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Darkstar was wolfing down a hare.

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Moonblood was snarling to her self as she came out of the Warriors den.

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Darkstar looked up and invited her over with a flick of his tail.

((How about they are mates and wanting Moonblood to have their kits))

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Moonblood was still snarling to herself she didn't notice a rock in front of her so she tripped over it and hit her face against the ground, she laughed at herself before getting up and walking over to Darkstar.

(( Okay yeah that's fine))

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Darkstar chucked and quickly stopped as she neared. He kept snarfing down his food.

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Moonblood laughed, " hey save some for me you thieving brute your depriving me of sharing," Moonblood said with a laugh.

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"There's plenty of prey to go around. I'll go get you your own." Darkstar said nicely. He got up and grabbed a piece of prey. He threw it over at her.

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Moonblood caught it and started devouring it in swift bites.

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Darkstar finished his prey and lied down next to Moonblood.

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Moonblood yawned before resting her head on her paws.

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Darkstar purred quietly.

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Moonblood snored a little in her sleep.

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Darkstar started to fall asleep.

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Moonblood was dreaming as she walked through a dark field, " Oh my Darkclan where am I?" Moonblood growled in her dream.

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Darkstar jolted to his feet at Moonblood's voice. "What'd you say?" he asked as he prodded her.

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Moonblood jolted awake, " What?" Moonblood asked groggily.

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"You said something while you were asleep. You know nevermind." Darkstar said. He didn't want to tell Moonblood he cared about her.

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((Your post))

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