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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Akane was on her way home from a hard day of paperwork, already looking forward to a nice, relaxing bath when last voice she wanted to hear rang out.

"Hey Kane, where you gong?"

She visibly tensed as she whipped around to glare at the approaching - grinning - girl. "Noa," she spat bitterly. "What do you want?"

Noa only seemed vaguely amused by this. "What is it illegal now for a girl to walk by a restaurant?"

Akane crossed both hands in front of her chest, scowling at the other girl. "... I wish."

She laughed. "You're a riot, Kane! But enough with the fun and games-"

'It wasn't a game, and it certainly wasn't fun!'

"-Cuz I happen to know something that you'll be particularly interested in."

Her eyes widened. "What?!"

Noa laughed again, pressing a finger to her lips. "Maybe I won't squeal. You've been awfully rude after all."


"Ah, your voice is so annoying!" she grinned. "Hey you know, I'd love to stay and chat, but you know... places to be and all that."

"Hey you can't leave after suggesting-!"

Noa stuck her tongue out at her childishly. "What are you, the cops? I don't think so. I'm not gonna tell you nothin'. Not unless I get an apology. Are you going to apologize?"

"No way! I have nothing to apologize for."

"Didn't think so." She threw up her hands helplessly and sighed, though it still seemed somehow sarcastic. "Oh well, guess I'll have to take this knowledge of mine elsewhere, to find someone else who might be interested."

"Noa!" Akane yelled, following her out into the streets. But she already knew; if Noa didn't want to tell her something, no amount of pressing would get it out of her.

Watching her continue down the street for a moment instead, Akane swallowed back a rather unladylike word and turned back to the building, grumbling to herself as she walked back into the restaurant.

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