after a while. I don't think it was too destructive but I think people were called in to look at problems with the TV and possibly someone was electrically shocked though not fatally. I remember little to nothing about the world they found it in; I don't remember the storyline at all to be honest, only a few chunks of imagery about certain situations within the book.

message 6: by T.farrow (new)

T.farrow | 5 comments I got my hands on Elidor and I can't be 100% sure but there's too many little bells ringing in my head for it to be anything else. Think you got it in one, thanks for the help guys.

Michele | 2425 comments Elidor for the clickamajig.

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