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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 14 comments Name:Elijah DeLorain
» Alias(es):Eli
(Elijah = "The Lord is My God"

» Sexuality:Bisexual

» Birthday:August 23rd

Faction Association:CAC
» Team:Team 2
» Team Rank:Team Member
» Skill Rank:White


Weight:167 lbs
Hair:Acorn Brown
Skin:Light Ivory/Slightly Tan
Eyes:Dark Brown
Body type:Slightly thin and lanky, but also muscular
Pitch of voice:Medium(Meaning it's in between average and lower than average pitch)
Distinguishable Markings:

Personality:Elijah is a generally nice guy, just don't piss him off. He's not afraid to get in a fight, and even if he knows he's going to die, even if the odds are against him, he won't give in. He's too prideful and courageous. Elijah, however, is very friendly and caring towards those he likes, but not towards those he hates. His amount of willpower and emotional strength are very high, being able to bottle up his stress and emotions for years before he finally breaks down. Elijah is also very loyal, and even if he's betrayed, he will not let a friend go so easily. Though Elijah is also very stubborn, and doesn't like to listen to others much. This causes him to get in trouble sometimes, but he doesn't mind, he likes the rush he gets when he gets in a fight or argument.
» Weakness(es):
» Strength(s):


» Name - Type; Age; Occupation;

Psychic Abilities:Sunakinesis(Manipulate and generate sand particles)


Fighting Skill(s):Swordsmanship, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Other:He's a smoker

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 366 comments Mod
Erm, you're missing half of your profile. :O

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 14 comments I am? I thought I fixed that...

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 366 comments Mod
Much better. :)

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 366 comments Mod
Are you still working on your character?

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