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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) ((As it sounds.))

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) It was one of the very rare times that the three girls were actually together. They were quite a sight to see, a complete mix of colors and emotions. The angry one glared at the happy one. The sad one did he best to stay unnoticed by them. The happy one smirked at both sad and angry girl.

"Look, all I'm saying is-"

"Why are you even here?" Akane suggested, disgusted. "You don't need a defense attorney! I would know."

Shinobu remained silent, though she clearly wanted to be anywhere but between the two bickering girls. She chewed worriedly at her bottom lip.

"It's not a crime to wander around."

"Maybe not, but disturbing the peace is!"

Noa rolled her eyes. "Whose peace? Yours?"


"Guys," Shinobu finally stepped in, motioning to the door. "We're here."

"Oh, right."

Akane stepped forward and knocked lightly. Noa elbowed her aside and knocked a bit harder.

"What was that for?!" Akane demanded, shoving her.

"You knock too quietly. How is he supposed to know we're here when you-"

"How dare you?!"

Shinobu sighed, massaging her temples. Their yelling always gave her such a headache... 'I really wish they wouldn't act like such kids,' she thought irritably.

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